"They're coming" I said in a low voice pulling out of my vision.

"Who are coming?" asked Jasper. He gave me a weird look no doubt my feels were off to him.

"The Volturi" I said. Everyone stood up.

"Why?" asked Carlisle, Carlisle and Aro where and still are great friends. In some way they are like family.

"I don't know, they aren't saying anything. They have just showed up, for some weird reason." I told everyone. Edward stood up and ran to his room; he came back with three bags in hand. The look on his face seemed off.

"Where are you going?" asked Esme in a worried voice.

"You don't know why they have come! I want Bella far away from them. Just in case" said Edward. He was lying I could tell, I blocked my thoughts. I didn't want Edward to know, right now anything could happen.

"She will be fine, we can hide her in forks" said Rose, Rose and Bella have never seen eye to eye. But in some way they love each other. Edward just looked at her with a cold, black stare. Something was not right; I just hope Bella didn't get hurt. Before Jasper could speak he was gone. I looked around at everyone; all we could do now is wait and see what happens.

Bella's point of view

I was sitting in my room doing homework, when Edward can in throw my window. I smiled at him, but it died fast. Something was wrong; I could feel it coming from him.

"We have to leave. Now!" he said. I just looked at him, I can't leave it was my finally year at school. My dad would be so mad at me for it. I will never live it down.

"Bella, the leaders of all vampires are coming to kill you. If you want to live, you have to come with me!" he hissed at me. I just nodded my head; I got up and packed all the cloths I could fit into my two suitcases. Edward helped me pack, he mostly did it. I guessing I was going to slow. I wrote a note to dad, I had to make up a lie. It hurt to lie to him.

Dear dad.

I have to go. Edward needs me, one of his close family friends in fact the last, has only a few hours or days left. I am so sorry but he needs me. I will have my mobile on me; call me any time you want.

I love you Bella

Edward drove to the train station really fast, this was not like Edward. He is always relaxed and smiling. Now he was just as cold as a rock. I tried to talk to him; he just acted like I was not even there. When we got to the station Edward paid for one carriage with a bed in first class, everything was paid for. I turned and looked at him. He can't be leaving me.

"Where are you going?" I asked in a small voice. He just stared at me.

"I am going to make share that you father is safe, while your gone. This train will take you to New York; a man will be waiting for you. You will stay in a house that I own" he said in a dry voice. I knew he was lying. The look in his eyes told me, he had changed. But not in a good way.

He gave me a heave bag; I looked inside to see it was filled with money. Then he gave me a savings card.

"There is five million in the bag and in the saving account, do whatever you want with it. When everything is fine and safe I will call you" he said. He was still lying to me. He walked me to the train and into my carriage. It was really big and nice for a train carriage. Then again it was first class. Once I was seated and ready to go Edward left me without a kiss or a good-bye.

I got out my iPod and started listening to music. It would take even hours to get to New York, they had to take it slow because the rain. As I sat there I let the tears fall.

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