Chapter One: There's a moment in time

A/N: I have always enjoyed the idea of an "evil" Harry. One where he let the fame go to his head. That is what you will see in this fic. This fic does include rape so be warned. The characters belong to JK. The title chapters are the lyrics to the song "Kristy are you doing okay?" By the Offspring. All I own was the idea for the plot. Enjoy.

I am not sure how long I lay on the classroom floor crying with my knees pulled up to my chest. He had been my friend. He was my first friend and now he was my worst memory. I never thought Harry could be capable of such a horrible thing as he had done. Yet here I lay bruised and broken, crying my heart out.

I had been in the library studying and I hadn't even realized how late it had gotten until Harry woke me up. I had fallen asleep on my homework and it was now past midnight so Harry had come looking for me. I had rubbed the sleep from my eyes, happy that I had a friend who cared so much for me.

We had been walking back to the common room, talking about all sorts of little things when Harry told me he wanted to show me something. Why did I have any reason to think he had bad intentions? He was my best friend after all. That was all he was and all he had ever been. I admit I had a crush on Harry for awhile but that had been when we were much younger and I had come to think of him more as a brother then as a lover or a crush.

Harry brought me into an empty classroom. I turned to ask what he wanted to show me and that was when he had jumped on me. I tried to push him off but Harry was so much stronger than me. I reached for my wand before I realized that it was in my bag which I had dropped by the door when I entered the classroom. He started kissing me and I tried to tell him that I didn't fancy him in that way but he just ignored me. When he started reaching his hand up my skirt, I started to get frantic. "Harry no, please stop" I said. He slipped his hand into my underwear and slipped a finger inside of me. I tried to push him away but he simply pushed me onto the desk. I cried and tried to kick him off of me but Harry simply chuckled to himself and slipped another finger it me.

I felt tears coming to my eyes as I begged my best friend to stop. He pulled his fingers out of me before grabbing me around the waist and pulling me onto the ground. He ripped my button down shirt open, sending buttons flying everywhere and yanked down my bra. I struggled against him as he took one of my nipples in his mouth. I tried to push him off but it had no effect on him. He sucked and bit all over my exposed breasts as I kept just repeating "stop" over and over.

When Harry was satisfied with my upper half he unbuckled his pants and pulled his member out. He yanked off my underwear and shoved himself inside of me. My eyes went wide and I let out a scream. I had been a virgin and the pain was like nothing else I had ever felt. He leaned down and whispered into my ear that I should continue screaming because it was turning him on. The tears where now flowing freely from me. I simply stopped fighting and let my body go limp. I squeezed my eyes shut simply willing it to be over. Harry quickened his pace and started grunting. He wrapped his hands around my throat and started choking me. I could barely breathe and I started to see spots dance before my eyes. Right before I passed out I heard Harry let out a loud grunt and I felt him fill me with his seed. He released my neck and fell on top of me gasping for air.

He smiled and kissed me, I was too defeated to push him off. He then got up and buckled his pants. He picked my underwear up off the floor "I am going to keep these for the memories" He said with a smirk. "I had a fun time. See you in class tomorrow." And with that he was gone.

I laid on the floor crying for a long time before I knew I needed to get up. I slowly stood up, my body aching all over. I noticed the blood between my legs and tried to pull my skirt down low enough to hide it. I pulled my torn shirt around me in an attempt to hide my body. I grabbed my bag before heading out of the classroom. I was shutting the door and I turned around running head on into Malfoy.

He had a smirk on his face and looked like he was about ready to say something when he looked me up and down. His face fell. "What happened to you?" He asked his voice soft.

I shook my head trying to keep more tears from falling. He stepped forward and I stepped back. Was now Malfoy going to have his way with me too? As if reading my mind he said, "I am not going to hurt you." He stepped towards me again this time I let him get close. He brushed some hair out of my face before softly touching my neck. I am sure there was a bruise there. He looked at me again, one of my hands held my tattered shirt closed and the other held my bag. Malfoy stepped back and started to pull off his robe. I am sure he could see the panic in my eyes. "Don't worry" He set his robe down and started unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled it off and handed it to me. "Quickly put these on before someone sees. I will turn around and I won't look I promise"

I looked at him; made sure he wasn't looking. I put my bag down and pulled my old shirt off before pulling his on. I quickly buttoned it. "Okay" I said in a soft voice.

He turned back around. "You're shivering" He placed his robe around my shoulders leaving him standing in only his black pants and a white undershirt. He picked up my bag and pulled it over his shoulder. "Come on I will walk you to your common room"

We walked through the halls in silence as I couldn't help but wonder if I was in some strange dream. Harry hurting me and Malfoy helping me? It was all so strange and backwards. When we reached the portrait Malfoy turned to look at me. "Listen I don't know who hurt you and I know you probably don't want to talk about it especially to me but if you ever want to talk I will listen. You can find me in the halls, send me a note, an owl anything and I will come to where you need me." He handed me my bag. "Goodnight Hermione. Try to get some sleep. I will see you in potions first thing in the morning."

He waited for me to say the password and slip into the tunnel before he turned around and started walking away. The common room was empty and the fire in the fireplace was only embers. I slipped up to the girls room where my roommates where asleep. I pulled on pajama bottoms but left Draco's shirt on. I folded up his robe and placed in my trunk before I slipped into bed. I slipped into a deep sleep filled with nightmares.