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Tops, Tats, & Thieves

"What's the plan for tonight?"

I look around my new apartment and grin. "Well, for starters, I'm going to walk around naked."

Alice rolls her eyes and falls on the couch. "You did that at our apartment."

"Yes, but now I can do it without worrying Jasper will catch me."

Alice chuckles and shakes her head. "I think he had some sort of sixth sense in tune with your nakedness."

"I think it was some weird connection that worked both ways. It never failed for Jasper to walk through the door the moment I was mid streak, and I always managed to walk in when you guys decided to defile the couch." I look down at the piece of furniture we're sitting on and grin. "No Jasper ass sweat on this baby."

"You're so gross."

"How am I gross? It's not my ass sweat all over the couch." I lift a brow and dare her to argue. She knows I never had sex on that couch. Jasper catching me streaking was one thing, catching me having sex is a whole other level of no fucking way.

Alice sighs but doesn't argue. I drop my head back on the couch and pull in a deep breath. I'm exhausted, but also kind of antsy. I want to go out and celebrate my new job and the new apartment I now have as a result.

After several seconds, Alice speaks. "We should go to that bar down the street. It looks cool."

I nod, my eyes still closed. "You gonna invite Jasper?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Super. I'll get to watch you guys make out and look like a creeper." It happens every time. After two drinks Jasper's shitfaced and groping Alice like a horndog. The boy can't handle his liquor at all.

"So invite Marcus." Alice doesn't bother to deny it. She knows he's a lightweight.

I groan. "No way. Last time we hung out I let him kiss me. His breath was so bad I had to brush my teeth three times and gargle with Listerine until my gums were numb." I shudder at the memory. He tasted like cabbage.

Alice scrunches up her face, but doesn't ask for details. She made that mistake once when I recounted a particularly bad experience and she's been traumatized since. "How about we get ready now and have Jasper meet us there? We can hang out and grab a few drinks before he shows up."

After agreeing to meet in an hour, Alice heads back to her apartment and I jump in the shower. I take a little extra time to shave and scrub every inch of my body realizing I've made a decision. I'm getting laid tonight. The closest thing I've had to a sexual encounter lately was a shitty kiss from a guy with dragon breath. That is unacceptable.

Slipping on my sexiest lingerie, I slide a skirt over my hips, and pull on a revealing top. Giving myself a once over in the mirror I nod in approval. My intentions are perfectly clear: I'm available. Throwing a box of mints and a couple of condoms in my bag, each for obvious reasons, I lock my front door and take off for the bar.

It's later than I realized, so when I step through the front door I'm surprised by the large crowd already well on the road to hangovers, morning after regret, and embarrassment. I have some catching up to do. Weaving my way through the crowd, I spot Alice. Her hand is thrown in the air and she's making some weird gangster sign. Clearly, she didn't bother waiting on me before knocking back her drinks.


"Wud up Allie Al," I joke, sinking into the chair across from her.

"Nuttin. Chillin like a villain." She smirks and I know she's bypassed the margarita and gone straight for the tequila.

"Well, before you start busting out Ol' Dirty Bastard, I'm going to need a couple of shots." I wave down the girl covering our section and indicate we need two more shots as Alice sings shimmy shimmy ya under her breath.

"What took you so long anyway? And why are you wearing your I wanna get laid shirt?"

I look down at my shirt and my mouth falls open in shock. "What the hell? I have an I wanna get laid shirt?"

Alice nods before clinking her glass with mine and slamming her shot. "The only time you ever wear that shirt is when you wanna get laid. I'm assuming you were late because you were making everything smooth and soft." She waits patiently as I gape at her.

"Well shit. I didn't realize I had a fuck me shirt." I can't help but laugh. Apparently this shirt has seen as much action as I have. We're like partners in crime.

"So who's the lucky guy?"

I shrug and look around the room causing Alice to laugh. "You'll know when I do."

"You have condoms?"

"And mints," I deadpan.

"Then you're all set. Now, lets have a couple more shots before Jasper gets here. That way when he gets handsy we'll be as drunk as him."

Two shots later and both of us are singing ohhh baby I like to raw loud enough to get more than a few curious glances. Just as our third shot is delivered, Jasper waltzes over to our table.

"Hey, baby," he chuckles and kisses Alice's temple. "Hey, Bella. Why are you wearing your I wanna get laid shirt?"

"Jesus Christ," I groan as Alice starts cackling.

"She didn't realize she wears it every time she's on the prowl."

"Really?" Jasper asks, his face colored with disbelief.

I roll my eyes and motion for the waitress to bring us more shots. As soon as she sets them on the table I push one toward Jasper. "Here champ. Knock yourself out. Literally." He shoots me a withering glare but like Alice, he doesn't argue. Sucker.

We talk about my new job, my new apartment, and Jasper moving in with Alice now that I'm out on my own. It's mostly trivial and boring, but we're pretty buzzed and anything requiring serious thought is out of the question.

It takes twenty minutes for Jasper's hands to start wandering and less than five more before I'm relocating to the bar. I slide into an empty stool and huff in annoyance. I knew it would happen, but it doesn't lessen my aggravation that I'm on my own for the rest of the night. I order a beer as the stool next to me scrapes across the floor.

I glance briefly at the guy now sitting next to me and, I'm not gonna lie, I do a double take. He's fucking hot. His shoulders are hunched and his face is all hot brooding bad boy. The t-shirt he's wearing is fitted and there's definitely a tattoo on his bicep. I scan his face. His reddish brown hair is falling over his forehead and matching stubble covers his jaw. I can't stop myself from wondering how it would feel against my inner thighs.

He orders a double shot of whiskey and a beer chaser, completely ignoring the bartender's attempts at flirting. Interesting. I sip my beer and cut my eyes to him every few seconds because I just can't help myself. I decide to order some chips and salsa to keep from face planting on the bar and also to keep my hands busy. If I drink any more without eating, I can't be held responsible for where my hands end up. Which would be in his pants. On his dick.

I look over my shoulder at Alice and Jasper and don't bother to hold back my grunt of disgust. Alice is straddling his lap and he's feeling up her ass. It's gross. And hot. And completely unfair. I want to be groped in public, damn it.

"Ex boyfriend?" Brooding hot guy asks.

I crane my neck toward him slowly. I don't want to appear too eager, but I'm sure I look like a tool anyway. "Not a chance." I swat my hand in the air like I can literally make his words go away. Not that I want them to, he's got a really nice voice.

"Gotcha. Just disdain for PDA in general?" He smirks and I'm a little taken off guard as how much I want to do with him exactly what Alice and Jasper are doing.

"I don't have an issue with PDA," I answer, my eyes sliding down his chest.


His accusation breaks me out of my daze and my eyes snap back to his still smirking face. "The fuck, man?"

"Well," he begins, taking a pull from his beer. "If he's not an ex, and you don't take issue with PDA, why the Peeping Tom routine?"

Suddenly, I kinda wanna punch him. But I'm also pretty sure I might wanna fuck him. I decide to play it safe. If my plans fall through, I can always punch him later. I smile and take a sip from my own beer. "I said he wasn't an ex. I never said anything about her."

His eyes grow wide and he chokes on his beer. "Are you fucking serious?"

I laugh, because he looks like I just told him I was actually a dude. "Not even a little. I'm messing with you. That's what happens when you ask so many questions without even offering your name."

"Thank fuck," he coughs, relief clear on his face. "It's one thing to miss the signs that my girlfriend is fucking around on me, but I'm totally fucked if I can't even tell if a woman is interested in my team."

My mouth falls open and I'm sure I look like I'm having an ah ha moment. Which I am, of course. The whole brooding thing makes perfect sense now. Boy has been burned. And I still don't know his name. "Do you realize, that over the course of the last several minutes you've called me a prude and a voyeur, confessed you've been cheated on, and still you haven't told me your name?"

He opens his mouth to argue, but snaps it shut when he realizes I'm right. "Fuck," he chuckles, the low rumble vibrating from his chest. It's probably one of the sexiest sounds I've ever heard.

"Not without a name," I quip, trying to ignore the way my stomach tightens when he drags his tongue across his bottom lip.

He props his elbow on the bar and twists his fingers in his hair. Peeking at me over his bicep, he gives me a smirking half smile. "Edward." His voice is quiet, shy, but grittier than before.

"Bella." I grin and lean against the bar. My body slumps and my head falls to the side so we're eye level. It's almost like we're hiding in plain sight. It feels intimate. With his chin propped on his bicep and his palm resting against his forehead we stare at each other for several seconds. My heart starts beating a little faster and my lips stretch into a wide smile. I feel...giddy.

"Would you like another drink?" Our bubble is burst by the reappearance of the bartender, and from the look on her face, that was precisely her intention.

I want to be pissed, and well I kinda am, but I'm also relieved. I'm not quite ready for our talk to end, and if he looks at me like he was for much longer, we won't make it past the alley outside.

"Sure." I smile. "What are you drinking, Edward?" I turn my attention to him and can't help but giggle at the look of shock on his face. "What?"

"Did you just offer to buy me a drink?"

I roll my eyes and close the space between us before stage whispering. "Of course I am. How else am I going to get you drunk and take advantage of you?"

He straightens up and I wonder if I've maybe scared him a little, but then he smiles. The kind of smile that causes his eyes to pinch at the corners and the hint of a dimple to form in his cheek. "Well when you put it that way." He turns to the bartender and gives his order and asks for a refill for me.

I pop a chip in my mouth and push the basket toward him. He eyes the basket and shakes his head. "First drinks and now dinner? You really do expect me to put out don't you?"

I almost choke on my chip. Snatching up his beer, since mine in empty, I take a big swallow and set it back down in front of him. After I've regained my ability to breathe I smack my hand against the bar and give him an indignant look. "Damn straight I do."

He laughs again, and it makes me want to bounce in my seat. Instead I just smile and pick up one of the beers the bartender set in front of us. He does the same and taps the neck of his bottle with mine. Downing almost half his beer he leans forward until I can feel the heat of his breath on my neck. "Thanks for the beer. And for the record, you don't need to get me drunk to take advantage of me. I'm more than willing to let you do whatever you want."

My stomach somersaults. I want to wrap my arms around his neck and crawl into his lap. I want to kiss his pouty lips and taste his skin. And then I want to do so much more. His fingers ghosts over my outer thigh as he pulls back and it feels like my skin is on fire.

When our eyes meet, I don't know what he sees, but it makes his lips part and color flush his neck. I swallow and try to stop my hands from shaking. I've never been so sexually attracted to a guy in my life, and suddenly I wonder if we'll make to past the bathroom in the back of the bar. The thought sobers me. Because gross.

I pull in a deep breath and clutch my beer. "So tell me about Edward," I say, my voice shaking a little, but getting stronger. "Are you terribly heartbroken about your obviously idiotic girlfriend's cheating?"

He blinks and his brows dip as a look of confusion crosses his face. "Are we really gonna talk about exes, Bella?"

I shrug and grab another chip. "Why not? The last guy I let kiss me tasted like cabbage. Oh, and apparently this―" I wave my hand in front of my tits. "―is the shirt I wear when I want to get laid. A fact, mind you, that everyone except me is aware of. Your story can't be worse than that."

He grins and his eyes drop to my chest. "You wear that shirt when you want to get laid?" I stare at him blankly and take a sip of my beer. He nods at my silent confirmation that no, I'm not fucking with him. "It's a nice shirt."

"Looks great on the floor, too. I wonder how long I'll let you stall before someone else gets to see that," I retort, still a little annoyed that I didn't realize it was basically my fucking shirt. I look down and can't help but wrinkle my nose in disgust. I've had this shirt a long damn time.

I jump a little when his finger slides along the underside of my chin and tilts my head. When our eyes lock my breath stills in my chest. He's really freaking close, and it's the first time I've noticed the deep jade color of his eyes. I open my mouth to speak, but he shakes his head and shifts closer. All I'd need to do is stretch my neck forward and I could see how his lips taste. It's so very tempting.

"You're bluffing."

"Huh?" What is he talking about?

His eyes, all brooding dominance and full of confidence, never leave mine as he drags his knuckle along the curve of my neck and over my collarbone. He drops his gaze to where he's slowly torturing me with his touch and his lips part. The sight causes my skin to tingle and the hair on the back of my neck to prickle with goose bumps. By the time he reaches the valley of my breasts, hooks his finger on the edge of my shirt and tugs, I'm pretty sure I'm panting. "You don't want anybody else to take this off. Not really."

"I'm going to be so pissed if you taste like cabbage," I exhale as my shoulders slump in defeat. The words are out of my mouth before I can stop myself and when I realize what I've said, I kind of want to die.

He chuckles as his chin drops to his chest and his hand falls to my thigh. The pads of his fingers are rough as he grips my bare skin. He sweeps his thumb across my inner thigh as he lifts his eyes back to mine. "How about we go ahead and clear that up right now?"


He nods and brushes his lips over mine. "Yeah."

The background noise thrums around us as his tongue slips out and traces my bottom lip. The room wobbles and shakes when he sucks my bottom lip between his teeth and bites down. I know there's music playing, people talking and laughing, but nothing's distinct. The moment he kisses me fully, with soft lips and slow strokes, it all washes together and fades away.

My hands grip the front of his shirt as his inch higher up my thighs, pushing up my skirt up and exposing my legs. I know I should tell him to stop, but when his thumb brushes the outside of my panties, all I want to do is straddle him. I moan as our tongues explore and our lips taste soft, plump flesh until he exhales sharply and pulls away, moving his hand back down my thigh and straightening my skirt into place.

"So?" he whispers. His voice is different, it's breathless and gritty, strained. It makes me wonder how he sounds when he's about to come.

"You're good."

"I know." He grins and hooks his foot around the leg of my stool, pulling my chair until it's right next to his. "You want another drink?"

I huff out a breath when my mind finally processes what he's said. "Awfully full of yourself aren't you?"

"Drink?" He asks again, his grin firmly in place.

"Well since I don't need to get you drunk to have my way with you, you owe me."

He nods. "I do."

I look over my shoulder and notice that Alice and Jasper have left, not that I'm surprised. A couple of people are looking at me and I wonder just how much of a show we just put on. I make eye contact with one girl in particular, and the look her face tells me it must have been a very good show, that she wishes it was her instead of me. I shoot her a smirk and shrug, you snooze you lose.

"Here." Edward pushes a shot glass in front of me and rips my attention away from the poor girl I'm harassing across from us.

One shot turns into two and then four. I think. I'm drunk. It's awesome. What's even awesomer is that Edward is too. And he's handsy. He also talks a lot. Which is how I've managed to get some details about his cheating ex-girlfriend, Rose. I don't know why it matters. Asking about an ex isn't really part of the one night stand process, but I can't stop myself from wanting to know how serious they were.

"You have to tell me what happened." I giggle and bump his shoulder with mine.

He huffs out a laugh, swaying a little. I worry for a second that he might fall off. "Fine." He turns his head and places him lips by my ear. "But then we're getting the fuck out of here." A shiver runs down my spine and I nod. I'm down with that.

"I've known Rose for about a year. Friend of a friend kinda thing. She's always made passes at me, but she just isn't really my type." He rakes his eyes down my body and shakes his head before meeting my gaze, a smirk on his lips."No. Definitely not my type."

I shift in my seat because I've never been more turned on by an eye fuck in my life. By the way his brows lift and his eyes dance he knows it, too. "Go on," I sass, crossing my arms under my tits. I know it gives me killer cleavage, which is the point. I'm not going to be the only one suffering. I clear my throat when he remains silent. I can't help but feel a little smug when he slowly lifts his eyes to mine. Point to team cleavage.

"A few months ago," he continues, leaning against the bar. "I don't know if it was boredom, curiosity, or if I was thinking with my dick, but when she came on to me, I didn't say no. She was cool at first and I thought maybe she'd be different as a girlfriend than as the chick who was always trying to ride my dick." I try to keep my eyes from drifting to his dick. It's an unsuccessful attempt. He clears his throat and I roll my eyes because I know I'm busted. Point to team dick.

"But about a month ago she starts acting weird. Wanting to know where I'm going, who I'm with, when I'll be back."

"Classic cheaters move," I cut in with a nod. He furrows his brow and scrunches his face in confusion. Boys are so dumb. Although I gotta say, I'm kinda glad he doesn't know. "If she knows where you are, she doesn't have to worry about getting caught."

He looks annoyed when he nods. "Of course that would be common knowledge to everyone but me."

"Don't beat yourself up." I point at my shirt, my face blank. "I have an I wanna get laid shirt." This makes him grin. Nothing makes someone feel better about themselves than knowing someone else is stupid, too.

"So like I said, for the last month she's driving me crazy and I'm ready to give her the boot―"

"Then why didn't you?" The look he gives me tells me all I need to know. Pussy.

"Anyway, I get a call from the police station."

"Oh, no."

"Oh, yes. She's been arrested for indecent exposure. She was caught having sex on the hood of some guy's car in an empty parking lot."

"That's fucked up." I laugh. I can't help it. I know I shouldn't, but what a way to get caught with your pants down. Literally.

He chuckles with me and takes another pull from his beer. I didn't even know we still had beer. I look to the bar and see a full bottle. Grabbing it, I take a swig as he continues. "I haven't even told you the best part. She needed bail money. That's why she called me."

My mouth falls open. Who the fuck does something like that? "I hope you told her to go to hell."

"Nope. I asked her how much her bail was."

I gape at him because that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm suddenly reconsidering my choice of one night stands. "Why would you do that?"

"Because I wanted to know exactly how much money I'd spend getting drunk tonight. And I wanted her to know it, too."

I kind of want to high five him. Instead I settle for clinking my bottle with his. "Nice. Nothing like drinking your ex girlfriend's bail money and having some good old fashioned rebound sex. How's that plan going so far?"

He pulls out his wallet and peers inside. Plucking a twenty from inside, he lays it flat on the bar. "That's all I have left. You've been very helpful. Hopefully in more ways than one." He moves his hand to my knee, then slides it up my thigh and under my skirt. Leaning forward he wets his lips before pressing them to mine. "How should I thank you?"

"I have a few ideas. If you're interested." None of which involve clothes, I add silently. He knows what's up.

"I'm interested." His middle finger slips under the side of my panties and suddenly everything feels tight. He motions toward the bar. "One for the road?"

I shake my head and straighten my back. "The bartender has worked really hard tonight. I think she deserves a fat tip." The only thing the bartender has worked hard at is not spitting in my drinks and sending me hateful glares. But I couldn't give a shit, because I'm about to have hot sex with Edward and all she gets is a twenty dollar bill.

"You do, huh?" He's trying not to laugh. He knows I'm full of shit. She hasn't been very discreet with her stares. He might not have known the signs of a cheater, but he knows when someone is coming on to him. I look across the bar and she's staring at us, again.

"How about," I whisper while sliding my hand up his thigh. "You tab out while I run to the bathroom. Then we can get out of here." I hesitate for only a second before palming his dick. His lips part and his eyes drop to my mouth. I flex my fingers around him, and before I can process how big of a dick I'm holding, he moves.

Reaching around me, he cups my ass, then drags me off the stool until I'm standing between his parted thighs. "I've wanted your hand on my dick since the moment I saw you." He groans when I suck in a sharp breath, pushing my tits fully against his chest.

"Had you told me your name when you first got here it might've happened a lot sooner."

He squeezes my ass again when I slide my hand up his chest. "Go before I fuck you right here."

I swallow and step away, my eyes instinctively darting around the room. I catch the bartender staring and I don't care if makes me look like an asshole, I wink at her. Edward catches me and laughs.

"Be right back." I spin and walk toward the bathroom. It's the first time I've actually moved since we started drinking, and the room spins like a top. I'm way more drunk than I realized. I want to look over my shoulder to see if Edward's realizing this as well, but I'm afraid of what the motion might do to me.

I stand outside the single bathroom and wait for the person inside to finish up. Leaning against the wall, I pull in a few deep breaths and wait for the room to stop spinning. As soon as the door opens I push past her and lock it. The bathroom is much cleaner than I expected, which is a relief. Once I've finished and washed my hands I feel almost normal again. Well, drunk normal. My stomach does this flip thing when I think of what I'm about to do, and the hot guy I'm going to do it with. I'm hit with a rush of excitement and I can't get out of that bathroom fast enough. I fumble with the lock and it takes me three tries before I finally get the door open.

Before I can take one step, Edward pushes me back inside and against the wall. "Sorry," he mumbles against my lips as he reaches back and locks the door. "I have to touch you right fucking now."

"Oh, God," I moan and wrap my hands around his neck, pulling him closer. He lowers his mouth to my neck and flicks out his tongue making my body tighten and my nails dig into his scalp.

He hisses and bites down on my neck before sliding his hands under my ass and lifting me in the air. I wrap my legs around his waist as he spins us to the sink. He's crushing me against him, and the feel of his dick, hard and thick pressing on my clit sets me on fire.

"Fuck." He eases me on top of the sink then pulls me to the edge. My head falls against the mirror as he tilts my hips and rocks against me. But it's not enough. I need more.

"Touch me, touch me, touch me," I chant as he licks the column of my throat.

He groans and I can feel his heart pounding against my chest. Snaking his hands under my knees, he pulls my legs open wide. The movement is forceful and fast and causes my ass to lift off the sink. Winding one hand into my hair, he pulls my head back while the other goes to where I'm aching for his touch.

I open my eyes, expecting to see him watching where his fingers are pushing my panties to the side, but instead he's looking directly at my face. "Kiss me," I whisper. My body is shaking and sweat is rolling down my back. The realization that he hasn't even touched me yet is driving me insane.

He's panting, his cheeks are flushed, and the look in his eyes is pure lust. His tongue pushes into my mouth the same time he slides a finger inside my slickened pussy. We moan in unison when he adds a second finger and presses his palm against my clit. I'm swollen and throbbing as his fingers pump inside of me. He's rough and demanding, twisting and curling with each pass until I'm literally being fucked with his fingers.

My nails dig into one shoulder as he manipulates my body. My other hand is splayed flat against the wall behind me, bracing my body from the impact of his thrust. Fire licks up my thighs as my stomach begins to tighten and spots dance over my eyes.

"Show me what you look like when you come," he coaxes. "I want to see if you'll look the same coming on my cock as you do my fingers."

I gasp when he pushes a third finger inside of me and then I'm shaking and moaning. A scream dies in my throat and I feel like I'm going to shatter and disintegrate as my orgasm sends jolting shockwaves through me. My lungs burn with each panting breath, and it takes several seconds for my vision to clear when I open my eyes. He pushes his palm against my clit once more causing my legs to jerk before he pulls away completely.

"Holy shit." I don't even know what I'm supposed to do with myself now. I'm a mess of sated gooiness.

Edward chuckles when someone knocks on the door. "Just a sec," he calls over his shoulder before turning his attention back to me. "Do I need to carry you?"

I lift my head from the mirror to his grinning face. I want to say something witty and funny, but I'm still on my orgasm high and can't be bothered to do more than shake my head.

"Help me down?" He grabs my waist and lifts me from the sink. My legs are a little unsteady when my feet first touch the floor, but within a couple of seconds I've regained my balance. "That was―" I wave my hand in the air before dropping it to my side. "I don't even know how to say what that was."

"Not over?" he offers while adjusting his dick. I think about how hard I just came from his fingers as my eyes drift down. There's no way I'm not finding out if he fucks as good with his cock as he does with his fingers.

"No way," I exhale laughing.

He grabs my face and kisses me hard just when someone knocks on the door again, this time with a lot more persistence. "How far?"

"Three blocks."

Nodding, he turns and pulls open the door and I can't help but laugh when I see the bartender standing on the other side. I straighten my skirt and smooth down my hand as Edward grabs my hand and pulls me past her. "C'mon, you can gloat later."

I'm still laughing when we stumble out onto the sidewalk. "This way." I tug his hand and start down the block toward my apartment. I don't know if it's the copious amounts of alcohol or my killer orgasm, but I'm not the least bit nervous about taking Edward to my home.

The air is crisp and feels great on my overheated skin, but I don't protest when Edward pulls me close and tucks me under his arm. I wrap my arm behind his back and giggle when we both stumble. To the casual observer I bet they'd never guess that until a few hours ago, we didn't even know each other's names.

I'm pretty sure I could like him, but I'm also not stupid. I have no expectations past tonight. Nothing ever develops from a one night stand. I'm also pretty wasted and people tend to be a lot less appealing when I'm sober. That being said, I like him very much right now and have every intention of making the most out of tonight.

My eyes drift to his dick and it's obvious he's still hard. I lick the corner of my mouth and take in our surroundings. The street's pretty busy, and I don't know the area very well, but I'm not feeling especially level headed at the moment, which is kind of perfect. I spot a gap between buildings and even though I have no idea what I'll find, I decide to take a chance.

Edward stumbles when I jerk us to the left and pull him into the mouth of the alley. "What are you―" His words die in his throat when I push him against the wall and squeeze his dick.

"Maybe you're not the only one who's impatient." I pop open the top button of his jeans and whisper, "Can I touch you?"

His head falls against the brick and he releases a ragged breath. "Fuck, yes."

I tug his jeans, unfastening the remaining buttons and releasing his very prominent erection. I reach through the front of his boxers and take him into my hand. He's hard and thick and the weight of him against my palm makes my heart jump. He moans when I stroke him and hisses when I smear precum over the head of his dick.

My eyes have adjusted to the dark, but I still can't see him in my hand. "Do you have different faces?" I ask, stroking him once and sliding my thumb across the head again. He doesn't answer, and I really don't expect him to. His eyes are shut and his hands are laced behind his head. "I wonder if I can make you come as hard with my hand as you did me." I lean down, but keep my eyes on his face. "Or maybe I should use my mouth." I swirl my tongue over his tip and suck it into my mouth.

I'm airborne before I can even make a sound. He bends his knees and scoops me up, spinning us around and slamming my back into the brick wall. Hoisting me on his hips he thrusts against me. His dick pushes into my panties and I can feel him right there. He's so close, so close to being inside of me, and I want it. I want him. So fucking bad.

He kisses me, his tongue insistent and his lips bruising as he steals my breath. The feel of brick scraping against my back, his mouth, his hands gripping me so tight I know they'll be marks in the morning, and his cock pushing into me with nothing but my panties separating us, it's all too much. I reach between us and take him in my hand, rubbing him over my clit and back down. My whole body jerks when he stills and pulls away.


"As much as I'd love to drop you on my cock and fuck you until we both see stars, I've been fantasizing all night about watching your tits bounce as you ride me. I want you naked and spread out for me so I can taste." He kisses my lips. "Touch." He squeezes my ass. "And torture." He thrusts against me again. "Every fucking inch of your beautiful body."

"Oh, fuck," I groan as a shiver of anticipation runs up my spine.

"Do you want that?" he taunts.

"Yes. All of it. I want it all." I'm not even sure what I'm asking for. I just want. It doesn't matter what.

"How far?"


"How much further to your apartment?"

I look around, realizing he's set me on my feet and fastened his jeans. "Um, a block?" I'm not entirely sure, but it can't be more than that. He tugs my hand and pulls me out of the alley. I squint against the bright light of the street lamps lining the sidewalk. He doesn't give my eyes time to adjust before he's dragging me down the street and I can't help but laugh.

He shoots me a playful glare and pulls me against him. "Are you laughing at me, Bella?"

"Maybe a little?" Okay, a lot.

"You really shouldn't have said that." The dark glint in his eyes and the devious smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth makes it appear like he has something planned for me.

I shake my head. "Oh, I disagree. Anything that makes you look at me like you are right now is a good thing."

We're inside my apartment with the door slamming shut behind us in no time at all. He lifts me to the back of the couch and my shirt is gone in the blink of an eye. He gives it a fleeting glance and smirks before turning back to me. "You're not going to need that shirt for a long time after I'm done with you."

"Bedroom," I pant, ignoring his insinuation. I fully anticipate being well fucked tonight. Yanking his shirt over his head, I run my hands up his stomach, over his chest then down his arms. My eyes trace over the black ink decorating his arm, but it's the one on his chest that causes my muscles to tighten. "Holy shit." I reach out and rub my thumb over what looks like an ancient calendar with chains winding through and wrapped around it. It's like nothing I've ever seen and I can't wait to see it glistening with sweat. "What does it mean?"

He doesn't answer at first, instead he slides one arm under my legs, the other behind my back, and picks me up bridal style. Carrying me toward the bedroom, he kicks open the door with his foot and lays me on the bed before flipping on the lamp.

I push up on my elbows and watch as his brows furrow and his eyes rake over me. He kicks off his shoes and tugs the buttons free on his jeans before crawling between my parted thighs. With his arms braced on either side of my waist he pushes his hips against mine. I accept that he's not going to answer my question seconds before he speaks.

"It means, don't be imprisoned by time. Don't conform to the constraints society has deemed appropriate for milestones in life. You make time wait until you're good and fucking ready for what's next, and not a moment sooner."

I swallow and try not to read too much into the way he's looking at me, or the way my skin feels paper thin, like at any moment it could rip and I'll explode into a million pieces. "So what's next?" I ask, my voice shaking.

He grins and reaches around me, popping the clasp of my bra. "I'm going to fuck you senseless."

"Sounds like a good next."

"It's an excellent next." He pulls my bra off and drops his mouth to my tit. His tongue flattens over my nipple and he drags it slowly over the peak, lapping at my skin, taunting and tasting. He palms the other one in his hand and massages gently before rolling my nipple between his fingers and pinching at the same time he sinks his teeth into the one in his mouth. The pleasure from the pain surprises me, and I can't stop the moan that escapes from my throat.

I lift my hips to meet his. I want his weight. I want to feel his bare skin pressed to mine. I want to feel his heat and the thrumming of his heart against my chest. I want to feel all of him and I want to feel it everywhere.

With a soft kiss over the place his teeth have surely left a mark, he sits back on his heels and places his hands on top of my knees. Sliding them down my thighs and under my skirt, he hooks his fingers around the sides of my underwear. "Lift up for me. I wanna see if your pussy is as perfect as the rest of you."

The air leaves my lungs in a shaky exhale as I do as he asked. I've never been more relieved about my pre hook up routine as I am at this moment. I'm not super self-conscious. I think I have a nice body. But even the most confident woman has that brief moment of panic when she's about to be exposed in the most intimate way.

He slides the material down my legs slowly, his eyes following its path. Lifting one foot, then the other he frees me from the binding material and drops it to the floor. I'm lying under him, with nothing on but my skirt that's pushed up around my waist. My chest rises and falls rapidly as I watch his eyes take in every inch of me.

"You're overdressed," I point out, wanting to see him as exposed as he sees me. He smirks and pushes off the the bed, shoving his jeans and boxers down his hips and to the floor. My muscles clench when his cock bobs and hits him in the stomach. Distractedly, I shimmy out of my skirt. I'm done wasting time. Once we're both completely naked, I look up at him, only to find him looking at me like he can't figure out what he wants to do first.

"If you're not sure what to do with me, I have some ideas."

He climbs over me and shakes his head. "Oh, I know exactly what I want to do with you. I just can't decide where to start." He braces himself on one arm and traces his finger over the inside of my thigh. "I think I should taste you first." He sucks my bottom lip into his mouth and drags his fingers up my slit. "You're so fucking wet. I can't wait to watch my dick slide in and out of you."

I jerk when he brushes over my clit and moan when he pushes the tip of his finger inside me. "Edward." My voice is strained and needy. I need to feel him inside of me. I want to feel his dick harden and swell before he tenses and explodes. I want to feel him so deep that he won't go any further, then I want him to anchor my hips and push harder anyway. I want to feel him every time I move tomorrow.

He pulls his hand from between my legs and sucks his fingers into his mouth. His eyes lock with mine as he removes his fingers slowly and lowers his mouth to mine. I taste the lingering traces of myself on his tongue. It's not something I'd normally consider a turn on, but the knowledge that it's me he tastes like, that I'm the one infiltrating his body makes me feel possessive. Like I've laid claim. Left a mark.

I fist the sheets by my sides and arch my neck as he licks and sucks my neck. His hands are everywhere, gripping and pulling like he's trying to make sure he touches every part of my body. "Bella." My name leaves his lips in a ragged exhale and I know he's finally done waiting. "Condoms?"

Reaching for the nightstand drawer, I arch off the bed causing our hips to connect. He groans when he slips the tiniest bit inside me, and it takes all the will I possess to keep from wrapping my arms around him and shoving him in the rest of the way.

He pushes up and sits back on his heels again when I pass him the condom. I can see his pulse throbbing at his neck as he tears open the package. My eyes follow his hands and my breathing accelerates when he rolls the condom down his shaft. He tugs the end couple of times then leans over me. " I want to fuck you like this first. Is that okay?"


He pushes forward and I groan at how he's stretching me, manipulating my body to accommodate his. Over and over he rocks against me, his lips covering mine before trailing over my skin, consuming me in fire until I don't think I can take a second more.

Sweat drips from his chin and lands between my tits when he suddenly still and pulls in a ragged breath. "Are you ready to ride my cock, Bella?'

My throat tightens and I nod. He reaches between my legs and pushes his arms under my ass and around my back. "Grab my shoulders." I do as he asks and he lifts me from the bed like I weigh nothing. He pulls me to him and rises to his knees, my legs limp beside his hips. His biceps flex and the muscles in his neck and shoulders strain.

"I love that you can do that," I say, my nails digging into his back.

"Do what?"

"Manhandle me."

"Fuck." He flips us around and suddenly I'm on my knees hovering above him and he's gripping my hips. "Sit down, Bella," he growls.

I brace one hand on his chest and reach between us. With a shaking hand I guide him inside me. The muscles in his forearms jerk and I know it's taking all of his restraint to keep from yanking me down until our hips are flush. Moving my hand until both are on his chest I lower myself inch by inch. I feel it the moment our hips touch, the barrier―the point where he can go no deeper― and I can't help but smile even though it hurts. Because it's the best kind of hurt. The kind of hurt that makes you wince and moan, beg for mercy and plead for more.

I grind down before lifting up and falling heavily onto him. "Oh, shit," he gasps, his eyes pinching shut.

"I want you to fuck me hard. I want bruises on my hips and inner thighs in the morning. And I want to leave scars on your chest from where I dig my nails into your skin to take all you gave me."

He doesn't respond verbally, but when I feel his feet plant on the bed behind me I know he's going to make my entire body throb in the morning. His fingers flex and the first time he slams me down on his cock I gasp in pain and my fingers dig into his flesh. He does it again, and again, and I can't tell which way is up. My eyes roll back and breaths are choppy incoherent pants of yes, more, and oh, my God.

I feel the release of pressure on one of my hips, but I don't have time to consider what's happening before his thumb is stroking my clit. "Oh, God."

"Look at me, Bella. Open your eyes. I want to see. I want to see your face when you squeeze my cock."

My muscles are tense and sweat is sliding down my back as he pushes me closer to the edge. I open my eyes slowly and blink. The room's blurry and my pulse is thundering in my ears, but all I can feel is the rush of heat as my orgasm slams into me as forcefully as his cock.

I jerk forward and try to lift off him, to get a second of relief because it's too much, too intense. He moves his hand from my clit and grips both my hips, pulling me back down and keeping me from escaping. "No, Bella. Not yet. Ride it out. I want you to see stars."

He lifts his hips, and before I can come down from my high, the new position causes him to hit a spot that has me crying out. My thighs clench around him and my teeth grind together so harshly that my jaw aches.

When I'm about to beg for relief, because I can't take a second more, he falls over the edge too, pulsing and jerking as a guttural groan vibrates from his chest. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. God, Bella."

"I know." I collapse on top of him, our sweat slick bodies heavy and spent.

"Are you okay?" he asks, gathering the hair at my neck in his hand.

I smile and lift my head to kiss his lips. "I saw stars."

"Me too," he chuckles.

It's hours later when I feel the bed dip and his lips press against my temple. "I gotta go," he whispers.

I hum in response and try to ignore the way my stomach twists at the thought that I'll probably never see him again.

"Where's your phone?"

I lift my head from the pillow and open my eyes, squinting to make out his face in the dim lighting. "What?"

"Your phone. Where is it? I want your number."

My heart beats a little faster, but I refuse to let my mind run wild. "It's on the table by the sofa."

"Okay. I really gotta go. But I'll see you soon."

I smile and accept his kiss and his promise. My head falls back to the pillow and I don't move again until bright sunlight streams through the window. I push up from the bed and wince. My eyes immediately fall to my lap and I grin a little when I see purple marks dotting my hips. When I stand, however, my smile falters because jesus christ I'm sore.

I take a long, hot shower and put on some comfortable clothes before walking over to my phone and checking the screen. There's a text from a number I don't recognize and I have no control over the way my heart skips.

I took your shirt. You're not gonna need it anymore. And if you do, you'll have to call me to get it. Dinner tonight? My treat. -Edward

I look where he threw it on the floor last night and laugh when I realize it's not there. He really took my shirt. I bounce on my toes and the smile taking over my face as I type makes my cheeks ache.

Dinner sounds perfect. -Bella


Hiii! So this, as I'm sure you've realized, is the night ExB had their drunken not so one night stand that's mentioned in the buttsecks one shot. Why did I write this? Because a very good friend of mine had a birthday yesterday, and she loved these two characters so much that she wanted me to write more of their story for her birthday. And I thought, well, how about the night they met? And then voilà all of the bidness above happened.

Sara aka abadkitty I love you to pieces and I hope you had the best birthday ever. I'll see you next month my friend! MWAH!

PS- she's totally laid claim to this Edward and might maim anyone who tries to take him. Just...giving y'all fair warning. LOL

Hope you guys enjoy it!