Coming for you

Prologue Bella & Jasper

Where Life Is Now

I don't own Twilight, I wish I did, I would be rich and a bit more happy.

Right now I seem to be always wanting to write Bella & Jasper or Carlisle & Bella

and Edward & Jasper M/M I know but when reading the books of Twilight Edward always seem to be the

prissy type and some times when I'm in one of my moods I like to this Jasper could Dominate

Edward really well and they are both sexxxxy so yeah, I can't really see Emmett in a M/M pairing.

Ok all have fun and I hope you like.

Life seems to be what we make it.

I have realised we can either go with the flow and our ride won't be so dangerous, but when you struggle against the flow it tries to drag you down.

My Name is Isabella Swan and a couple of days after my birthday Edward Cullen left me!

I need to tell you all something I am not human I'm hybrid part Demigod to be precise and the other part of me is Angel.

My mother was an Angel she had wings in human form if she wanted too, so do I, My father is Ares the god of God of War but can shift forms he uses Black Panther, I can also use his Black Panther as well.

With my shifter senses I can tell truth from lie my agility is like a Panther and strength is well stronger that a vampire, being demigod I have same powers as my dad Ares but my problem was when I was with Edward Cullen, Ares said I could not mate him he wasn't my true mate but because I wouldn't listen to him he stripped my powers.

When I realised he wasn't my mate because he was able to leave me, I know he lied about loving me and wanting to keep me safe but that wasn't the case I knew I was his singer and I loved his family more than I loved him, I don't hate any of them, I knew Edward could guilt anyone into what he wanted, he did it with me when we were going out.

I didn't go looking for them I wanted to get my life back on track, how I wanted it in the first place, My only problem in getting over the Cullen's I loved them like my own flesh & blood, Edward would always keep me away from him, saying he couldn't control his want for blood.

What I saw is they always had him in between one of his siblings when he went out on his Alice or Edward always rang him asking how his control is? It was like they played with his head, but I could never prove it, that was when my feelings for Edward started to change.

Now the Cullen's are gone I miss Esmé who I thought of as my mum Carlisle as my dad, Emmett who was my big teddy bear my big brother, Rose she was my sister to me I know she hated me but I loved her and wanted to be friends, Jasper I can't say he is my brother my feelings towards his was always want desire it kind of confused me when I was with Edward but I couldn't do anything anyway Jasper was married to my best friend I was going out with his brother so I pushed it down as far as I could.

It has been 600 years since I seen the Cullen's and I decided to go back to Forks Washington to see how times have changed.