Round 6

"Truth." Shiki took no less than a second to answer.

"Still playing it safe?" Kain questioned the other.

"Not really, just not drunk yet."

Kain shook his head and thought for a moment before speaking. "Tell us who tops…you or Takuma?"

Takuma choked on a mini muffin soon after Kain's truth was uttered. Ichiru had to pat the poor soul's back as he heaved the pastry from his esophagus.

"What a rather boring truth?" Shiki bellowed as he stared at the orange haired vampire.

"Cut me some slack will ya? Truths are hard to think of right off the back."

Shiki merely shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "I suppose."

"So are you going to answer or what?"

Ignoring his lover beside him, Shiki answered, a sadistic grin tracing the boy's beautiful face. "Takuma tops."

It was Zero's turn to choke on an edible snack as the truth gave him more of a shock than he anticipated.

The only ones who seemed unaffected by this truth were Kaname and Ichiru. Kaname because he was close friends with Takuma and knew of the other's more abrasive side than anyone else. Ichiru knew because well…he was just Ichiru. He had a way of finding out these things by a mere glance.

"Well, now that my turn is up…" Shiki turned and faced the blushing blonde noble, who recovered from his near death experience with the deadly muffin of hell, and grinned some more. "Takuma, truth or dare."

Takuma hesitated as usual when it was his turn. He was now damned by two possible choices that could both end badly if he choose either one. Shiki knew too much and was sadistic enough to make him do anything. Yet, if he choose neither he was sure Ichiru was going to make him under go another humiliating penalty if he refused. And honestly, what can be more embarrassing than wearing a female night class uniform?

Just thinking about it made the blonde shiver in freight. Takuma wasn't sure who to be most afraid of? Shiki or Ichiru?

"Ichjirou-kun, if you don't choose soon you will be subjected to another penalty~" Ichiru sang out his warning to the other as he pulled out another mystery box from behind him.

The others in the circle were simply amazed at how the younger Kiryu could just make these boxes appear out of nowhere like magic.

It was almost scary.

Right then, Takuma decided. "D-Dare."

Takuma knew that compared to Ichiru, Shiki was way more lenient.

"I dare you to do exactly as I say…"

Takuma nodded a bit frightfully though.

"However, I am going to whisper it in your ear."

Now that made Takuma nervous. What did his lover wanted him to do? Takuma was almost scared to find out. The blonde was really starting to regret his decision now.

Leaning over, Takuma allowed his lover to whisper in his ear. The words that flowed from the mahogany's mouth had the blonde going ten sheets whiter.

Pulling away, Shiki had one of the most devilish smirks the others had ever seen. It even made Ichiru, the most sadistic of them all, shiver like a leaf.

'What the hell did Shiki ask?' Was now the question swirling around their heads.

Facing Ichiru, Takuma asked the one question that had become the very purpose of this game. "K-Kiryu-kun truth or d-d-dare?"

Ichiru raised an eyebrow. What could make poor Takuma hesitate like that? Ichiru was intrigued to say the least and with one glance at his new friend, Ichiru knew this game of truth or dare was the best idea he ever had.


Takuma visibly flinched. The blonde was right before, Ichiru was indeed the scarcest of them all.

"I dare you to spank the butt cheeks of the person to your left over your lap for one minute." Takuma was as red as a tomato as he uttered the dare.

Ichiru glanced over to the petrified expression to the person on his left.

Kaname had gone ten more sheets whiter than Takuma –if that was even possible? He wasn't known to show much of anything but this case was different.

Seeing that look though made Zero and Kaito burst into a fit of laughter.

"The big bad wolf is going to get his house blown down." Kaito said, eyes shining with mirth.

"Finally some pay back. This is just great!" Zero was enjoying this immensely.

Kaname cleared his throat and composed himself as best he could. "Ichiru-kun, may I have a word?"

Ichiru nodded and followed Kaname to the hallway; all while Zero was still getting his fill out of the whole situation.

"What's the matter Kaname?"

"You can't be seriously thinking of doing this dare, are you?" Kaname asked the other seriously.

"Of course I plan on doing it."

"Excuse me?"

"I don't want to be subjected to wearing a day class uniform as a penalty." Ichiru answered. "I do have my pride you know."

"And you spanking my butt is not jeopardizing your pride?"


Kaname sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was dealing with Ichiru here, the most chaotic person he knew and there was no way of getting out of this. Yet, what if he refused? Wouldn't that mean that Ichiru would have to do the penalty?

Kaname hid a smile. This could be a possibility.

Yet before Kaname could even muster up a refusal, Ichiru was on him like white on rice.

"Let me warn you Kaname, if you refuse this dare not only will I be subjected to a penalty but so will you. However, be sure that if you refuse, your penalty will be worse than mine…I'll guarantee you that."

Kaname knew there was no way out of this now. He would have to put all his pride as a pureblood leader aside if he wanted to get this done and over with, because there was no way in hell he was going to be subjected to some drastically altering penalty that most likely will be ten times more worse than the dare itself. He would just have to bite his tongue and do it. Even if it was be embarrassing for him.

Kaname followed Ichiru back into the living room where the vampire nobles (except Shiki) were nervously awaiting. Zero and Kaito were grinning like fools.

"Kaname here has agreed to the dare." Ichiru voiced out as he took a sheet on the couch that was in front of his sleeping bag.

"A-Are you sure Kaname-sama?" Takuma asked. He was afraid like Kain and Aidou, who now was completely sobered up by the mere shock of the dare. Kaname was a pureblood who can exact any type of punishment from those who disobey him in any way. Takuma was fearful for his lover's life.

"Don't worry Takuma, Senri won't get punished. This is a game I agreed upon, so I must submit to the rules established."

Takuma couldn't hide the relief he felt. His lover was spared yet now his leader was going to be subjected to humiliation at the hands of the younger Kiryu and mind you, it wasn't the one Kaname would have liked it to be.

Kaname got on his knees beside the silver haired teen as the other angled him so that he was over Ichiru's knees so that Kaname's torso was resting on Ichiru's lap. The silver haired hunter had his right arm pressed firmly on the pureblood's back to hold him still while the other snaked around to Kaname's backside towards his rear.

"I will spank you now Kaname, are you ready?"

Kaname swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded as he braced himself for the first strike, which came in hard and fast. Kaname muffled a yelp as the second and third came in rapid succession. Kaname blushed when the other fondled his ass before striking again and again.

This hurt. It hurt really badly. It was a pain Kaname never experienced and he knew he didn't like it. He wanted it to stop but he still had few more seconds left before that happened and Ichiru was not letting up with each blow and even though boxers and his pajama bottoms protected Kaname's rear end the pain was still felt. He was lucky though that he was a vampire and soon it would all be healed, but just imagine the pain one would feel if they were human?

Kaname shivered. He dared not think of the outcome of that.

"Times up." Ichiru announced after the twenty-third strike. "Well done, Kaname."

Kaname wobbled a bit before standing. He didn't say anything or showed much on his face as he sat on his sleeping bag. It stung for a moment before the pain subsided and healed. Ichiru did the same.

Zero couldn't find himself laughing, though it didn't stop him from grinning with satisfaction. He gotten the revenge he so wanted and he was going to be damn well pleased by it.

Kaname straightened himself up a bit and gave his attention to Kaito next to him, whose amused gaze was sort of ticking the other off.

"Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to switch places with Zero." It was a flat out demand that Kaname was certain of making accomplished.

"Fine…but under one condition."

"What?" Kaname was dumbfounded. This wasn't part of the rules.

Looking at Ichiru, the younger Kiryu looked interested and Kaname knew he was going to allow this to proceed, but only once.

With a grumble, Kaname turned back to Kaito. "What is it?"

"We reserve turns."

Takuma gasped. He knew if they reserved turns, Ichiru was going to be the one to make him do whatever dare he wanted.

It sucked being in between two devious minds.

"Alright, now switch already."

The more time Kaito spent dilly-dallying the less time he had with Zero. Kaname was a very impatient man and he wanted Zero, right next to him, at his mercy.

Zero didn't like that grin on Kaname's amused face. This was supposed to be his win yet it now didn't feel like it anymore.

Once again by Kuran's side, a realization hit. They were reversed now, which meant Kaname was now at his mercy. This was Kaito's plan and Zero loved it. He secretly thanked the other before moving to phase one, which was to get the ultimate revenge on the pureblood.

"Kuran…truth or dare?"


"I dare you to take a shot of vodka."

All of Kaname's followers face fell and dread filled them up.

"Uh, Kiryu-kun I think you should reconsider that." Shiki voiced out. He was not one to push things this far, especially knowing how his cousin got when it came to hard liquor.

"Oh come on, what's a little hard liquor ever done to anyone?"

"Zero-kun, I really think you should listen to Shiki. Even I know this is a bad idea." Kain stepped in.

"What are you guy's so afraid of?" Zero questioned the others. "What, the mighty pureblood can't take hard liquor?"

Kaname narrowed his eyes. He could take being slapped on the ass by the younger Kiryu but having his pride tested by the older one and the one he loved was not something Kaname was going to take sitting down. So before anyone could stop him, Kaname took the vodka bottle that only had a little left, since most of it was digested in Aidou's stomach, and chugged it.

Takuma face palmed and Kain slowly shook his head. "You've really done it now."

Zero eyed Kain. "What do you mean?"

"That's what he means." Aidou pointed to the figure next to Zero as he hid behind his pillow.

Kaname face was flushed red; his eyes seemed dazed and unfocused, yet once they came upon Zero they brightened.

Ichiru didn't know what was going to happen but he felt that their night was only going to get more interesting from here on out.


Hope you all enjoyed. It was pretty hard to come up with truths or dares for the other characters, but I did my best (lol). Next chapter we'll deal with a drunken Kaname and some more truth and dare questions from you readers will be shown.

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