Aro's point of view

My brothers and I sat in Bella's room and read over the court notice, while Bella slept.

Court notice!

Court will start at 11:00am, doors close at 12:00pm

If you are late you will not be able to join

Each coven will have a row that you must sit in

There will be wolves attending; they are not to be harmed in any way

Mistress Bella will be in the attending. No one is to harm her!

If you don't agree with this please come forward and speak!

Once we approved it, it was given to every coven master. It was the covens master to show this to the coven, if failed to do so the master would be held accountable. If something happened. If we found a coven master like that, my brothers and I will remove them and take over the coven. When I thought of this, Carlisle came to mind. He is my friend yes, but he can be a bit brainless sometimes. But there was more important things to do, like kill Edward and Jacob for what they have done.

Bella's point of view

I was woken up by someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw Aro, Marcus and Caius. Smiling down at me today was the day, the day Edward and Jacob will die. I got out of bed and went for a bath, once I was done my mates helped me dress. I was dressed in black skinny jeans, black and white long-sleeved shirt. And some black boots with high heels. I looked like a teenage but also bad-ass, I wore I hair down. So it will cover my neck. Once I was done, we went to the court room. Time seem to go so slow, by the time we got to the court back room it was almost 12:00pm. I felt my heart start to race; my mates gave me hugs and kisses to calm me down. It worked; we walked into the court room at 12 on the dot. When we looked in everyone stood and looked at us, mostly me. I sat on a little 19 century couch, Marcus sat next to me. once we all sat, everyone else sat as well.

20 seconds later Edward and Jacob were dragged into the room. Jacob was covered in blood and bite marks. I felt nothing for them, I did feel fear. Marcus took me into his arms and held me.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have come here today to see justice done. As you all know the Vampire is Edward Cullen and the wolf is Jacob Black. There crime is making a newborn army, and kidnapping our beloved mate Bella swan. You are all there today because you fought in the battle. Now Edward Cullen how do you plead Guilty or non-guilty?" Aro asked in a low voice.

"I plead non-guilt" he hissed at Aro. Aro, Caius and Marcus hissed back loader. I didn't hide away, I looked straight at him.

"Explain?" Caius hissed.

"Where is your proof? You are the guilty ones you stole my mate from me and brainwashed her. You turned her agents me for a sick joke, you are the ones who did this. You don't have anything on me, you just want to get rid of Me." he yelled at us.

Without a thought I broke out laughing. Everyone just looked at me; after I stopped I looked at Edward.

"Brainwashed, right because they would totally do that! Are you that stupid? Your yelling out shit because you know you're going to die and nobody cares. It's your plan to go down fighting isn't it? Well sorry but it's not working you lost a long time ago, at the very start it was over for you. So stop trying and give the fuck up already, you can't win. You are just a little boy playing at a big game." I said in a voice like a layer.

Everyone just looked at me, it was Edward who spoke.

"How dare you talk to me like that, I own you. You are mine, always mine." He yelled

"You can't own a person; you will never have that power. To own someone you have to own their soul. We can't even own someone; now tell us why you are so stupid?" Caius said, staring at him.

Edward looked do

when, he knew he lost. Jacob started to growl, at me.

Before we knew it he jumped up and ran at me, he only took two steps before my mates had him in bits. They ripped him apart like a fly; I just stared at what was left of him. Which wasn't a lot. My mates knew how to get rid of someone like a boss.

Everyone stayed quite, the wolves did the same. Sam just looked as if nothing happened.

I guess when you are a leader you have to do that sometimes.

"Well Edward what do we do too you now?" Marcus asked, with an evil smile on his face.

"You can't touch me; I am more powerful than any human and vampire!" he hissed at us.

I got up from wear I sat and walked over too, my mates tried to stop me but I kept on walking.

Once I got to him, I slapped across the face.

"Bitch please" I said and shagged my ass while I walked back in a sexy why. I knew it would drive him crazy, but I just smiled.

I heard him roar behind me, I turned and saw my Mates ripping him to pit. They did it with vampire speed, when they were done he looked like dust. Most vampires had to set fire to a vampire, but not my mates. They could do it by hand, and it was so sexy. They were so bad ass and all mine.

I knew from that moment on I was going to be the happiest woman in the world.


I pulled out of my vision and smiled, yes Bella was going to be the happiest woman in the world.

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