The moonlight shone down upon them, illuminating the two men sitting on the bench in silver. The moon was at its fullest point, straight above them in the midnight blue sky, and Dallas's breath fogged in the air as he cuddled closer to Luck for warmth.

"Why the hell are we out here again?" He asked, his teeth chattering. It was rather cold outside that night, and even the thick jacket he had on didn't completely protect him from the cold. "It's freezing."

"Did you have a better idea?" Luck asked, turning his head to look at his partner, who clung to his arm while shivering.

"Yeah, someplace inside. With a fire maybe, where we won't freeze to death."

Luck let out a soft mix of a laugh and a huff, looking down at the grass. Frost had already started to appear on the tips of the blades, and Luck scuffed his shoe through a small patch. "It's a full moon, we should enjoy it."

"Those come around every month. Can't we wait for like, spring or something?"

"Maybe next time."

Despite the cold, Dallas managed to smile a bit as he rested his head on Luck's chest, enjoying the comfort he got from him as they sat bathed in moonlight.