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Ever since I was 7 I loved anime. I always write fanfictions in my head. Some end up online, some don't.

My favorite anime, Death Note, is a very intresting and suspensful anime. I am the only one in my who watches it by choice, I sometimes show it to my parents or my little brother.

One day I was on my tablet when I came across a video about Detah Note on Youtube. The video was called: 'Light's Depression. Death Note episode 0.' I had never heard of the episode before anywhere so I decieded to click on it. I thought it would proably be one of those un-aired pilots. The intro played and it looked normal so far. What was diffrent was how the characters faces looked like something you would expect to see in a freak show at a carnival. I ignored it thinking it was a glitch.

The episode started with Light, the 'beloved' main character, lying down on his bed. It sitll looked like a normal episode so far. Light got up and sighed, it was then I noticed he looked far more depressed then he usually was. I ignored it, this episode may take place before Light picked up the death note so he may be depressed because he thinks the world is rotting, which is what he always thinks.

The scene changed to Light talking to L. It was then that I got a weird feeling about the episode. L doesn't meet Light until episode 9 and this was titled as episode 0, so how could they be talking to eachother? L was aking Light to help him catch a deranged serial killer. Apparently he lost his two successors, Mello and Matt, to the killer. I was shocked, Matt and Mello were killed? How could that have been?

Now starting to get creeped out I knew I had to show this to someone. It was around 5:00 PM and my mother doesn't watch anything creepy or weird after 4:00 PM, I'm not on good terms with my older brother, my little sister would proably get scared, and I wasn't in the mood to show anyhting to my father. So I quickly ran to my little brother and asked if he could watch the video with me. I thought I saw L and Light glare for a second when my little brother looked at the screen but I was already seeing weird things so I brushed it off.

Light then agreed to help L. Light had a glum look on his face. The scene changed back to Light's room, Light got on his bed and began to cry. My brother and I saw a black figure with an ax enter Light's room. The screen went black and a very loud scream could be heard.

The scene then changed to L asking if Light was home. Sayu said Light was in his room. It then showed Light's dead body, his head and been cut off and his shirt had been stolen. A note was written in his blood. It then showed the scene where Light laughs like a maniac. And then the Vocoaloid song, Dark Woods Circus. Now freaked out I turned off the video and cleared my history.