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Chapter 1

Madison Toretto stood in the café absentmindedly flipping through a magazine that was left behind from a customer. It was an excruciatingly hot day in Los Angeles and her tan skin shined with sweat. She had been working there her whole life you could say. When she was younger she used to help her mother out and when she passed away Madison took over the business until her younger sister Mia was old enough to. Madison was always the one who worked in the garage with her older brother Dominic and the rest of the team but a year ago she gave up racing. After watching her father and then her best friend die in horrible accidents she had become terrified of getting behind the wheel. One of the team members always dropped her off at the café and picked her up.


"Are you sure about this?" Carrie asked Madison as she added two new Nos tanks into each of their cars.

"James said it's an easy job," Madison replied but whether she was trying to convince Carrie or herself was the real question, "plus it pays twenty five grand…each."

Carrie just sighed, she really needed the money, it was the only way she was going to be able to pay Tran to clear her brother of his debt. It wasn't a secret that she was hesitant about this particular job usually Dom and the rest of the team was there backing them up but James, Madison's boyfriend at the time, had insisted he only needed two drivers.

"Well we know why I need the money but why did you jump at the chance? I mean I thought the garage and the café was doing good," Carrie wondered leaning against her passenger side door with her arms crossed.

"They are, I mean bills are getting paid and we're not struggling but I know Mia wants to go to college and we just don't have the cash," Madison answered as James pulled up in his car.

"And the devil has arrived," Carrie mumbled and Madison rolled her eyes.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies, looking fine," James whistled walking over to where Madison was and pulling her into him and kissing her passionately before smacking her in the ass, "Cars ready?"

"Of course," Madison smiled.

"Good," James nodded before grabbing two duffle bags out of the trunk of his car and placing one in each of the girls' cars and handing each of them a piece of paper that had an address on it that was across town, "deliver the bags to this address in a half hour without stopping and I'll be at there with the money."

Carrie read the address and gave Madison a worried look, "even if we ran every red light there's no way to make it here in a half hour."

"You can do it if you know how to drive," James smirked, "by the way, time starts now."

"Come on for Sam and Mia," Madison said opening her door and revving the engine.

The girls weaved in and out of traffic and were half way there when Madison saw in her rearview mirror they were being followed by a black Mazda with tinted windows. She knew there were always risks every time you did a job and wasn't really worried about it until the car rammed into the back of her own. Carrie pulled up next to the Mazda and tried to bump them but they were a second quicker and slammed on the breaks hard causing her to hit the side of Madison's car instead. What happened next was almost indescribable as another car came out of no where and stopped right in front of Carrie's car, she swerved the best she could but hit the curb and the speed we were driving at made the car roll several times, one of the times hitting into Madison's who ran into a tree before she was able to do anything.


"So, what's good to eat here?" Brian asked walking into the café and sitting at the same stool he did a couple months ago. At the time Madison had agreed with Vince that he was a cop but no one believed them until it was too late. The only reason she was talking to him now was because he let Dom go and Mia was totally in love with him.

"Everything, Mia's at school today," Madison answered only looking up from her magazine for a brief second but when she did she saw someone walk in who made her blood boil, "You shouldn't be here."

"What are you going to do about it?" James asked and walked closer to the counter.

"You aren't welcome here anymore, you need to leave," Madison stated feeling the anger build inside her.

"Just checking in," he shrugged and that's when Brian noticed the look on Madison's face and knew something was up, "You know I never thought I would see the day a Toretto would hide."

"She asked you to leave," Brian stated getting up from his spot, "I suggest you do just that before I throw you out of here."

"No need to get hostile," James laughed walking back towards the door before looking back at Madison one last time and blowing her a kiss.

Brian watched to make sure the guy got back into his car and drive off before turning and seeing the vacant expression on Madison's face. They weren't exactly the closest of friends but she Mia's sister and that meant he cared about her too. Before he got a chance to say anything the team pulled up in front of the café.

"Please tell me you cooked, I'm starving," Vince exclaimed shuffling in and dramatically falling into one of the chairs.

"What else is new?" Letty asked walking to the cooler and pulling out a beer.

Jesse was still outside showing Dom something under the hood of his car and Leon walked behind the counter and wrapped his arms Madison's waist before kissing her on the neck.

"Mmm, dessert," he whispered into her as he continued kissing up he neck and nibbling on her ear but stopped when he wasn't getting his normal response, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Madison lied plastering a smile on her face and giving him a quick kiss before starting on the sandwiches.

"I'm telling you something still feels off," Jesse told Dom as the shut the hood and joined the rest of the group.

Brian didn't want to call Madison out in front of the whole team but he hoped Dom would pick up on any lie she told and he needed to make sure everything was ok, "Who was that guy that was just in here?"

"What guy?" Jesse asked looking around as if he was still there.

"No one," Madison answered quickly not turning around to face the questioning looks she was getting from the team.

"Then why did you kick him out?" Brian continued and Madison inwardly groaned that he wouldn't just drop it.

James was a sore subject, she had trusted him and he had betrayed her. Madison had nightmares for months after the accident and the team vowed to put him in an early grave if they ever saw him again.

"It's a free country buster, you should know that," Madison remarked and she could hear Vince covering his laugh with a cough.

"Maddie, who was here?" Dom questioned moving Letty over on his lap so he could look around her.

"Stop worrying Dom, everything is fine," Madison lied again before adding, "You know if you had hair it would all be gray by now."

"Good one, chica," Letty laughed rubbing her hand on Dom's head causing him to glare at her.

"Anyways," Dom started getting annoyed, "Hector called me, he setting up a race tonight."

Madison walked around and passed out everyone's lunches before sitting down on Leon's lap.

"You going to come watch tonight?" Leon asked with one arm loosely around her waist.

Madison thought about what James had said, 'I never thought I would see the day a Toretto would hide'. She hated to admit it but he was right and she was done hiding.

"No, tonight I'm racing."