That Which Could Be

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Chapter 4: Disappearance

In Las Vegas…

It is often said that anything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But, containing four hyperactive, slightly hormonal girls that are bent on marrying one man is a challenge, even for the gambling city. M was running telepathic scans of the area and looking for her Ace,

"Where is he? What chapel is he in?"
Catseye was running around, trying to pick up a scent. Tarot was combing one side of the street, while Roulette was combing the other. Both of them were asking each of the chapel owners if they had seen Wildstar and, when the owners said no, both girls felt dejected and continued on. Marie muttered something in French as she looked over at her rival Jennifer. The blonde luck manipulator looked back at the scowling red-head and flipped her off.

M screamed out loud,

The perfectionist mutant grumbled,

"I swear, Crisis did this on purpose."

Sharon had overheard that comment and a sly smirk on her face formed. She quickly stole into one of the chapels and hatched a plan…


Simon Williams, the West Coast Avenger caretaker Wonder Man, was making the final preparations for the private presentation of the device. It was located in a warehouse that was onsite of the lab that was creating the machine, but, it was far away enough that, in the event that this would fail, the damage would be contained within this building and not harm any other experiment in the area. The scientist-turned-actor looked at the others,

"Well, it looks like we're ready for the demonstration. Now, all we have to do is wait for the others."

One of the scientists asked,

"Are you sure it is a good idea to have a bunch of children just crowd around this highly experimental device?"
Simon answered,

"Doctor, rest assured; all of us adults are responsible enough for keeping the kids under control."

This one particular scientist said,

"Have you, by chance, returned that radiation suit you stole, along with all the glow sticks?" (1)

Simon winced at that,

"Oh, I thought I did that."

Just then, the sounds of the Quinjet flying overhead and landing could be heard. That included the engine shutting down, and the familiar rivalry heating up,

"Leave him alone, Barbie!"

"I'm the better woman!"

"Yeah, probably in outer space, maybe!"

"At least I don't lick myself!"

"Girls, that's enough."

The other West Coast Avengers departed, Leon deliberately walking in-between Carol and Farrah, not wanting the two of them to get caught up in a cat-fight. The red-eyed teen looked at both of them,

"There is a highly experimental device in there. Who knows what it could do? So, please hold the fighting in until we get back."

Carol and Farrah both snarled at each other. The blonde Air Force brat muttered,


The were-cat acrobat mocked,


Monica sighed,

"It's going to be a long day."

Rhody nodded in agreement,

"When is it not, with those two fighting?"

Falcon and Hercules were hoping for a cat-fight. Crystal, Black Panther, Moon Knight, and Black Widow were going to make sure that they would not witness it.

The West Coast Avenges filled inside the building and gathered in front of the device. The scientist explained,
"Well, as you know, the world cannot sustain itself with pollution that is the result of electricity production, but, at the same time, we need to make more energy possible. With this, we can create a new power source that is more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient."

Crystal raised her hand,

"Is your new power source the power of love?"

There was a collective groan coming from everyone else. Natasha rolled her eyes,

"Crystal, I do not think that love is a power source the scientist is talking about."

Farrah quipped,

"Besides, if love really was so powerful, Barbie over here would take a hint that Leon isn't in love with her, but with me."
Carol scoffed,

"Oh, really? Have you taken a look at yourself lately?"

The super spy teen Black Widow was about to say something when the half-Kree powerhouse whirled around,

"And don't think you and Crystal are immune to this either. We've seen how much you love Hawkeye and Quicksilver."

Wonder Man cleared his throat, calling for order,

"Now, we are going to turn on the device."

The device was activated and, for a few moments, there was an otherworldly hum to the machine. Then, it disappeared and electricity crackled. Measurements were being read and the scientist explained,

"The relative output of this new machine will power the entire West Coast of the United States on less than one percent of the pollution equivalent. Meaning, what the normal pollution emissions created for an area of this magnitude would be reduced to one percent of pollution levels normally made for such an area…"
The scientist continued to droll on and on, about the different machinations and formulas used to create the machine. Many of the teens were nodding off, including Leon. But, as he was, he noticed something. The red-eyed teen looked in the back, through the arcing poles, and saw a broken window. It may have been the result of the experiment, but, as he shifted his position, he looked again and saw the window was whole. He thought it was just his drowsiness, but, it happened again, this time more frequently. Something was wrong.

Almost hypnotically, Leon began approaching the machine. The scientist continued on, until Leon approached from the sides, still looking between the two poles. Simon looked up,

"Leon, what are you doing?"

The red-eyed precog looked at them,

"Does anyone else see it?"

Farrah got concerned,

"Honey, maybe you should get down from there. You're scaring us."

Leon was adamant,

"There's something here."

He then pointed near the device.

Suddenly, an electrical bolt wrapped around Crisis' arm and began moving him towards the machine itself. The scientist ordered,

"Shut the machine down!"

Then, there was a bright flash. Everyone shielded their eyes and, when the flash subsided, Crisis was gone…

Next Chapter:

Whatever happened to Leon? And, how will the West Coast Avengers find him, if he is still alive? Stay tuned, fellow readers!

This happened in Brothers in Arms.