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A/N: I'm in love with both Naya and Dianna. And then they went there, and Quintana happened! I just had to write something. I hope you'll like it. It's pretty short and sweet.

At the end, there is a reference to the scene in Greys Anatomy when Erica realizes that she's gay. She compares Callie to the glasses she didn't know she needed as a child. That sounded weird, but you should go and watch it on youtube or something, it's beautiful. It's my all time favorite GA scene, and I really hope that Quinn will have one like this (it probably won't happen, but a girl can dream, right?)

Birds flying high, you know how I feel.

She's high in the sky, above the birds and the clouds, reaching into space and grasping at something she never dreamed of. That's how she feels.

But when Santana asks her how she feels the next morning, she just smiles. She flashes Santana her beautiful cheerleader smile calculated to leave people wanting more. It's her best armor and her best weapon, and after being so raw and exposed beneath Santana, she feels the need for a mask.

She needs time too, to process what happened last night. But it doesn't stop her from Kissing San one last time before they leave the room and bury their little secret.

Santana's surprised by Quinn's initiative but she's pleased enough—Quinn can feel it in the way she smiles against her lips—that she lets herself be pinned against the door of the bedroom. Quinn's lips are against hers, as hungry in the day light as they were in the darkness, and it's strangely comforting.

Her hand holding on to her friend's dark locks, and her lips against Santana's she felt more empowered than at the top of the pyramid. The kiss wasn't sweet, but playful and passionate. It feels good and more.

Quinn ends it before she has a chance to get carried away. Her porcelain doll cheeks are a little blushed when she steps away from Santana, and it makes the brunette smiles.

"A little something to remember me by?" she teases the blond with an arched eyebrow and that damn smile playing on the corner of her mouth.

So Quinn responds by a smile of her own.


And this time, Santana is the one who blushes. The red looks strange on the brunette's tan skin, and Quinn realizes that it's the first time she has seen her blush.

Her smile gets wider, and then, they're both laughing.

It's a game. It's fun. So much fun. But it's also something more. Quinn can tell.

It's this mix of restlessness and peace in her bones, and she doesn't think there is a word for this. Content doesn't feel like enough, and Happy seems just silly. She wonders if she should ask San if she feels the same, and maybe she could help her find the missing word.

"Ready to get back to the real world?" Santana asks.

Quinn nods, presses San's hand in hers before letting go. Santana opens the door, and they leave behind their shared night as they step back out into the world, side by side.

The world looks different today, brighter. She knows it her who has changed, but it can't be right. Yet she feels fuller. Complete. She stands higher. High, high in the sky with the birds flying by.

The sun is here, so close now. The sky is blue like the sea.

And on the trees, she sees leaves.

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