THE ROGUE: An IRIA Fan Fiction

An Announcement:

Hello everyone,

For those readers that may not be so familiar with me or my work, my name Kris. Around the beginning of the decade, 'round these parts I was probably better known by my pen name, Kris-Sama!!, one that I held for a number of years. For those of you that do know who I am and remember my fiction, such as the once you are viewing now, you are probably asking yourself a question:

"Dude, what the hell?"

Yes, it's true. I have not ventured onto in quite some time. Years even. Lots of things have changed since 2003, the year I basically abandoned everything I had previously worked on here. As much as I hate to admit, it wasn't really something I truly regretted either. But rather than sitting here and giving you a lengthy dissertation on what exactly I've been doing over such a long time, I'd much rather talk about why you clicked on this link in the first place: my short story, The Rogue, as well as my other Iria-based fiction The Soul of Silence.

Widely unknown, but I do take the credit for submitting the Iria category to 's administrators in 2001 for it's inclusion into the anime section of the site's collection. Upon viewing the anime, I, like most the contributors to this site, immediately began coming up with my own scenarios for various aspects of the story as a means of further explaining the universe it inhabits. Way back then, there wasn't much for Iria fiction that I could find on the internet other than Confetti Yeti's very well-written short on the Bob character. When I submitted the category, I did so because I had begun committing my ideas to paper and wanted a place to share them. Thus, I created The Soul of Silence, the most reviewed Iria story on , in May of that same year. A year later, I began work on The Rogue, a complement to TSoS as well as my own personal means of fleshing out some of the back-story of the Iria OVA. There have been some pretty good stories to pop up in this section during that time and since. Oddly though, since the last time I updated my stories in 2003, all the new Iria material has come to a screeching halt. I find that pretty sad looking back on that here in 2010, as my first and favorite anime series as woefully fallen by the wayside in terms of fan related content. Yet, and you can call it arrogance if you'd like, but I always felt because I had had worked so hard on fleshing out my own stories over that two or three year period, that it was if they had become an actual part of the Iria canon itself.

Now, obviously, that isn't true and I would agree with you that it's a foolish thought. But I can remember how much time teenaged-little-me spent researching what little reference material there was on Iria's brief adventures, trying to get every little detail or spelling or mechanism in the right order to serve the greater story. So to me, such an outlandish statement felt like it was true. And the responses I was receiving from a fan base long devoid of Iria fiction on this site and across the entire spectrum of the internet, it only helped solidified my delusions. Not all a delusions are necessarily, in my opinion, an evil.

And yet, here are these two stories, rediscovered by literally on my own simple file-browsing whims, that have collected dust for nearly 6 years now: unfinished and (looking back at them with the skill set that I have today) in pretty awful shape, both in functionality and in their construction. For some reason, I can't find it in me let myself keep something I created and thought was excellent at the time to sit and fester in it's own mediocrity. And yes, I know if you go to the TSoS prologue, I said the same thing about my original vision on '03 before my quest to revise the story became such a huge undertaking that it ultimately led to my complete abandonment of the project all together.

However, I'm a whole lot older now. Maybe a little smarter in some ways, maybe a little dumber in most. And I suddenly have another urge to remedy this problem. The difference is that this time it has, happily, already been done.

In February of this year, I will reposting my final edit of my short story, The Rogue; my definitive version of Hunter Gren's back-story in four parts. Yes, four, as it was originally intended. By 'final edit', I literally do mean final, as this update will contain the long overdue ending chapter that has finally been completed after so long. Right now, and the reason it won't be posted until February, I am taking the necessary steps to refine the three original chapters to the level raised by the forth and final installment. Therefore, for those of you who have already read and enjoyed this short story, I humbly urge you to read through it again in its entirety once reposted. This new version will be like George Lucas' favorite bedfellow, though with less big-eared dopey things and computer-generated apples. I kid obviously, but in this final cut of the story, I have tried to include new bits of information and characterization and more insight to help sell the characters, old and new, better than before and to simply polish it up to level that I can be proud of placing the name 'Iria' on again.

As George also knows, making such edits and revisions will come at a cost, and one that I have been turning over in my head in the week since I began reworking The Rogue. The risk of retooling this short story to make it better while also completing it, will come at the sacrifice of creating numerous plot holes and masking revelations for story that this short was originally created to complement: The Soul of Silence, my original vision. With that sacrifice well known, it begs the next question: Will TSoS be reworked and completed just the same and soon and not be left in even more disarray?

You don't know how many times I've asked myself that same thing, and right now, I don't have answer for. Such an undertaking would require a behemoth amount of time and energy that I am not sure I have to dedicate at the moment. As disappointing to some (or less), I'd much rather say that than do like I did in '03 and tell you it's coming and then give my readers nothing. It seems the most fair way to approach. I would love to fix it and finish it once and for all, but it's too early to say right now.

So, until that question can be answered, I will give you this: some time in February 2010, you can expect the final edit of The Rogue to be published for good. My little gift for you to pass maybe an moment of your time and hopefully something everyone can enjoy.

Until then, I humbly thank and praise you for your patience.