Closing thoughts:

Thank you all so very much for coming on this journey with me. This story began and ended so quickly but it has been one of my favorite pieces. I has in fact made me to ship Dramione when I never did in the past. I thank you all so very much for the feedback that I have gotten. It really encouraged me and sparked a fire inside me for this story like I have never felt before

So what now?

I would love for you to all stick around and read more of my stories. I currently have two other stories started on the site ("Monster, how should I feel?" And "Still painting flowers" both Draco/Luna stories) I also plan to write more. I have started on a plot for another Draco/Hermione story that I should be posting the first chapter for in the next few days (Name is going to either be "Pull the trigger" or "Russian Roulette") I have possible plans for a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover involving Ron as the 13th Doctor (that's right I said 13th) I have plans on possibly starting a short stories/ One shot collection. I am also going to try and branch out my writing to Big Bang Theory and SyFy's Alice.

Also if it is wanted I WILL do either a prequel or sequel to this story (The prequel being the James/Lily/Snape story and possibly discovering where the family curse comes from, A sequel being Sophie entering Hogwarts and finding out the truth about her real father)

I would love to hear which stories you guys would most like to read. I try to keep one story per ship going at a time but I would consider doing more if I have the fan base. I love knowing that people read and enjoy my work and it simply makes me enjoy writing more and gives me the muse to write.

Other than that I do believe that we are done here. Thank you guys so very much again and please continue to follow me and my stories.