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Wars never end, they just keep coming. Some people believe wars are meant to be if you want peace. But can't we all just shake hands and smile? After all, sharing is caring. We humans thank God that there's is no World War III, but there's one in Tsuna's live. In fact, Tsuna knew that it'll keep continuing till a victor is found. But he is sure even if there's a victor, the others will not hesitate to kill for that place. The mischievous God of Wars just like it to keep it coming. And that is why Tsuna's currently in the war zone. The war called Valentine War III

Walls cracked and some covered with holes, big ones. The roof just had a big hole due to an explosive from a certain boom. Where did he get the booms Tsuna has no idea. But he does know that Colonnello's from the military. Maybe he stole the weapons? Tsuna does not want to find out. All his furniture, gone. Some half, some pieces, some even to dust. Tsuna really have to decide to run away from Japan and live in Alaska and change his identity. Wait no, that's a completely bad idea. If any of them finds out, he will be chained up and (let your imagination run wild in this part). Now is not the time to decide to run away, it's to decide where should he sleep while fixing his now about to crumble house. The brunet stood in a corner, silently watching two men fighting in his house, destroying every parts of his home sweet home without mercy. His face as pale as a ghost, his expression as if a pregnant woman wanted to vomit but can't find a toilet.

"Is that the best you got, kora?!" the blonde shouted, swiftly stepping aside from the bullet and aimed with his riffle.

"Why should I waste my energy on someone useless as you?" the raven jumped up and landed on the coffee table to avoid from getting shot. "What the hell are you doing here anyway? You just ruined my date with Dame-Tsuna"

"Date?" Colonnello raised an eyebrow, running towards Reborn and jumped into the air, swinging his leg to kick Reborn, but of course, failed. "As much as I know, Tsuna is still single and a virgin"

"You don't need to add that virgin part!" Tsuna shouted from the background.

"He is now in relationship with the world greatest man, Reborn, so get your ass out of this house. Although he's still a virgin but his ass will soon be raw from me slamming on hi-" the trigger was quickly pulled and the gun fired.

"Do you really need to add the sentence of me being a virgin?!"

"Oh, you mean that round virgin ass? Well I see no marks so he's still free" the blonde got down to his knees, letting the bullets fly on top of his head just inches from his hair.

"Then let's see who's the victor that's going to leave the mark on his virgin ass"

"Stop calling me by my ass and virgin!" But once again, he was ignored. "And how the (cursing is bad, Tsuna-san) do you know I have no marks on my ass?!"

After watching in a corner, he sighed and sat down on the floor. He can't find any escape since whenever he's one foot outside the house, he was dragged and placed back on the same spot. Looks like the war won't stop till one of them die or Tsuna dies. Wait that's a good idea, maybe he should so that he'll end this war from hell.

"Even if you die, you can't escape from me" Reborn, as always, reads his mind. "I can't read minds, Dame-Tsuna. Your face shows them all" He leaned back, dodging the pocket knife that was inches away. "Oh? Fine, I'll play knifes too" the raven's concentration was immediately back to the blonde. He pulled out daggers out of nowhere.

The brunet lazily laid his chin on his knees, hands wrapped around his bend legs. His eyelids began to feel heavier as seconds past. A nap won't hurt right? Beside, the two of them are too busy killing each other anyway. He closed both of his eyes, pulling his legs closer against his chest.

"Hmn..." Tsuna moaned softly, not wanting to wake up but to stay in the warm soft bed. His hands resting on something hard but moving up and down, and warm. He snuggled closer to the thing that's radiating the warmth, arms slipped and wrapped it around it. This is such a peaceful sleep, no war, no chaos, no noise, no Reborn trying to rape him and killing Colonnello... The gears in his brain finally starting to move. Warm and moving..? Slowly and cautiously, he opened his eyes. His vision begin to clear and in front of him he saw.. Pale and well built muscled chest.. Who..? The brunet tilted his head up to have a better look. He was greeted with a warm smile. Black Asian eyes looking at him lovingly.

"Good morning, Tsuna-kun. How was your sleep?"

And clicked, the plugs' connected. The 'thing' that Tsuna's snuggling onto just a few minutes ago is Fon, Hibari's older brother.

"F-Fon!" Tsuna said in panic way, pushing himself backwards to give some space for the gentle man.

Hibari Fon, the oldest of the Hibari's. 3 years older than Hibari Kyouya. Although he's related to Kyouya and Alaude, but he resembles nothing from either of them. Instead of 'bite you to death' or 'arrest you to death' (Tsuna knows that Alaude's is a police officer), he's gentle and kind, the total opposite of the two. Tsuna admires him, he's someone Tsuna would gladly marry if he was a girl. IF. But now maybe would, since he's not all that sure anymore if he's straight since his suitors are mostly men. Population of girl, one. And that's none other than Miura Haru.

Now back to how the (Cursing is bad, Tsuna-san) he ended up on the bed with Fon being his.. warmth radiator.

"W-Why am.. where am.." Tsuna stammered, pushing himself up to be in a sitting position. He turned his head to look at his surrounding. The bed is a futon, and if he's not wrong, he might be in a bedroom. Fon's bedroom. With the designs of Chinese mixing with Japanese styles and beautiful decorations of sakura, Chinese dragons and phoenixes.

"I'm sorry if I gave you a shock" the Asian said as he too sat up. Tsuna realized that the raven's got on nothing but a pair of boxers, showing off his all glory beautiful figure and six pack that Tsuna knows that he'll never have. He looked down to himself, instead of his t-shirt and jean, they were replaced with a pale pink yukata. Patterns of cherry blossoms blooming spreads through like wind. It was beautiful, Tsuna would have stared at it more if not for this awkward situation. The yukata's belt slightly loosen, showing his pale bare chest. The brunet thanked the god that the half down is covered with the blanket or he would feel more exposed.

"I was visiting you yesterday but when I arrived, Reborn and Colonnello was fighting in your home, then I found you sleeping in a corner." Fon leaned closer, which made Tsuna blushed. Two big hands reached out and adjusted his yukata, covering his chest. "I could not find the heart to wake you up and your house is in no condition to be living in so I brought you to my home. Your clothes were covered in dirt and dust. Please do forgive me for changing your clothes" See what he means? A gentleman. Fon did not pounce on him like the others would. He even apologize for it! Marrying him won't be bad.. He's strong.. gently.. an- "And please forgive me for staring at your body while you're unconscious. I couldn't help but stare at how beautiful you are" I take it back. I'll die in embarrassment if I marry him. Too honest and straight forward. The blush on his face darken with every words the raven said.

"W-We-" but he was interrupted with the door sliding off with a slam.

"Tsunayoshi Alert! Tsunayoshi Alert" a high pitch voice said the same two words. Hibird. Standing on the doorway was the all mighty Hibari Kyouya, with Alaude beside him. Both with weapons in their hands, ready to strike. For the first time in their life, they spoke in unison.

"Tsunayoshi is mine, get your hands off or I'll bite you to death/arrest you to death"

Can the situation be more awkward..?

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Fon makes his way towards the door only finding it open for anyone to walk in which is quiet unusual for the brunette. He walks inside only to find his comrades Reborn and Colonnello fighting, while his adorable brunette is curled up in the only corner that's still in one piece. Fon raises an eyebrow, before shaking his head at his friends crazy antiques as the furniture is destroyed. He shifts the box on his hip, that's wrapped in shimmering red paper with a large red ribbon. He raised another brow at the peaceful look on his sleeping face, he could easily stare at it all day then a knife or a piece of furniture goes flying across the room. He walks over to the sleeping brunette and lifting him up carefully as not to wake him, before he quietly leaves the brunettes place with him in his arms, without either of his comrades noticing him leave.

An hour later, after Fon leaves with the brunette dies anyone notice. Reborn looks over at the corner that he had placed his adorable brunette in the last time he attempted to leave.

When he looks for the brunette he finds him missing, which only infuriates him even more than when Colonnello showed up uninvited. "Where did he go?"

"What?" Colonnello check the corner that the brunette has been kneeling in "Where did he go?" Reborn doesn't waste anytime getting Colonnello into a massive choke hold one he knows the blond can't get out of. "Reborn! S-Stop!" Colonnello shouted in pain, his hands try grab anything to get out of the situation "C-Calm down Kora! I-It's not my fault that Tsuna got away!"

Reborn ignores his pleas as his hold tightens, as his darkest aura starts seeping out of him, while smiling. "It is... if it wasn't you, then who suddenly barged in... I could have marked Tsuna by now."

It's not much longer when screams can be heard from the brunette's place, but not screams of pleasure but of pain... lots of pain.

THERE! Fon finally steps onto the stage! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD Please forgive me for Fon's straight forwardness.


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