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"Stupid Lavi," she muttered, half depressed, half amused, once again reaching out for her haven from prying eyes. However, the moment her hand touched the black cloth, a yell of surprise blared into her ears.

Kira jumped, startled, and whirled around to see a darting black shape jet under her bed - Chikita? The uncloaked teenage girl looked down from whenst Chikita had fled, only to feel her heart skip a beat.

Allen had finally woken up.

[ Chapter 5 ]

Laughing Away Our Cares

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." (Charlie Chaplin)

The first thing Kira did was panic. Whilst her awakening patient was lifting himself abruptly from his sick bed, she was scrambling for her cloak. With quick, jerky motions, she hurriedly slipped it on, yanking the hood over her head and pulling the sleeves down.

In that time, the formerly unconscious boy had pushed aside the shock of his sudden return to reality. From underneath the safety of her hood, Kira, twitching at her sleeves, watched the teenager on the floor sit up, holding his head with a wince of pain. As his right hand ruffled his white hair in his attempts to ward off his dizziness, his eyes opened, revealing bright silver irises. Kira stayed stock still, not daring to move, as those strange eyes began to assess their owner's situation. His cursory look to his surroundings, however, never got to Kira's spot, for the tightness around his torso redirected his attention. His eyes moved down to look at his chest, observing the clean bandages there with unconcealed curiosity.

Determining that he was distracted, Kira decided to take advantage of the short moment to release the tension in her legs. Her heart skipped a beat, however, as the moment she shifted, the awakened boy's head snapped up, silver eyes freezing her in place. The cloaked girl held her breath as his gaze assessed her, narrowing some at the shadows hiding her face. Taking in her hidden appearance, he acquired an aura of wariness and underlying caution before flicking his gaze elsewhere to observe the room, always keeping her form in his peripheral vision.

Having de ja vu from when Lavi had woken up, Kira waited patiently, albeit nervously, for her patient to determine his surroundings. After a few seconds where he seemingly concluded that he wasn't in danger, the injured boy finally turned back to her.

"Er . . . where am I?" he asked tentatively, breaking the tense silence.

Kira swallowed thickly, recovering herself as her thoughts began to race. She hadn't really thought of what to do when her patient woke up. After a moment's hesitation, she decided on an explanatory approach.

Carefully, the young girl responded, "You're in northern England, a few miles from Newton-in-Furness." Kira motioned her head to their surroundings, further explaining, "This is my Grampy's farmhouse. My Grampy and I took care of your friends' injuries, as well as your own . . ."

Taking in her words, the white-haired teenager appeared to relax some.

"Thank you - erm," he paused, looking up at her expectantly.

"Kira," offered the cloaked girl, relaxing as well as she moved over to sit on her knees next to him. With his unspoken permission, she took a look over his bandages, making sure none had gotten loose in his abrupt movements. He laid back down half-way through, appearing a tad dizzy still.

Once finished with her quick check-up, Kira looked back to her awakened patient, feeling a little nervous as he inconspicuously kept a careful eye on her actions. The older teen was polite and gave off a friendly air, but she could tell that her cloak was making him wary. Trying to remind herself that it would be overlooked eventually, she asked, "How are you feeling?"

He blinked once at her question, his original wariness disappearing as a rather pitiful look crossed his face. "Famished. Absolutely famished," he groaned, holding his stomach with one hand.

Amused, Kira smiled from beneath her hood. "I'll get some food for you - it's probably best if you stay put for a little longer."

"Thank you very much, Miss Kira," the cursed boy replied, a small smile of his own gracing his lips.

Kira felt her heart flutter for a moment, not quite used to being offered such sincere gratitude before. Her smile broadening at the warm feeling in her heart, the young girl offered a nod as she picked herself up.

"You're welcome," she all but trilled. "I'll be right back. Oh, and sorry about Chikita," Kira added, unable to contain her light laugh. Moving towards the attic stairs, she continued, "I doubt she meant to scare you awake. Chikita just has a bad habit of getting up in people's faces at the most, ah, inopportune times."

Allen chuckled, seemingly a little embarrassed at his frightened reaction towards the animal. He nodded before his gaze turned to her room once more.

Meanwhile, as she unlocked the attic door and slipped half-way through, Kira couldn't help but send a last look over her shoulder. Interestingly enough, Allen's gaze appeared to have located Chikita, as the little cat's big amber eyes could be seen shining under Kira's bed.

Kira watched curiously as the white-haired boy lifted up his right arm, almost as if to beckon to the creature eyeing him from the darkness. In response, Chikita slipped out from under the bed like a shadow, slinking over to Allen cautiously. However, the black feline, upon reaching the object of her curiosity, ducked under Allen's beckoning right arm and chose to instead rub against his strange, black left one. A welcoming purr and meow rumbled from the little cat's throat.

Kira smiled softly, watching in amusement as Allen stared at the happy cat in a mixture of surprise and delight. As he scratched a friendly Chikita behind her ears, his gaze softened.

Well, if Chikita approved of this rather odd-in-appearance teenager, then it looked like everything was going to be alright.

Satisfied, Kira exited completely, clicking the door shut behind her softly.

Downstairs, meanwhile, Lavi was busy entertaining himself. Naturally, this implied that someone else was trying not to tear their hair out; and, since Grampy Malcolm was enjoying solitude in his room, that meant the object of the red-headed bunny's current affections was none other than Allen's stalker.


"I will not repeat myself, Bookman Junior."

"But Yu-chan's hair would look marvelous in your braid style!"

"I refuse to pass on my skills to someone who would use them to endanger the safety of our new Headquarters building."

"But, Two-spooooooots," the bunny continued to whine, waving his limbs from where he lay sprawled on the floor, "I'm talking about aesthetics here! Yu-chan is big on aesthetics," the eye-patched teen pointed out seriously, rolling onto his stomach to jab a finger at the blonde trying to ignore him on the couch. "You've seen his hair! Clearly, Yu-chan would appreciate my braiding his hair if I did it in a fashionable, visually pleasing manner!"

"Clearly, you have a death wish," Link informed him, turning a page in his report to continue reviewing.

Hearing this, Lavi pouted childishly, preparing to unleash another onslaught of pleading. However, before he could begin, the sound of someone coming down the stairs caught his attention. The footsteps were light, and the slightest wisp and brush of a cloak could be heard, informing him that it was indeed Kira, not who he and Link were hoping would wake up soon.

Deciding to move on to a new object of entertainment for now, the red-headed teenager hopped up and meandered over to the kitchen, the direction in which he heard their cloaked host go. Sure enough, Kira was in there, rummaging around and collecting a variety of food items. Watching as she began to make multiple ham and cheese sandwiches, Lavi tiptoed up behind her.

"Whatcha doin'?"

He grinned when she jumped in surprise and whirled around; however, his grin went from amused to "ohshit" as his green eye locked onto the brandished knife in her hand.

"Woah, woah, woah! I surrender!" Lavi yelped, adopting an over-exaggerated cringing posture as he took a step back for good measure.

Recognizing him, the young girl immediately put aside the knife, apologizing profusely.

"- I didn't hear you come in!" Kira ended after a solid minute, huffing as the red-head had started laughing at her repetitive sorries.

"No problemo!" replied Lavi, big grin in place as he clapped an arm around her shoulder. She stiffened immediately at the direct contact, and as he continued to chatter, the young girl continued to try and inconspicuously get out of his grasp, much to his amusement.

"I was just wondering what little old you-"

"I-I'm not little! My height is normal for a girl my age!"

"-was doing getting this huge amount of food? I've never seen you finish more than one sandwich before, and here you have three, making a fourth. Oh! Are the apples over there included too? Are you making these for us? Cuz if so, you ought to put caramel, chocolate, or any kind of sugar on those apples, cuz Link really likes sweets[1] and-"

The cloaked teen appeared to have given up on struggling as, still underneath him, her shoulders slumped in defeat. However, when Lavi's guessing started, she recovered herself, as if knowing her answer would give her the upper hand.

"Lavi, Allen's awake."

"-and what I really like is- huh?" he cut off, staring down at her shadowed face dumbly. Unfortunately, the moment his ramblings stopped and shock settled in, Kira quickly slipped out of his grasp, brushing off her cloak with a little sniff.

"Allen is awake," she repeated with a smile, moving back to her work as Lavi's dumbfounded green eye stared at her, his mouth agape in his surprise.

"Allen? Allen- OUR LITTLE BEANSPROUT IS AWAKE~!" Lavi cheered happily, twirling out of the kitchen to inform the boy's stalker.

Immediately following, a shout from the attic blared down the steps, shocking Kira and making Lavi stumble -



And what was worse? Lavi refused to give him his food! No; no, that silly rabbit was doing much worse than that - he was giving him one sandwich at a time. Did you know what that was for Allen? It was torture, that's what! Cruel and unusual punishment!

"Lavi, please!" he pleaded, beginning to consider getting on his knees to beg. His stomach was going to eat him from the inside out if he didn't satiate it! Dammit, why did Lavi have to be so much taller than him?!

It was quite unfortunate that, along with the delightful food, the cloaked girl also brought up Lavi and Link. If only she hadn't been deceived by Lavi's stupid "I-want-to-help-my-friend-and-totally-not-torment-him" facade!

"Miss Kira gave me those sandwiches!" insisted Allen as his stomach released an angry howl for the third time. "You have no right to hold them hostage!"

Lavi tsked and wagged his finger at the despairing teenager.

"Now, now, Bean-sprout-"

"It's ALLEN!"

"You should be thanking me! I'm the one who insisted that she make you eleven sandwiches, after all. It's not my fault our dear little Kira ordered me to make sure you didn't eat too quickly! She said you'd get sick otherwise, and she's right, just so ya know[2]," added the Bookman Junior, grinning evilly as he moved out of the way of Allen's continuous, but weak, advancements. The boy was still recovering, and therefore was rather slow at the moment, still wincing at his healing injuries.

Hearing Lavi's words, the cursed exorcist wasted no time in arguing - for the sake of his stomach! - "Miss Kira doesn't know about my Parasi-"

"Your condition," corrected Link immediately. "We're calling it your 'condition' in front of Miss Kira and Mr. Malcolm, don't forget."

"-my condition," all but hissed the starving boy, not caring about technicalities at the moment. He'd only had three sandwiches so far, and eight more were waiting for him! "She doesn't know-"

"That you're a glutton?" offered Lavi, slipping out of Allen's stumbling reach. "A moocher? A pig?" With each nickname, the red-head avoided a hungry lunge. "A bottomless pit? A living garbage disposal?"

"Dammit, Lavi!" growled out Allen, once again failing to reach his precious food. Finally, his legs couldn't hold him any longer, and he plopped himself on the ground, panting from exertion. It was much too early for him to be moving around so much, despite the fact that exorcists healed faster than normal people[3]. Not quite like BaKanda, unfortunately. What Allen would give to be able to regenerate like his pony-tailed, straight-cut fringe rival . . .

As his stomach let out yet another desperate wail, the white-haired boy took on a depressed aura from his spot on the floor.

At that moment, Lavi decided his minute of waiting was finished.

In an annoyingly sing-song voice, the jovial red-head announced, "Your minute is up! Have another sandwich!"

However, upon seeing his scarred companion defeated, depressed, and unmoving on the floor, the bunny foolishly braved crouching down in front of the sulking teen. "Here you go! Turn that frown upside down!" he exclaimed cheerily, shoving a sandwich into his friend's face.

That was a mistake.

Lavi yelped, stumbling back and holding his hand to his chest in horror. Allen, meanwhile, snarfed down the ham and cheese delight, ignoring his red-headed friend's incredulity and shaking form.

"You nearly bit my hand off!" the bunny squeaked indignantly.

"Perhaps you should put the plate of sandwiches down then so I don't have to eat out of your hand?" offered Allen with a sniff, licking his fingers almost in remorse. He had to wait another agonizing minute before his next sandwich - how depressing!

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to bite the hand that feeds you?" insisted Lavi, still shaken up as he counted his fingers to make sure he had all of them. He was missing an eye already - no need to add something else to that list!

Allen pouted. "I'm not an animal, of course no one's told me that!"

"Oh, yeah," agreed the Bookman Junior with a laugh. "How could I forget? Bean-sprouts are plants!"

"I'm NOT a bean-sprout! But if I was, I would be a bean-sprout about to acquire a taste for bunnies!"

Chuckling nervously, Lavi shrank back at the sudden dark aura surrounding his small friend. Not good - Black!Allen was appearing!

"Ahaha, that's real funny," offered the eye-patched exorcist, beginning to feel like a bunny caught in a room with a hungry fox. "Allen? Allen, why are you looking at me like that? Allen?!"

Link sighed as a rather girly scream left a certain Bookman Junior's lips. Glancing up from his half-finished report, the man found his famished charge had gotten a tight hold of Lavi's leg. The red-head was so freaked out at the possible prospect of Allen eating him, that he didn't appear to realize the Destroyer of Time was only tripping him up in an effort to get him to drop the plate of sandwiches in his hands. And, sure enough, the gamble worked, as the plate indeed dropped, following its holder's descent to the floor.

Allen, meanwhile, would have normally cackled at his victory, but he had more important things to do at the moment - like filling his empty stomach! Scrambling over a panicked bunny, the starving exorcist grabbed ahold of as many sandwiches as he could, stuffing them in his mouth quickly, much to his knawing stomach's pleasure. Unfortunately, his red-headed friend was quite perceptive and soon realized Allen's true motives. Before the white-haired boy knew it, he and the Bookman Junior were wrestling on the ground for the remaining sandwiches.

Well, despite his condition, Allen's left arm was still the stronger than Lavi. So, ha!

"You cheaaater!" accused the defeated red-head with a whine, finding himself flat on his back a minute later and nursing a few select new bruises.

"I can't cheat if there are no rules," retorted Allen happily as he finished his seventh and, much to his disappointment, last sandwich.

Before Lavi could argue, a certain, seemingly forgotten blonde man decided to cut in.

"I would expect you two are planning to apologize for breaking that plate?"

Silence fell as one emerald green eye and a pair of silver eyes moved from Link and to the floor, taking in the pathetic, shattered remains of the sandwich dish. Then, the two gazes turned to one another.

Lavi pointed a childishly accusing finger at Allen, much to the cursed exorcist's disbelief.

"It was Allen's fault!"

"You're blaming me?!"

"You're the one who pushed me over!"

"You can't prove that! And you're the one who fell over and dropped it!"

"As a gentleman, you should take responsibility for your actions!"

"A gentleman does not break his host's dishes!"

"Well, then you're a naughty gentleman!"


"A naughty, bean-sprout-sized gentleman!"

Allen didn't even bother correcting Lavi this time. Instead, the irate Destroyer of Time opted to lunge at the cackling bunny, much to Link's exasperation.

Really, what was he going to do with these two?


After finding the broken dish and chaos that had ensued in Lavi and Link's joining Allen in the attic (as well as upon Allen's own request), Kira had dutifully put up a sign on the attic door.

"Lavi and Link may not enter without Allen's permission," a certain bunny read aloud, squinting at the messy scrawl. He scoffed, leaning back and shaking his head. "Two-spots, can you believe this?"

The addressed blonde man looked over Lavi's shoulder, a frown forming on his face.

"I had nothing to do with that incident, so why am I lumped in with you?"

The Bookman Junior took on an overdramatic offended look, as if not believing what he had heard. "You make it sound like such a horrible thing! I'll have you know, being lumped in with me is normally a fun, entertaining joyride of excitement and-"

"Because of your and Walker's misbehavior, I am being obstructed from my duties," snipped Link, reddish eyes narrowed at Lavi. "The Inspector will hear of this."

And with that, the blonde man left the staircase.

"Go run to daddy then!" called down Lavi a few silent seconds later, grinning as he heard the unmistakable sound of Link tripping at his words. Snickering, the hammer-wielding red-head turned back to the door blocking him from his entertainment of the evening.

This simply wouldn't do!

The bunny reached out to take the paper off the door, only to pause as something caught his eye. Narrowing his emerald green gaze, he found that there was writing under the initial scribbled warning.

"Lavi and Link may not enter without Allen's permission," the Bookman Junior muttered. "Failure to abide by this rule will result in . . . what? 'Will result in the unfortunate loss of balance'?"

The flame-haired teen laughed aloud. "Loss in balance? That doesn't even - ha!"

With a scoff, Lavi grabbed at the door handle. However, the moment he touched the metal -


The bunny let out a shriek as something small and furry came out of nowhere, attaching itself to his face like a fuzzy leech. Before he knew it, he was falling head over heals down the steps.

As the screams on the other side of the attic door dragged out down the stairs, the two youngest teenagers of the house were busy rolling around on the floor, clutching their stomachs as their laughs echoed throughout the home.

[1] "Link tends to point out Allen's eating habits, and when Allen counter attacks those accusations (by telling inspector that he eats nothing but cakes) Link explains that he's an adult, and his eating habits are his own business." (from dgraymanwikia) (DGM Manga: Chapter 138, Page 14).

[2] After recovering from anything relating to unconsciousness for long periods of time, it's always adviced to take consumption slow, for your stomach's sake.

[3] I can't remember where I got this from, so don't immediately trust me on it. Clearly though, exorcists are physically more capable than normal folks, due to their Innocence. I got from somewhere that it can speed up recovery time (in a rather miniscule way, mind you). Whatever the case, we are shown in the manga that our loveable, matyr-complex exorcists recover fast from injuries.

*Side Note - I realize that, at the beginning, my pronouns for Allen ("he") might have been repetitive. I wanted to keep from using his name, since Kira had always associated the name "Allen" with "the unconscious boy." Now awake, the name has a new association for her. I hope that makes sense, haha. It's like when you first meet someone, you associate their name with something - their looks, a quirk of theirs, their eyes. It's the way we remember people, no?

*Side Note 2 - Just for the record, any omakes I write really happened, and may be referenced back to later :D WEWT.

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