Kiba X Naruto Fanfiction by Yaoi Loving Neko

This is Yaoi ( boy x boy ) If you don't like, don't read. For those who are yaoi lovers, enjoy this little fan fiction! ^-^

It was early morning as Naruto's alarm clock had started beeping loudly for him to get up for his first day at Konoha High School. He slammed his fist on the clock and lazily sat up and staggered to the closet. When he got dressed, he actually loked at the clock ancd found out he was late for his first day. " FUUUUUUUUCCCKKK! I'M LAAAATE! " he panicked and jumped out the window, then sped his way to school.

The teacher, Kakashi, was in front of the room taking attendance. " Sasuke Uchiha " he called, and in the back of the room, a raven-haired boy raise his hand. The girls all swooned over him. " Aiko Uchiha( me xP ) " he called yet again..A girl with layered, spiky hair raised her hand. Looking a lot like Sasuke. " Naruto Uzumaki " He called…yet no one raised their hand. " Naruto Uzumaki- " he was interuppted by a blonde, Azure eyed boy bursting through the door. " I'm -pant- finally..-pant- Here… " he paused, then looked up..with determination on his face. " Naruto Uzumaki, just moved here from Sunagakure! " he yelled, introducing himself. A brunetter boy with red markings on his cheeks grew interested in the blonde's sudden enterance. " Well, go take a seat next to Kiba over there..I'll let it slide, but next time…It's detention.. " Kakashi looks at Kiba " Raise your hand Kiba so Naruto here knows where to go.. " Kiba blushes softly and raise his hand " Yo, Naruto! Over here! " he shouted. The blonde then made his way up the aisle and sat next to Kiba. Kiba extended his hand " I'm Kiba Inuzuka… ". Naruto took Kiba's hand " I'm Naruto Uzumaki " he yelled, full of energy. Kakashi then started teaching, comepletely boring though!

At the end of the day, Kiba saw Naruto walking home alone and decided to run up to him. " Hey Naruto! Mind if I walk with you? ". The azure-eyed boy smiled, then said " Sure, no problem Kiba! " Kiba then smiles and starts walking ' Score! 1 step closer! ' Kiba shouted happily in his mind and walked with Naruto to Naruto's apartment.

When Kiba stepped 1 foot in Naruto's apartment…It was already such a mess. " Jeez…Did a fucking tornado sweep thorugh here or somehting? " Kiba asked, looking around the place. Naruto then smiled awkwardly " Yeah, I'm not really much of a house keeper myself… I live alone " the blonde said, a little of loneliness in his voice. Kiba then smiled and pat Naruto on the back. " How about the both of clean this up…It might take all day, but it'll be much better! " Kiba laughed. Naruto then blushed softly and looked up smiling " Yeah! Thanks Kiba! " Naruto thanked Kiba, then he started picking up junk off the floor.

It was late afternoon when the two boys finished cleaning the blonde's room. Kiba wiped sweat off his brow " it hot in here? " Kiba then tooked off his uniform shirt, revealing a tan, well built body. Naruto couldn't help but stare, but was able to pull away before the dog-boy noticed. Naruto then broke the silence " is.. " Naruto then un-buttoned his shirt, revealing also a well built tan body…with a strange tattoo on his stomach. Kiba almost drooled. " Well, I better get home before my mom decides to lock me in my room " Kiba smiled awkwardly and and laughed nervously. Naruto looked disappoined, but then put a smile on his face " Ok, see you tomorrow Kiba-kun! " Naruto then almost slapped himself. ' Kun?! KUN?! You don't call the same gender 'kun' after you just met! ' Naruto thought to himself. Kiba then smiled and headed towards the door, and before he left, he shouted over his shoulder " Bye Naruto-kun! " and stepped out the door. A shocked Naruto was left standing in the middle of the apartment.

Early in the morning, Naruto still sleeping through his alarm, Kiba arrived and knocked on Naruto's door.

" Naruto, you lazy ass! Get up! " Kiba shouted into the door, then he opened it and stomped towards Naruto's door. Kiba slapped his hand to his face and made a face palm. He then walked over to Naruto and pushed him out of bed. Naruto landed on the floor with a 'thud' and rubbed his head.

" OW! Jeez Kiba, what was that for?! " yelled Naruto

" We're late for school dumbass! " Kiba retorted and automatically shoved the alarm clock in his face that said 8:30 A.M….Naruto's jaw then dropped as he quickly got dressed, he fell trying to get his pants back up, but he stood up and got ready and jumped out the window, pulling Kiba with him.

They both burst into the door at the same time and stumbled to their seats, panting. Kakashi looked at them " About fucking time you got here, you two… " Naruto and Kiba smiled awkwardly and hung out with each other for the rest of the school day.

Well, that's it for this one….I'm doing multiple chapters, so no need to worry! Tell me what you think! Thx!

~Yaoi Loving Neko