OC's Point of View

Father. That's something I'm not sure I had. He was there for me but I never saw his face, he always hid it. I tried mulitple times to get him to remove that hood yet never succeed, I even tried to do it by my own hands yet always failed. When I was 8, dad disappeared from my life, without a trace. Mom didn't notice, either that or she didn't care...none of dad's old friends seemed to care either.

I went to the Academy in WarFang, nobody befriended me instead they picked on me. Called me names...that is until I ended the brat's life...everyone fears me now. Maybe fear is the way of the world...maybe not. Although I do feel some remorse for killing the brat...I gave him a proper burial...nobody will find his grave though.

I get in trouble with the elders, the "Guardians" as they're called. I get flogged 5 times, not very strict with punishment.

I try to get the elders to talk about where my dad is...and I get nothing from them.

I'm now twelve and things are somewhat brighter, the brat's death is completely forgotten. The city is beautiful, yet there does happen to some remains of some group called "Natural Guardsmen", mom doesn't like to talk about that group's history so I let it go.


I'm walking along in the streets when I get jumped...bullies they never learn. But...they're stonger than me, I can't fight back...I call out for help yet everybody ignores me...they want me to suffer! I then realize you can only rely on yourself, nobody else...but the pain is too much...after what feels like hours they finally quit and leave me...broken and bloodied in the streets...they will pay...everybody will pay...

My soul is filled with hate and anger...I will have my revenge on everybody but mother...unless otherwise but until then I have to become stronger...

My name is...Tyrannis...and revenge will be MINE!