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They had fled Shinra, not for fear of reprimand, but because Sephiroth didn't trust anyone in the company any longer. Genesis was in a fragile state, barely alive. They had retreated to a place buried deep in Sephiroth's childhood memories. Memories that had only flooded back into place when Hojo had been killed. Nibelheim. It was where he had been raised apparently, and while he held no love for the Shinra mansion, it had been more a prison then a home after all, it was the one place he could take Genesis.

The Nibel Mountains were remote, cold and harsh, something Sephiroth could hear the ginger complaining about. "I'm sorry Gen, I didn't have a choice." he muttered sitting at the man's bed side. A place he hadn't strayed from in nearly a month.

As it was the former General only moved when he had to do something for the ginger who lay still in the bed. When they arrived rather than dragging the man down to the lab he'd brought a lot of the equipment needed up, doing what he could to make Genesis comfortable.

It was obvious however that the ginger he loved so deeply was only getting worse. Angeal was there, making sure Sephiroth didn't kill himself by starvation or exhaustion, but the other man only seemed to hover at the edge of the General's consciousness. Tolerated only because he cared for Genesis as deeply as Sephiroth did, albeit it was a brotherly affection rather than a lover's desire.

A gloved hand reached out to touch alabaster skin. Genesis wasn't healing, not properly. Angry red scars littered his body, and the one attempt they'd made to use a cure materia had only seemed to make him worse. There was so much mako in the ginger's system that his eyes shown bright enough to glow in the daylight.

"You can't leave me Genesis." Sephiroth muttered sitting down on the bed. He brought his head down to touch his lover's forehead, closing his eyes. There was something inside him that had slipped in the camp once he'd discovered just how deep the deception to take Genesis from him had gone. A splintering in his mind had occurred when he'd found the man floating lifeless in the tank and even now he felt himself slipping further and further. The horrible part was, he knew that if the man currently fighting for his life lost that battle, then he would welcome whatever insanity over took him.

The prospect wasn't nearly as frightening as it should have been for a man who had once prided so much on always being in control.

Angeal knew nothing of his dangerous thoughts. The honor bound SOLDIER took Sephiroth's reactions in stride. Genesis had been the first person the man had ever been close to and loss was a foreign concept to him.

Sephiroth pulled away a bit, slipping his coat off, tossing it over the back of his chair. With that done, he crawled into the bed next to Genesis, holding the man close to him. There were a few wires that lead to a heart monitor, and an IV, keeping him sustained. Their supply however was running low. Angeal was currently making the trek to Rocket Town to acquire more medical supplies .

The man's mutilated wing was another question Sephiroth wanted the answer too. Part of him wished he'd left Hojo alive long enough to torture him properly, drain every drop of information out of the bastard, but he was slippery and in the end the rest that he'd gotten away, and not made to pay for his crimes would have been too big of a risk for the former General to feel too much regret.

Sephiroth started to relax, he had promised Angeal he would sleep, and this close to Genesis he could almost pretend the man was alright, the smell of the other man was intoxicating for him in and of itself, and he closed his eyes.

There had been whispers in the back of his mind, and he had to question if he'd already gone insane, but it was all pushed aside, Genesis was his only real thought . All that changed when the alarm on Genesis's monitor went off.

In an instant Sephiroth was on his feet. "Genesis." he cried, the man's heart had stopped. The first thing the man grabbed was a stimulate and injected into his lover. I can help him.

It had no effect, he had no shock paddles, but he'd taken Genesis's lightning materia and it would have to do as he cast the spell. The still body, jumped to life for a moment, but still his heart did not resume beating. I can save him.

Unwilling to give in, he stuck Genesis square in the chest, anything to keep the man with him. "I swear if you die I'll never forgive you." The General raged, as tears stung his eyes. Join me, you'll have you're revenge and you'll have him.

Sephiroth put his fist through the heart monitor, with a last ditch effort he tried to cast Life on Genesis, and again it had no effect. What do you have to lose?

"What do you want?" the former General screamed bring his hands to his head. He didn't need to be having a mental breakdown with Genesis's life in the balance.

"I want you my son, I want to sail the stars with you and him. I want these people to pay for what they've done to you, to him, to me. I want to teach you about your birthright." The voice sang in his head. "Hurry and decide before the Lifestream claims him."

"Anything." Sephiroth whispered, desperation tearing at him as it had never done before. He really didn't believe the voices in his head could save his lover, but they had been right. He had nothing left to lose.

Miraculously however, Genesis eyes shot open as he drew in a breath, clutching his chest. He looked upon Sephiroth's face disoriented but alive. His lover's irises nearly stunned him. For the first time in his life he was able to look upon the cat like eyes somewhere other than a mirror, the former General didn't have much time to think on it as he watched in amazement as all of the ginger's wounds healed.

When the spell was broken Sephiroth threw his arms around his lover. "You're alive. She did it."

"Jenova." Genesis whispered, she had whispered such sweet things to him as he floated in unconsciousness. Promised to help him. It was his goddess to be sure. "She said we were her children."

"She brought you back to me." Sephiroth whispered nuzzling the other man. He had been so incapable of dealing with the loss of something so precious to him, to have a reprieve at the last moment it was nearly breath taking.

"I was really dead wasn't I?' Genesis asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer, still he wrapped his own arms around Sephiroth, one hand gliding its way through silver hair.

Yes you were. It was Jenova who answered not Sephiroth. We have a lot of work to do my children. The voice purred, and the pair realized they could both hear it.

"I'll do whatever you want." Sephiroth answered out loud even as Jenova spoke in his mind. He hadn't let go of Genesis, and Gaia help anyone who tried to make him.

The ginger in question was nearly caught off guard by the show of emotion in his normally taciturn lover. Deep down some part of him thought that if he died Sephiroth might have moved on without a second glance. Genesis was still confused and slightly terrified. Death had been such a foreign concept, and to be saved at the last moment...well he had Sephiroth and his goddess to thank for that.

"The proof of what I say in this building if you wish to read it. But I everyone there in that town, on this planet is a traitor. The filthy humans they took this planet from us. You both are my children, the last of our kind. I'm so pleased you found each other, but not with what those horrible people have done you." Jenova purred with in their minds. "Raise the town, then come and free my from my prison in the reactor."

"Last of our kind?" Genesis questioned, "Raise the town?" it didn't seem like a good idea, they were supposed to protect people, but at the thought he felt a jolt of pain go through his head, and winced. The result was that Sephiroth pulled him closer.

"It's true." The former General nearly whispered, "Hojo was made, but he ranted about how you were the last of the cetra, the ancients, the ones who inhabited this planet before the humans." he remembered being forced to study them at length. "I always knew I was different, and if Hollander had missed the genetic sequence in your DNA it stands to reason Hojo missed it in mine."

A hate had been brewing in him since he had discovered the lies that Shinra had fed him. How easily they tried to take Genesis from him, the one thing that had made him happy. To take vengeance for these sins committed against them was all too easy for him.

"I'll make sure none of them are left." Sephiroth replied this time in his mind, Genesis heard the words just as clearly as he had Jenova's and he pulled back enough to look at his lover with concern.

"It's alright Gen." the former General comforted. "You don't know what happened when they took you away, what I found out. They deserve this, all of them."

The ginger relented. What he did remember was vague. Being ambushed before he'd even left the continent. Hojo, pain, the mad man's laughter. He had been so certain of death, of leaving everything behind. Genesis had no desire to fight with Sephiroth, or this woman who had saved him from the abyss, and thus the rest of humanity would suffer for their sins.

The fire was hot as the ash reigned down. They'd started with the manor, Sephiroth had decided he didn't need to read through the countless volumes in the basement. The first few he'd touched stir memories from a childhood he'd rather forget.

After looking through a few of the documents, Genesis's own misgiving's quickly left him. Jenova's hold on the pair had become nearly absolute, only their devotion to each other might surpass it. There were screams, and blood as the citizen's of Nibelheim fled before them, and as the flames licked the sky, they made their way up the mountain and to the reactor where mother waited.

Angeal stood in shock as his eyes scanned the devastated town. Nothing was left but burnt timbers and ash, the mansion where he had left Genesis in Sephiroth's care was nothing but an angry black mark on the ground. He swallowed hard, fearing the worst. Genesis had died while he was gone, and Sephiroth had lost what was left of his mind.

If only he'd realized then how much more horrible the truth really was.

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