"Oh stop being such a baby," Alex said, pushing Tom over so she could reach the scratch marks on his back.

"It hurts though!" Tom cried as another splattering hit his skin.

"Oh come on, it's only antiseptic cream," Alex said testily. "You don't want an infection do you?"

"Well you try having it get into your bloodstream," Tom grumbled.

Alex finished rubbing the mix on his back and wiped her hands. "Right you're done, go get changed, you have to help Hal rebuild most of the cellar."

"Can't I go to bed?" Tom asked pulling on one of his shirts, he rotated his shoulders a little and grumbled slightly.

"Not until the door closes properly," Alex replied.

"FUCK!" Came Hal's voice. There was a small crash and some thumping. Alex and Tom looked at each other before rushing over to the cellar stairs. Hal stood at the bottom holding his cut hand and swearing under his breath.

"What happened?" Tom asked glancing over Hal's shoulder at the shredded cellar.

Hal looked up at his friends and then said meekly. "I had a fight with the door."

Alex burst out laughing. "Alright, come here you big tit." She held up the bottle of antiseptic cream. "We'll get that seen to."

"I suffered bullet wounds much more painful than this," Hal replied sourly. "I will not have that stuff touch my skin so long as there is air in my lungs,"

"Men are such babies," Alex muttered.