She honestly had no clue what to do now that she'd actually made it to Pandora without being shot or suffering an excruciatingly painful death. One look at the place she'd been dropped off at, and she could tell it was going to be months till she found civilisation.

Reaching into her haversack, she pulled out three pieces of slightly crumpled paper- The notes on Pandora she'd discovered while with that damned order. "Patricia Tannis, hmm?" She mumbled to herself, gaze locked on the two slightly faded words at the bottom of the paper. "Wait… Or is it Patricia Tamis?" She asked herself. The Ns were hard to read with all the creases.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH HEELLLLLLLLPPPPPP!" Someone screamed. The agonizing scream was deafening. However how this voice sounded… It was like how the man back on Athens had sounded when he had asked her to kill him.

She wouldn't let someone innocent die again. Reaching for the pistol at her hip, she sprinted to the small village behind her. Most of the buildings were sealed off with yellow tape, but one's door was ajar. The man had to be in there.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard sobbing coming from inside the building. She ran in, to find a man with his hands behind his head. Behind him, a man in a mask, holding up a tomahawk. She noted how the assailant had his knees apart, and his neck was… twitchy… His back was slouched, and he was laughing like a psycho.

"Err… Freeze! Get away from the man!" She shouted. Sure enough, she caught the psycho's attention.

"Aww, it's a little girlie!" The psycho exclaimed, his tomahawk held in a different angle. It took her like… 2.69 seconds to realize he was about to throw it at her. She rolled out of the way, before she realized… This psycho had an infinite supply, constantly hurling them at her.

"Ah, what the hell," She muttered, using her phase lock to keep him suspended in the air. The man turned back to see her tattoos glowing. "S-Siren!" He screamed, and wailed louder than before.

Maya aimed the revolver at the psycho, shooting him twice- one in the arm, the other in his neck. He fell to the ground in a pool of blood. She turned to find the man curled up in a corner.

"Seriously? I waste bullets on you, thus saving you from a painful death by some madman, and you thank me by showing me how extremely frightened you are of me? Not a single thank-you!" Maya sighed in exasperation. Wait. This man might know the location of Patricia whatever-her-last-name-was.

She grabbed the paper, throwing it on the ground next to him. "Patricia Ta-something. You know where she is?" He simply sat there, curled up in a ball. He was probably rocking back and forth at a small angle.

Maybe she could use this fear to her advantage… She pressed the gun to the back of his head. "Speak or die," She uttered somewhat murderously.

"Pa-Patricia Tannis! She's i-in sanctu-Sanctuary! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" He begged. She brought her rifle away, reaching down to retrieve the research notes. She stepped outside, before someone tackled her to the ground.

"Hands behind your head, girlie," A gruff male voice snapped at her. She looked up to see seven men in red masks having their rifles aimed at her.

"She's a siren, boys! Jack'll give us that money!" He exclaimed, receiving snickers from the other men. She could only assume he was ogling at her ass, cause his next sentence came shortly after. "Maybe we can have some fun with her first!"

She had to get to her pistol, three skag corpses away.

Then came the gunshot that echoed across the desert. One of the man who had been aiming at her fell to the ground, a bullet hole neatly placed between his eyes. Then another. In a mere ten seconds, all were dead. She was free. Rising, she cocked her head backwards, to see him.

There he was, lowering his rifle. He watched her for awhile- how her blue hair swayed in the wind, before he turned and took off.

She wanted to thank him. For saving her from those bastards. Now she could only loot them, and she would follow him.

It had taken her an hour to hike up the cliff. Then she found remains of a fire. He had camped here, when he'd heard her gunshot clearly. There was nothing but a few pieces of wood put together to create a fire. And next to it, a brochure.

Handsome Jack wants YOU to find the vault! Ever dreamt of riches beyond belief? Loot beyond your wildest dreams? The hottest chicks (Or men if you're a fag/ woman)? Come to Jack at the train depot near you to sign up now!

And on the bottom, were two words, scratched into the brochure.

Don't follow.