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+It takes hours to write, and seconds to comment+

Chapter 4:


+We're Off to See the Mother, the Wonderful Mother of Nature?+

Jack offers his hand and I hold it gently, his hand is cold, like holding my first snowball. He pulls me close to him and raise his staff, "To North!" he says.

A cold wind came gushing toward us and I hug Jack. The wind then brought us up high, my grip then loosens in the large amount of gushing wind. "Jack!" I say while the wind separates us. With Pascal still holding tightly on my shoulder, we fall towards the ground. I open my arms, wishing that my flying position would somehow slow me down. I mean I read about flying squirrels, so why not flying humans? I close my eyes, fearing the worst. Then from high above, a figure flew under me and carries me back up again.

"Ha, you alright?" Jack says, "sorry about that, I got you now."

I chuckled a bit, wrapping my arms around him as I bury my face in his silver-white hair. "Don't ever ever let go of me again."

There was a long silence. Then Jack turned his head, his pale face somehow glows faintly underneath the moonlight. "I'll never let go, promise." he says, his face showing a smile. I blushed a little and look over my shoulder, Pascal was still frozen from the previous situation, his eyes wide open with shock.

We flew higher above, and into the clouds. Stars surrounded us while a ribbon of colors flows above us. I close my eyes, feeling the winds. I bury my face in Jack's hair once more, never really noticed that his silver hair would be as soft as snow.



I opened my eyes slowly, how long was I asleep?

"We're here." Jack says, tilting his head.

I turn my head towards Pascal, who's all snuggled up in my hoodie with a string tied around his waist. I smile and start poking him, waking him up. "Wake up Pascal."

Pascal opens his eyes lazily, and yawns a bit while he stretched out his tiny little limbs.

"Almost ther-" Before Jack could even finish, another wave of wind came rushing right at us.

"Jack!" I called out. The wind is too strong, I hold on to Pascal with one hand.

I was about to be blown away, when a hand grabs me and pulls me towards him. "Jack!" I said.

"I promised didn't I?" He says with a smirk.

I smiled, we hold on to each other as we slowly descend into the giant building below us. "Is that..."

"Oh yeah," Jack says, "I forgot... Welcome to the North Pole, May."


We landed gently, Pascal looked around suspiciously. One second we were alone, the second later, tiny elves with bells and big furry yetis came pouring into the room, surrounding us.

Pascal starts to panic and began tapping my shoulder nervously. I guess I would freak out too if I'm a tiny chameleon who's surrounded by elves and yetis.

"C'mon Pascal, it's not so bad in here." I said to him while I gently pat his head which sorta calmed him down for a bit.

Suddenly, right in front of my eyes, came the guardians. The guardians. "No way," I said in awe, "Santa? The Tooth Fairy? Sandman? The Easter Bunny?"

"Hello mate," the giant bunny says. Correction, I feel like he looks more like a kangaroo than a bunny.

"There she is!" Santa says, pushing the kangaroo aside. Is it weird to never know that Santa's Russian?

I chuckled a bit, "It's me alright!?" I looked around for a bit, "Umm, Santa?"

"Call him North." Jack says as he put his hand on my shoulder, "He prefers North."

Jack then walks to the side, "I'll just stay here!"

I turned back to North, "I can't believe it, the North Pole. I'm actually at the North Pole!"

"Welcome," he said.

I start to look around me. "Look guys," I say, "I'm really happy to be here, but umm... why am I here?"

North studied me a little, "Well you see..."

"It's about Mother, mate." Bunny said as he hopped into the conversation.

"Mo... Mother?" I ask confusingly.

"He meant Mother Nature." North says.

"Man-in-Moon says that she's dying somehow..." Bunny added.

"Dying? But the weather looks fine..."

"Dying slowly." North corrected.

"She's not weak now." Bunny says, "not yet anyways."

"Well then why am I here?"

"Our job is to figure out what or who is causing this." Bunny explains.

"Okay..." I say, still a bit confused about the whole situation. A cool breeze then came by me and Pascal and the next thing I know, Jack's hand is on my shoulder. Pascal pouted, feeling unamused.

"Then after that we need to investigate." Jack says.

"We? As in us?" I ask, pointing my finger back and forth between us.

"Yeah." Jack replies. "Find out what's wrong and stop or prevent it."

"Okay, I'm in." I say. "Sounds interesting enough."

"Great!" North exclaims. "Now go!"

"And good luck!" Tooth added.

The three of us step towards the center of the workshop. Of course it wasn't all that easy with all the elves in the way.

"So where are we going now?" I ask.

"To Mother Nature." Jack says, swinging his staff over his shoulder.

"Buckle up." Bunny says, putting his boomerang away in his pack. He then tapped the floor a few several times.

And the next thing I know is that the four of us, including Pascal, are plunging down a hole of green-ish darkness.

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