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19. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mayor



I was unpacking a new shipment of books the afternoon of my birthday. I'd thought about not opening the store, but Bella said she needed to package up some books the library had borrowed from the library in Springfield, so Brady was going to work with her to help, and I decided to open the store. For me, it was the most perfect fucking day of my life. Bella Swan had agreed to be my wife. I had not one fucking complaint in the world.

I was whistling as I continued checking the packing slip against the shipment when the front bell rang. I turned around to see Emmett looking quite smug.

"Mr. Mayor, happy birthday, you old bastard." He laughed when I showed him my middle finger.

"What do you want? You're only a couple of months younger than me, dumbass."

"I finally…finally…got the cable company to consider extending service here. The catch is we need a sixty-five percent commitment from the people in town. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the fucking satellite internet dying when I'm in the middle of research. I think we need to have an emergency meeting of the town and get a first pass of who'd be interested. What do you think?"

If we could get cable and reliable internet in town, it would be a step toward progress, I was certain. I hated having to take my laptop to Springfield to find a place to get wifi when the satellite at the store went down. Kids in town used the internet at the library, but it was as reliable as anywhere else which meant it wasn't at all. If we could actually get cable…the possibilities were endless.

Just then, the bell over the door rang again. Mak came sauntering in with a smile. "Gents. Belly threw me out of the library because I was keeping Brady from his responsibilities. What brings Evening Shade's two biggest thinkers together?"

"We're discussing a proposal by a cable company to finally come into town. Most people in town have satellite, but it's not as reliable as cable. We need most of the town to commit, and we're discussing having an emergency town meeting to see how many people would be interested," I responded.

"Would that be a big deal? I'm pretty new to town, so I didn't realize it was something that was an issue. I thought all people cared about was if Bella and I were going to blow up the town square and end up behind bars?" she asked with a laugh.

"Now, that's a little pessimistic," Emmett teased.

"You know," Mak began slowly as she looked out the front window of the bookstore, "if I was the mayor of this town, I'd make some of the changes Belly's mentioned."

That caught my attention. "Changes? Like what? Bella hasn't mentioned anything about changes to me."

She laughed. "Brother-in-law, she has a lot of ideas. Do you ever ask? She's got a fantastic idea regarding revamping the library to make it more of an all-purpose facility for the kids in town. Maybe instead of fucking all the time, you two should have a conversation."

Emmett laughed heartily. "How's it going with Brady?"

She sighed like a simpering school girl. "It's just…amazing. He's incredible. He actually knows a lot about living off the land. He and I have walked around Esme's garden a lot, and he's told me about edible berries and things you could live off if you found yourself stranded in the woods. He's told me about something called poultices to draw out poison or infection, and he made me a tea from a root his mother harvests on their farm outside of town. I asked him to take me there, but he refused, saying it wasn't anything he ever wanted me to see. Is it that bad?"

I looked at Emmett, seeing him frown a bit. "It's really that bad, Mak. He didn't grow up like any of us. I need to talk to Charlie about it. Can you watch the bookstore?"

She turned around and smirked. "I'd guess you have a few things to talk to Daddy Swan about, right?"

I pinched her cheek and she laughed. "Go. I've got nothing going on. My man's working today. I need to find a fucking job. So, Emmett, tell me your life story." I knew the two of them would be fast friends long before I got back to the store. She was that much like Bella.

I walked down the block to the jail. I went inside to find only Charlie there, which was a good thing. He was the one I needed to speak with, and if he was alone, we could shout at each other without drawing a lot of attention.

"Charlie, you busy?"

"Oh, hey, boss. Happy birthday," he teased as he stood from behind his desk. Charlie Swan and I had only one problem, and it was his daughter. I didn't understand it, and I didn't want to get in the middle of it, but I needed to talk to him. I wasn't looking forward to it either.

"Thanks. I need to talk to you about the Smith place. It needs to be condemned. I know we can't just tear it down, but it's not fit to inhabit. Have you been out there before?"

"Not lately. It was years ago, and I didn't think it was great then. I just closed the file on Grady's death. It's being ruled as an accidental death."

That was a surprise actually. "Accidental death? How's that work?"

"Brady didn't wake up that morning and decide to shoot his father. Grady made it impossible for Brady to not react, but based on Brady's, um, gentle nature, nobody in town would believe it was with malicious intent. It's closed. So…wait, why are you in town today?" he asked, seeing me pacing in front of his desk.

It was great news that the case was closed, and I wasn't about to question the technicalities of it, but in all honesty, the condemnation of the Smith house could have taken place another day, so I truly needed to haul up my balls and tell him why I was in town.

"I need to talk to you about Bella. She's not leaving town." I stated it confidently because I knew in my soul she wouldn't lie to me. My ring was on her finger, and she wouldn't take it if she was planning to leave me.

"She's told you that and you believe her?"

"Hell yes. Charlie, Bella and I are engaged. She asked me, but I was planning to ask her. I love your daughter, and I'm going to marry her. She's planning to stay. You need to reconcile that within yourself, but I love her, and she's staying." There. I said it. He'd have to figure out how to accept it, but it was the truth.


"She'll love me and we'll have a family here. I know you don't trust her, but I do. You need to come to terms with it. She's going to stay here in town, and she's going to be my wife. Figure it out, Sheriff. Or, should I call you Dad?" I hoped I was lightening the mood.

"You have no idea what you're in for." I snapped, though God knows I didn't mean to, but I was tired of his bullshit.

"Do you have any idea how it is to watch someone you love die? Do you know how helpless you feel when that doctor comes into the room and tells you there's nothing…not one more fucking thing…he can do to save someone you love? Do you know how it feels to stand at a graveside and watch the casket go into the ground, knowing it's the person you thought you'd be with for the rest of your life?

"Do you know how hard it is to pick up the pieces of the life you thought you'd have and try like hell to make them fit another way? Do you have any concept of how it is to wonder everyday if you'll live to see the morning or if the heartache will consume you so fucking much you'll just get too goddamn tired of it and take matters into your own hands?

"Do you have any fucking idea how incredible it is when someone new walks into your life and makes your heart beat again? Do you know…can you imagine loving someone again when you thought you'd lost the ability to love anyone?

"That's what Bella has done for me. She makes my heart beat again, Charlie. She's so fucking incredible. I wish you could see it for yourself, but I see it, and that's all that matters. I love her, and she wants to marry me."

He pushed his chair back and stood, walking around the desk to where I'd finally stopped pacing. I saw his mustache twitch a bit, and he finally stuck his hand out for me to shake. "Congratulations. I hope you're doing the right thing." With that, he grabbed the keys to his squad car and walked out, leaving me to stand in the middle of the room alone, not quite sure what his comment meant.

Since Mak was watching the store, I decided to go to the library and talk to Bella about something Mak had mentioned regarding changes at the library. I knocked on the door because it wasn't open on Sunday and was surprised to see Jacob Black open the door. "Hey, Mayor. Happy birthday."

It would have been a hell of a lot better if he hadn't been the one to open the door. "Thanks, Jake. What are you doing here?"

"I saw Bella's sister heading down the street to your store, so I took the opportunity to get a little 4-1-1 on the girl. Did you get a look at the ass on her?"

I wondered if Brady was within earshot because I was pretty sure he'd beat the living shit out of Jacob if he heard him talking that way about Makenna.

"What did Bella tell you about Mak?"

"Nothin' yet. She's downstairs lookin' for something. Brady is boxing up some books or some shit. What's going on around this place? I go visit my friend in Florida for a few weeks, and when I come back, Brady's workin' here, Bella's running the library, and Bella's hot sister's here for a visit? What the fuck?"

"Well, we might be a sleepy little town to outsiders, but you know things are never dull around here. Bella's sister hasn't been in town very long, but I'm afraid you're too late to pursue Mak. She's already interested in someone in town, and if I were you, I'd be a bit more respectful regarding Mak's ass. Some people won't like to hear you talk like that, and I can't say I'd be able to pull him off you if he decided to teach you some manners." I saw Brady approaching the two of us with a smile.

"Edward, Bella's downstairs lookin' for somethin'. You want to go help her or do you want me to? Jake, I said we ain't open today," Brady commented as he stopped next to me.

"I know you're not open, Simp. I saw Bella's car outside and came by to talk to her about her hot little sister. You met her?" Jake responded condescendingly.

Brady looked at me with a wicked grin. "Answer the man, Brady," I prompted because I wanted to see Jacob Black's ass taken down a few notches. I couldn't hit the cocky bastard, but I sure as hell wouldn't stop Brady from taking a swing at him.

"I've met her. She a nice girl," Brady answered.

Jake took in Brady's appearance and laughed. "Oh, so you're a little sweet on her? I hate to tell ya, but when she meets me, it'll be all over. I tell ya what. After I get my dick wet in her, I'll try to talk you up to her…"

The crunch of Jacob's nose was loud in the quiet library. He didn't even know what hit him I was sure, because he looked up from his place on the floor and stared at me. I held my hands up in the air. "Dude, I tried to warn you," I told him.

Brady knelt down and got right in Jacob's face. "I'm sorry to do it 'cause you're my friend, but I don't take too kindly to anybody talkin' like that about my girlfriend." He extended his hand to help Jacob up, and then hurried off toward the kitchen, leaving the two of us alone for a minute. He returned with some paper towels, handing them to Jacob.

Jake took them, shaking his head. "Brady, buddy, I've explained this to you. You can't just call somebody your girlfriend. The girl has to like you back."

"She does like me back, Jake."

"Look, I'm sure she's nice to you and everything because you're Bella's pet project, but that doesn't mean she'd actually go out with you. Women are hard to figure out, right, Mayor?"

I started to respond but Brady beat me to it. "Jake, she took me shoppin' and I took her out for dinner. Just this mornin', we all went fishin' down at Wagner's Slab. She caught two bass, but she made me throw 'em back. If you don't believe me, ask Edward."

Jacob looked at me with wide eyes, and I didn't even try to hold back the laugh. "I told you to be careful what you say about her because she's already interested in someone in town. I think my Dad's home if you wanna run by and let him take a look at your nose."

"This is seriously some fucked up shit. I oughta have Charlie throw you in jail, but I won't this time, Brady. Don't ever hit me again," Jake threatened.

"Jake, I hated to do it, but if you say anything mean or dirty about my girl, I'll do it again. I don't care if the Sheriff throws me in jail. I won't stand still and listen to you say something about Mak or Bella."

I appreciated his protective nature regarding Bella, but I sure as fuck didn't need anyone watching out for her. That was now my job…officially. "If you say anything about my fiancée, you won't need to worry about Brady, and I don't give a shit if Charlie locks me up either," I clarified for him.

"Goddamn. I ain't leavin' town again. Too much shit happens when I'm gone. Fine, I get it. The new girl's off limits. I'll pass along the word to the rest of the guys in town, but don't blame me if most of 'em don't believe it."

I laughed. "You think we're full of shit? Mak's at my store right now. You go ask her, but I'd be careful how I did it because I doubt she's aim for your face if you piss her off. I'm going to go find my girl. Brady, are you guys almost finished?"

"Yeah. Bella went to look for a box. Tell her I stacked all the books on the table in the kitchen. Don't let her move it. It'll be too heavy. I'll take it to the post office for her tomorrow before I go over to Miss May's to cut her grass," Brady informed. I nodded and left the two of them to work out their differences themselves.

I walked down the stairs to the basement of the library where a lot of crap is stored. It really needed to be cleaned out, but Emma had been the librarian for years, and she'd never attempted it or mentioned it to anyone as far as I knew.

"Baby?" I didn't see Bella for a minute, but then she popped up from behind a broken bookshelf that should have been either repaired or thrown out long ago.

"Oh, hey. I was looking for a box, but got sidetracked by all of these books down here. Why aren't they on the shelves?" she asked as she pointed to a book shelf full of books I'd never seen before. I walked over and pulled one off, looking at the cover.

"Lady Chaterly's Lover," I read aloud. I picked up another book, seeing it was Beloved by Toni Morrison. As I scanned the shelves, it quickly occurred to me why the books were in the basement.

"I'd bet these are the books Emma deemed indecent. Mom would know more about it than me, so you should ask her. She and Emma went round and round over the selections offered at the library. You know how Emma is," I reminded.

"That's offensive in and of itself. I'm moving them upstairs. These are renowned works of literature, and they should be available to anyone who wants to read them. Well, I see I wasn't wrong about needing to review every title to see exactly what we've got. I'd also like to automate our card catalog to be able to track inventory. Emma simply recorded book swaps in a notebook. Gah! This is frustrating," she complained as she began grabbing books off the shelves.

"Baby, I'm not against updating anything. We can even address the town's budget for improvements because Emma hasn't asked for additional funding since I've been in office. I'll be happy to help you work up a proposal to present at the next town hall, but can we not do this today? It's my birthday, and I'd really like to go home and have sex with my new fiancée." Hey, it wasn't a lie. Might as well be honest?

Bella stopped her frantic movements and looked at me, cracking up. "Honey, I'm sorry. All this can wait until tomorrow. Let's go home. We're supposed to go to Gran's for dinner tonight. I'd say we keep the engagement under wraps for a bit, okay?"

Oops! "I, uh, I already talked to your dad about it. And you've already talked to my mom about it, so if you think it's a town secret, love, you've taken leave of your faculties. Oh, and I just told Jacob after Brady broke his nose, so I'm pretty certain the cat's out of the bag." She seemed to have forgotten she was now living in a small town.

We walked back up the stairs to find the library empty. Bella walked ahead of me toward the door, locking it. "Brady!" She walked back to the kitchen and her small office, returning with a huge grin on her face.

"Mr. Mayor, it appears we're all alone in the library. Let me show you a nice quiet corner away from the windows." I'd have answered her but the fact she whipped off her t-shirt had me speechless.

She took my hand and led me toward the reference section where she proceeded to drop the pair of white shorts she was wearing after kicking off her flip-flops. Man, I hadn't counted on birthday sex in the library. I was pretty sure Emma never anticipated anything of the sort would ever happen.

She hopped up on one of the large oak tables, leaning back on her hands as she waited for my dumb ass to catch up to where she was heading. "You know, this would go a whole lot smoother if you'd take off your clothes, too."

I ripped my shirt and jeans off, tossing them over my shoulder. She looked me up and down, and chuckled a bit. "Commando? That's a surprise."

"Hey, I took a shot maybe there'd be an opportunity to get a little jiggy at the bookstore. A man can dream," I teased as I walked over to where she was sitting, pulling her legs around my waist as I pulled her ass closer to the edge. She was still in her underwear, but I was craving a kiss and some good old-fashioned petting, so I wrapped my arms around her waist, hands landing on her lower back.

"I didn't know anyone said 'jiggy' anymore, Fresh Prince," she teased.

I didn't respond to her sarcasm. I lowered my lips to her neck, hearing her sigh. I kissed down her neck and across her shoulder where I bit her a little. "What's it gonna take to get those little beige panties off?"

She pushed me away and quickly disposed of the panties. Within ten seconds, I was encased in her warmth with my lips on her left nipple as I gently laid her back on the table. "Hold onto the sides of the table, Baby. This might get a little rough," I informed.

She giggled but released her hold on my shoulders and grabbed the edge of the table with both hands. I pulled back slowly, and then, I let instinct take over.

"Fuck!" I gasped as I continued my relentless pounding. She was breathing just as hard as me, and the sweat on her back brought a squeaking sound as her body moved on the table. I was sweating like hell as well because the air conditioning wasn't on, but I didn't give a fuck.

I slowed my pace, slamming into her harder before I moved my thumb to stroke her so she'd get there with me. After another minute, I felt her milking my cock the way I loved. "Jesus!" I groaned as I released inside her. I bent at the waist and rested my sweaty head against her sternum as I caught my breath. If every birthday could be the same way, I didn't think I'd mind them.


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