DJ Rock, Ray for short, is on a mission to kill Herobrine. He is off to Herobrines Masion. Well, not off, but in the mansion. "Okay...let see. Spider Queen. Dead. Witch: Cheater, but dead. Skeleton King: Dead. Only one left, Herobrine." Ray said, cheking off his list.

He went up stairs and... "Ow! My arm!" Ray shouted. He looked at his right arm and found an arrow. "Skeleton. Why does it have to be them?!" Ray said. He looked at the skeleton and it shot another arrow, but it missed...barely. Ray brought out his diamond enchanted sword and ran towards him, but was shot to the leg again.

Half a life he lose since he was playing normal mode. He swung his sword and it hit the skeleton. The skeleton flew backwards, shooting another arrow at him, but it missed completly. Ray went towards it again and swung his sword. The skeleton dropped dead and he dropped his arrow and his bow. Ray picked it up and checked its status.

Bow: bright green. "Its new. Guess it just spawned." Ray said. Arrows: four at the most. Out of nowhere more arrows came from the side. Ray somehow dodged the attack and took out his enchanted bow. He shot the arrow and the skeleton soon died.

"Infinite bow and unbreakable? I love you." Ray said to the bow. As he found his way to Herobrine's lair, he found his buddy, Party Rock: Rock for short, cornered by the Witch. "Eat this!" Ray said, shooting his arrow.

The arrow hit dead flat of the Witches head and she fell face first. "Thanks buddy." Rock said, leaving the corner. "No prob." Ray said. (Warning: Everything Herobinre says is backwards. If you found him on Minecraft or you look it up, he speaks backwards. Because he was banned, just saying. Hope you have fun solving whatever he's saying!) "?!em taefed tsuj nac slatorm ouy kniht ouy" Herobrine asked.

"Yeah! I do! I can defeat you with ease!" Rock yelled. "!AHAHAHAHAHUWM !etal oot ydaerla s'it" Herobrine says with a chuckle. "Why? How is it to late?!" Ray asked. "slatorm...eybdooG .eerf ydaerla era nhoJ dna ,rehtiW ,nogardrednE" Herobrine said. His head glitched and his eyes glowed more than it should. "Whats he doing?!" Rock asked. "I don't know! But whatever it is, we need to stick together." Ray said.

"Nooo...I thought we should split up. Of course we shouldn't leave!" Rock yelled during the Mine-quake. "I...can't feel..." Rock said, then he soon past out, then slowly disappeared. "Rock! Don'" Ray couldn't finish as he soon fell to the floor as well. His eyes slowly closed...but he saw Herobrine, never seen before, with a slight smile.

".dnuof I dlorw wen eht ekil ouy epoH" Herobrine echoed.

Sorry for the really crappy prolouge. I was working on something else, but yes, Herobrine is haunting Ponyville. Creepy? More like Creeper! No? Bad joke? Okay...I'm sorry. But yeah...might be busy for a while. give you a little of Chapter 2, Rock is a Pegasus and so is Ray. Plus, a little romance can't hurt right? So anyway, thanks for reading, see you in next chapter, bye!

Rock: WAIT!


Rock: Can I be an Alicorn?


Ray: By the way, whose John?

You'll see. If you don't know who he is, go to Youtube and type John. He is scary...maybe. Have fun!