"You're so bad but I want a taste/ A little taste you have, come on over," 'A Little Taste' Skyler Stonestreet

Let's pretend that thing with Stephen AFTER didn't happen k? Let's pretend we had Story makeout and Callum didn't walk in.

"I was pretty sure that we were both kind of terrified, but I was completely sure we were both doing this. We kissed slowly, very deliberately, coming together and then pulling apart and looking at each other. Then each kiss got longer, and then it didn't stop. Stephen put his hand just under the edge of my shirt, holding it on the spot where the scar was.." (The Madness Underneath, pg.271)

I let out a sigh, roping my arms around his neck as I pulled him closer to me. His hand stayed right on the scar, while his other hand was pressed to my cheek. The kiss deepened as I pressed my mouth against his harder. The thing with Jerome and I, when we kissed, we had rabbit make-out sessions. Because you know of the other rabbit thing rabbits do in there free time. Our kisses would be fast and quick, while still being enjoyable. With Stephen however, our kisses were deep and slow. I kid you not, I felt as if I found nirvana because ohmygod his lips. That is, until I began nipping at his bottom lip with my teeth and he eagerly responded. He let out a low groan and put his other hand right underneath my shirt. When his other hand made it up my shirt, I felt a shock go through my body and I heard Stephen mumble against my mouth, "is this okay?" I broke our current kiss, my arms still around his neck. I was baffled that he didn't think that was okay. However, just as I was about to add, "You welcomed my lips against yours pretty well," he brought me up for another kiss. I pulled away quickly as he emitted another low low groan. His glasses were pushed right to his face, his hair delightfully messy. I pulled his glasses from his face and set them aside as I kissed his forehead. "Totally," I barely managed to breathe out before hormones took over and he let one of his hands continue roaming up the shirt, the other firmly over the scar. My neck started to crick at the times that Stephen dragged me closer to him to continue our kissing. Sitting up from my knees, I stretched my legs over his lap before settling down. Then, I dragged him down so we were both laying on the bed. I stood over him, outstretching my hands to form a type of cage around him. I leaned down, nipping at his neck. I heard him let out a gust of breath as I continued my gently teasing at him. "Oh my Auro-," he barely begun until I placed my mouth against his one more time. Grabbing my waist, he pulled me down to his lips. The way we kissed, it felt as if the world could've stopped and I wouldn't have cared.

"We really shouldn't be doing this," Stephen said as we broke off our kissing. His face looked flush and his eyes danced with mischief as he watched me pull my hair back from my face.

"And why not?" I said, pulling his face to mine, our noses touching.

"You, and me, and this work. Not gonna end well." he closed his eyes as I bit my lip. "Rory, can you...not bite on your lip. It...distracts me," he added. Grinning, I noted how labored his breathing sounded while I continued my lip biting.

"Damn procedure, come here," his eyes opened as he pulled himself over me. And we spent the rest of the hour making each other gasp until we were both left breathless.

I totally memorized that page btdubs. xD hope you enjoyed it!