Ok so I've been incredibly moody here lately and I've had horrible trouble with my current chapter fics. And I seem to want to do are things that are incredibly depressing and rather than force myself through it and it ending up effecting my current in progress stories (and possibly killing half the cast off) I started this one. I haven't given up on the other fics by far, I just need something to work through the funk I've been in lately. Either way though this will be at a far more relaxed pace then some of my other stories were.

This will be Gen/Seph Yaoi. And can be considered a slight AU. Reviews are always welcome.

Sephiroth walked down the hall of the executive floor on the 47th floor of the Shinra building. He'd been off lately. Genesis had been sent on a routine mission to Wutai almost 2 months ago. Long term assignments were common, that wasn't the issue. Genesis and Sephiroth had become accustom to spending months apart, their job required it. The problem? After the first month Sephiroth had lost all contact with the man.

They had been dating for nearly two years, and while the relationship had started off rocky and extremely poisonous for both men, they eventually tore through each other's walls to discover the love they'd both craved and never looked back.

He stepped silently into the broad room and took his seat, another meeting about the progress of the war. Which usually degenerated into the different departments squabbling over who needed more funding. Sephiroth already felt a headache coming on as the president stepped in the room.

The man sat down, and cross his hands before speaking. "So down to business. What is this war costing me."

Lazard stood and took out a report and handed it to the president. "We lost a total of 5 SOLDIER's last month in the war effort. Including Commander Rhapsodos sir."

The meeting went on from there but Sephiroth didn't take anything in. His brain was trying to process what he heard. Including Commander Rhapsodos sir. There was no way that was right. Finally he stood and slammed his hands on the table. "What did you say."

Scarlet gave him a nasty look. "The canon in Junon is almost fully operational. I don't see why that would be your concern however."

"That's not what I meant." Sephiroth replied through gritted teeth.

"Then what on earth has you concerned." Scarlet replied scathingly.

"How did Commander Rhapsodos die, and why was I not informed." He growled.

The assembled board members looked around at each other. It wasn't exactly common knowledge that Sephiroth and Genesis were lovers but it was well known they were at least close friends.

Lazard looked up at him, finding it wise to answer his question. "He died almost a month ago facing a Wutaian Crescent Unit. As far as not notifying you, it has not been standard practice to notify you of SOLDIER related deaths. If you would like to be informed I can start sending you the weekly reports."

Sephiroth's grip on the table tightened splintering the wood. He wanted nothing more to run the man through. Lazard was one of the few that he knew without a doubt had knowledge of his relationship with Genesis. He'd been lecturing them against almost since it first started.

He had other things to do, however. There was obvious something more was going on, Genesis would never have fallen to a simple Crescent Unit. He whirled out of the boardroom, nearly ripping the door of the hinges as his angry radiated out. There was a moment when everyone left behind realized they were lucky to still be alive.

Angeal sat quietly in his room, it had been a week since he'd been able to sit down and go through his physical mail. Most urgent things came through his PHS messaging system and the regular mail was usually reserved for fan letters and the like. He didn't receive near as many as Sephiroth or Genesis, but he did like to sit down and write a thank you now and then, especially if a letter was thoughtful.

A smile crossed his lips however as he noticed a letter from his mother. He sat everything else aside and opened it up.

Hello Angeal Dear,

It had been a while since I wrote you. Things around here don't change much, but I have to say I am very disappointed in you. Last week I attended Genesis's funeral and I have to say I thought I taught you better than that. I know SOLDIER work has you busy, but getting time off to attend his funeral should have been a priority for you. I know the boy would have done it for you. I know you must be grieving so I won't be too harsh, but you should at least take some time off and visit his grave, pay your proper respects"

There was more but Angeal couldn't bring himself to read it as his hand shook. Genesis is dead? How had he have not known? His mouth went dry as he heard a rough knock at his door, right before it was forced open. Sephiroth stood there as much emotion as the man ever displayed on his features.

"Tell me you didn't know." He snapped, he doubted Angeal would have kept something like that from him, but he had to be sure.

Angeal looked at the letter in his hands, assuming Sephiroth had just found out the same thing. Genesis Rhapsodos was dead.

Shakily he handed over the letter. "Swear I didn't know."

Sephiroth glanced at it for a moment. Before nodding and Angeal relaxed a bit. He didn't need Sephiroth at his throat.

"Pack and quick. We're going to Banora, I want to visit Genesis's grave. If any of the higher ups complain they can talk to Masamune." Sephiroth demanded with before turning and leaving Angeal's apartment. He didn't share with Angeal his doubts that Genesis was alive. He wanted to see the man's body, only then would he believe it.

Sephiroth borrowed without permission a helicopter from the fleet. He had collected several of his things and Genesis's and packed them in the back. As Angeal approached he realized the man had packed lightly.

That was all that Sephiroth needed to know about what Angeal thought of the situation. He wanted to be angry, Angeal couldn't be that accepting of Genesis's death could he? Still he stood stoically as Angeal placed his things in the back of the helicopter.

"Ready when you are." Angeal acknowledged climbing into the copilot's seat.

Sephiroth simply nodded, before slipping into the pilot's seat. Genesis couldn't be dead. That fact was the only thing currently keeping him sane. If he did find Genesis's body in that grave he didn't know what he would do and the thought terrified him.

"I can't believe they didn't inform either one of us. I can't believe we missed the funeral." Angeal finally spoke as they were out over the planes, Midgar far behind.

"Lazard is just lucky I didn't hand in my resignation by putting Masamune through his chest." Sephiroth declared.

That just got an odd look from Angeal, but it thought it wise not to say anything. He had gotten a small summary of what happened in the boardroom, and was hard pressed not to take action himself. The cold and callous way they had handled Genesis's death bothered him. He knew that their jobs were dangerous, death was always a possibility but he at least thought they had meant more to the company then that.

Honestly Angeal didn't want to think about Genesis being dead. The man had been his best friend since they had been small children. Thinking about not having him around hurt, and he knew Sephiroth had been in love with the redhead. Most people couldn't see the cracks forming in the man's facade but they were there.

It seemed like forever before he saw the Dumbapple orchards formed in the distance, and his chest ached. He remembered playing in those Orchards, Genesis and him planning their trip to SOLDIER. Angeal had thought Genesis's seeming infatuation with the great General fool hearty at the time, but against the odds not only had the pair managed to befriend Sephiroth, but Genesis had stolen the man's heart.

Now the outcome seemed almost cruel as Sephiroth sat the helicopter down on the outskirts of the small town.

Short start but this is just really the prolog, The rest of the chapters will be longer. Hope you enjoyed the start- DHT