"May I ask one simple question?" Zero started once he gave a quick sweep around the room. "Why are there only guys here?"

"Don't be rude, Zero." Ichiru huffed as he pretended to be hurt. "This is a men only slumber party?"

"Do men really say that?"

Ichiru shrugged his shoulders. "Probably not, but this crowd is good enough."

Zero sighed. "Yeah, just what we need, my little brother Ichiru and a bunch of vampires."

"Who the hell are you calling a vampire?" Aidou inquired.

"What's wrong, you are a vampire?"

Kain muffled a chuckle but was silenced by Aidou's intense glare. "What? Zero-kun does make a point you know. Plus, it was Ichiru-kun who forced us into coming."

"Only to make the game turn out more interesting for me."

Zero raised an eyebrow. "What are you planning?"

Ichiru turned his gaze to Zero and smirked. "~Nothing…"

Zero knew he was going to regret having accepted Ichiru's offer in joining him and the others for an interesting game of True or Dare, yet how he was convinced into playing such a childish game was somehow still a blur to him. Zero sighed again and once more surveyed the group seated in a circle after having seized Cross's entire living room since it was the only place big enough to fit many sleeping bags. Gathered in the middle was an assortment of snacks and sodas to which was brought in by Ichiru -alcohol was included too; thanks to Cross's liquor cabinet.

Zero didn't know why he was forced to sit next to the ever so annoying Night class member Aidou. He would rather instead sit next to Kain and or Shiki. Yet that wasn't made possible.

All occupants in the living room were dressed in their pajamas and waiting patiently for the arrival of the final two participants, Takuma and Kaname, before their interesting all-night Truth or Dare fest would commence.

The silver haired teen rubbed his temples annoyingly before reaching over and grabbing himself a can of beer. He knew he was going to need it.

As the minutes ticked on by, Zero grew even more impatient at being forced to wait. "Damnit…" he began once he swallowed his first mouthful, "if those two aren't here by the time I finish this, I am totally out of her–"

"Relax, Kiryu…" Kaname spoke by the doorway with an excited Takuma by his side.

"Sorry we're late but Kaname had a few documents to take care of."

"Don't worry, at least you guys made it." Ichiru smiled and gestured to the spot between him and Zero. "Kuran-san, you may sit here."

Kaname nodded and unfolded his sleeping bag between the two.

"Wait a second, why is he sitting next to me for?" Zero questioned, not liking the seating arrangement at all. "Can I move somewhere else?"

"No!" Ichiru declared. "I already made the seating arrangement to my liking, so you can't change. And if you don't like it then you leave me no choice but to use these…" Ichiru held up a photo album with the title that read: Zero's most embarrassing photos.

Zero immediately fell silent making Ichiru smirk.

"I thought so."

Zero glared in Ichiru's direction. "I'll get you one day."

"You can try all you want, Love, but you won't be able to do anything." Ichiru winked and smirked some more.

After guzzling the rest of his beer, Zero attempted to ignore the seemingly innocent smile of the pureblood next to him, who somehow found his defeated look amusing. "Can we just get on with this already?"

"Someone seems eager?" The pureblood smirked.

"Shut up you…"

"Alright enough," Ichiru interrupted before things got anymore serious. After everything was silent once more, Ichiru commenced on with the start of the game. "I propose that Zero goes first."

"I totally didn't see that coming." Zero voice out, sarcastically and unsurprised.

"Zero, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Zero replied without hesitation, a challenging smile brightening his lilac colored eyes.

"I dare you to play the first round of this game in nothing but your underwear."

Zero frowned but obliged, moving to stand before stripping his shirt in one fluid motion and tossing it aside. Zero undid the string at the front of his pants and pushed his pajama bottom down from his hips, hands guiding the material down his thighs until they pooled at his feet before he kicked them away beside him. Zero sat back down on his bum after undressing to nothing but his boxers. There was a clear blush tainting Zero's cheeks at the numerous eyes staring at him. His brother Ichiru, at some point, had pulled out a camera and had recorded everything. But, out of all the eyes on him, Zero was the most aware by the ones beside him that belonged to Kaname Kuran.

Ignoring the gaze of the pureblood as best he could, Zero continued on. "Aidou…truth or dare?"

"Um…" The blond teen pondered for a bit before deciding. "Dare."

"I dare you to drink a four pack of bottled beers." The teen's smile turned sinister. Zero wanted to make someone suffer for his humiliation and the blonde noble seemed like the perfect fit. "I want you to drink these bottles and have them gone before your turn comes around again."

Aidou narrowed his eyes before reaching over and taking a pack of Heineken. "I'm really not going to like playing this game with you." He muttered before starting on his first bottle. "Kain, truth or dare?"

Glancing towards Zero who was forced to strip, then at Aidou who was already starting to look like a drunken monkey, Kain declared with an amused smirk "Dare".

"I-I dare…hic…you to-um…" The blond teen pouted, the damn alcohol was making it hard for him to come up with a dare.

This made Zero laugh, "Not even done with his first one and the boy's already getting drunk."

"S-Shut up! I can handle this much!" Aidou snapped, swaying lightly. "Okay, okay. K-Kain." The blond took a moment to gather his thoughts before giggling like a schoolgirl. "I dare you to do a hundred push-ups w-while…hic…I'm on your back."

"Are you serious?" Kain looked at his cousin who merely smiled back. "Fine…"

"Yay!" Aidou beamed and planted himself on his cousin's back.

"Fuck your heavy."

"I'm not!" Aidou retorted back. "I'm on my ladies diet."

"Tch…well, it ain't working." Kain grumbled as he started with his push-ups. "Shiki…truth or dare?"

"Truth." Shiki answered. He wasn't up to it yet to do some humiliating or physically exhausting dare, at least not when he was sober.

"W-Who was the first person you've ever done it with?" Kain asked. His arms were beginning to shake.

"Takuma-sempai, of course." Shiki answered, matter-of-fact. Takuma blushed to the roots of his hair at the very true answer.

"S-Shiki." Takuma started.

"What? I just answered his question."


"Relax it's not like I told them who tops or anything."

"Shiki!" Takuma's face was glowing red.

"I bet its Shiki." Zero guessed.

"You'll be surprised, Takuma can be pretty dominating too." Kaname countered.

"Oh, please. Shiki is the type to be known as the silent but deadly type?"

"Care to elaborate, Kiryu?" Kaname raised an eyebrow, eyes scanning the boy's body.

"Would you stop doing that!"

"Doing what?"

"Staring at me like that, it's disgusting."

"I'm just staring."

"Yes, but it's like your undressing me with your eyes."

"But you're already undressed?"

"Shut up."

"Alright people, can we act like adults here or is that too much to ask?" Ichiru voiced out, after having enough of the two's petty argument. "Shiki, it's your turn."

Shiki nodded and turned to Takuma with a smirk. "Truth or dare, Takuma?"

Takuma didn't like that smirk on Shiki's lips cause it meant utter hell for him, especially if it meant that he had to do a dare. So he went with the safest bet, which to him was truth. "Truth."

"Do you like to penetrate or get penetrated?"

"What!" Takuma was even redder now, if that was possible. "Do I have to answer that?"

"Well, you don't…" Ichiru voiced out. "However, if you don't then you will have to suffer a penalty."

"And the penalty is…"

Ichiru smiled innocently and reached for the box behind him before emptying its contents. Piled in the center -along with the snack and drinks- was a pair of Cross Academy uniforms, one black and one white. Except the only thing was the fact that they were female versions of the Academy uniforms. Along with the pile of female uniforms was an assortment of make-up.

"If anyone refuses to complete their dare or truth, will be forced to cross-dress until someone else gets penalty. So, does anyone have any objections?" Ichiru looked at each participant. Everyone shook their heads, all were afraid of the devilish younger twin. "Good. Now, what will it be Takuma-sempai?"

Takuma swallowed the large lump in his throat. "I-I like to…"

"Like to what?" Ichiru pressed the former to continue on.

"Wear the uniform please."

That answer made Ichiru become delighted, since his earlier preparation for the penalty won't go to waste. "Come with me and I'll get you all dolled up."

Takuma nodded and followed Ichiru to the bathroom.

As soon as they were gone, Zero leaned back on his arms. "My brother never ceases to amaze me."

"Yeah, he is quite interesting." The others agreed.

Zero shivered when a light breeze came from the slightly opened window behind him. There were just two more people left before his turn again and his chance to put his clothes back on. 'If only that can come a little faster.'

"Cold, Kiryu?"

Zero turned to Kaname. "Just a bit."

"Want me to warm you?"

"Touch me and I'll crush your balls."

"Mmm…I love it when you talk dirty to me." Kaname purred.

"Kuran, you seriously need some help."

"Yes, I do. Would you care to help me with my problems?"

Zero adverted his gaze from Kaname's. "Do that on your own, pervert."

Kaname laughed. He loved making the older Kiryu twin squirm. Yet he would hold himself until his turn, only then will his attempts to capture all of Zero would commence.

After several minutes more, Ichiru followed by a cross-dressing Takuma reentered the living room. It was just strange to see him dressed in such a way yet believe it or not, it actually fitted him perfectly. Even though it was quite obvious that Takuma was a male with the strong-ness to his shoulders, the obvious flatness of his chest and his lean defined muscles and slim hips. However, Takuma wearing a skirt, something made for a teenage girl, brought out all those features of his body. And Shiki was staring with hungry eyes at the sight.

"Drooling much?" Kain spoke beside Shiki after collapsing down on his chest after successfully completing his dare of a hundred push-ups.

Shiki didn't bother to conceal his smile. "Of course, I never saw such a delicious looking dessert in my life."

That comment and the whistle blown by a drunken Aidou made Takuma flush red to the point where he almost looked like a red glow stick.

"P-Please, stop saying such embarrassing things." Takuma pleaded as he made his way back to his spot between Shiki and Ichiru. Yet immediately after speaking and siting down, Takuma buried his face into his pillow to hide his embarrassment.

"Wow, I'm surprised that you know how to do make-up." Zero commented, still awed by the well-done make up on Takuma that highlighted so many aspects to his face.

"You'll be surprised on what I can do."

"I won't bother on asking." Zero announced. "Now, shall we continue? Ichjirou-sempai, it's your turn."

Takuma nodded and raised his head from his pillow. "Ichiru-kun, true or dare."


"Truth…why truth?" Zero was confused, he would assume his twin would choose dare since his brother loved a good challenge.

As if reading his thoughts, Ichiru answered. "I will only pick dare once everyone is drunk and tipsy. Since only then would things get more interesting."

Zero shook his head at his brother's antics, but expected them anyway.

"What is your relation with Yuki-chan?"

Kaname's perked at the name of his sister and turned to Ichiru and waited for the former to answer.

Ichiru pondered before answering. "Well, to be totally honest with you, my relationship with her is nothing more than just friends and since that's all you asked, I won't answer more."

"That's alright, thank you."

Zero was a bit curious as to why the question was asked since he wanted to know what made Takuma think that Ichiru and Yuki had a relationship. Then again, Zero was the only one to know whom Ichiru was really dating in Cross academy, and it wasn't by any means a girl.

"Now, I suppose it's my turn to go since I came in last?"

Everyone nodded in confirmation.

Ichiru then turned to Kaname, the two were smirking between each other, a silent conversation was going on between them before Ichiru finally voiced out for all to hear.

"Kuran-san, truth or dare?"



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