Kiba x Naruto Fanfiction #3 by Yaoi Loving Neko

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As Kiba said those words, Naruto blushed 10 shades of red and smiled. " Right… " he whispered back, then was pulled into another kiss by Kiba, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Naruto shivered a little when Kiba hand slid down his chest down to his waist. He then un-buttoned Naruto's pants in one swift move. Naruto started to do the same to Kiba, both of them enjoying the moment. They broke the kiss, but only for a few moment as they pulled their pants off, in a hurry to get to what they want (wink). Kiba's well built body was hot, but what got Naruto aroused was his tight black brief boxers covering his erect cock, although it was noticeable. Naruto's then rose a bit as he stared at Kiba's erection.

Kiba smirked as he saw Naruto drooling, he then grabbed his pulled off his boxers and helped Naruto with his as he positioned himself.

" You ready for some pain and pleasure, Naruto? " Kiba asked, ready for action.

Naruto nodded " Yes, I am.. " he said bashfully.

Kiba smirked and stuck the tip of his cock to Naruto's opening, then he slid it in slowly, not wanting to to hurt his little kitsune. Naruto moaned as Kiba went inside him, turning his pain into pleasure quickly. Naruto got more aroused by the second, feeling Kiba inside him.

Kiba giggled " You like this, don't you Naruto-kun? "

Naruto blushed those same shades of red again as he looked embarrassed and nodded a yes. " I do Kiba…I love this feeling "

Kiba smiled at Naruto's words and pulled out, then shoved back in hard and fast. Naruto reached his hands above him and squeezed a pillow. Naruto was about to moan, but was surprised when Kiba's mouth smashed into his, his tongue exploring the caverns of Naruto's mouth. He was happy when Naruto allowed the unexpected kiss continued. Kiba kept thrusting his member into Naruto's ass hard and fast as he kept Naruto's mouth busy with his own. He then spread Naruto's legs open more and pounded more into his ass, each of Naruto's moans going into Kiba's mouth and filling his lungs with air. It was complete bliss for the both of them. Kiba couldn't hold much longer as he pounded his final extra hard thrust into the pleasured blonde kitsune before letting 5 spurts of his seed go into him. Naruto broke the kiss and moaned loudly into the empty room known as Kiba's living room. During his moan, Naruto released himself, spurting cum on both of their stomachs.

Panting, Kiba fell on top of Naruto. Both of them laid there, thinking about life or some shit when they looked at each other and smiled. " Wow…That…Was…Amazing.. " Naruto whispered. Kiba smirked and yawned, falling asleep on top of his blonde kitsune. Of course, Naruto didn't fall asleep right away…' I never thought we'd end up together. But whatever…I'm just glad we did.. ' he smiled as he yawned and fell asleep.

The next morning, Kiba was already awake and in the kitchen when Naruto started to wake up. Naruto yawned and stretched his arms over his head, opening his eyes slowly. When he heard Kiba in the kitchen, he tried to stand up but was met by pain in his lower back. He put his hand in the throbbing area " Ayyyeeeeee! " he screeched. " Damn Kiba, I think you broke my fucking back! " he yelled into the kitchen, the he picked up his clothes and slid them on when ke noticed Kiba's wasn't there.

Kiba laughed, then came out with two bowls of ramen and held one out to Naruto. " Forgive me? " Kiba asked.

Naruto took the bowled and immediately started slurping it up. " You are forgiven.. "

Kiba smiled, then started eating his " Reminds me..Need to get some more food.. " he said while slurping up his ramen.

Naruto just finished his and set it down " I'll go now for you and get it done and over with. " he told Kiba, smiling. Kiba smiled back.

" Ok, if you want too..go ahead " Kiba said, giving him permission.

Naruto smiled and slipped on his shoes. " I'll be back.. " he said as he waved and slipped out the door and down town.

When Naruto was finished and carrying the 2 large brown paper bags full of food to Kiba's house, his arm was grabbed by an anonymous person and pulled into an alley way, dropping the groceries. His hands pinned above him on the brick wall at the far back of the alley way. The man's left leg in between his to keep him from doing anything. His eyes, previously closed shut, opened and blinked, looking up at the man's face. Oynx eyes, black short hair….Sasuke. Naruto's eyes widened. " S-Sasuke!? W-what are you doing?! " the blonde asked, stuttering and afraid.

The Uchiha smirked " I'm here to confess, Naruto.. " he said, then sniffed the blonde " But it looks like you've been claimed by that dog… " his amirked disappeared and glared at the blonde. " We'll have to take care of that.. " Sasuke's right hand, since his left was already busy pinning Naruto's to the wall, slid down Naruto's pants and grabbed started to pump Naruto.

Naruto blushed and tears came to his eyes as Sasuke was doing something that Naruto didn't want. Sasuke then pulled down his own pants and turned the blonde around, quickly pinning him again and roughly pounding his cock into Naruto's opening, hard and fast. Naruto screamed in pain as he felt the Uchiha ass-rape him in the dark ally-way no one would notice him in. Naruto's face pressed against the coldness of the bricks each time Sasuke pounded into him. Tears streamed down Naruto's face. Sasuke then pounded into him a hard final time and let loads of his seed spill into Naruto. The now satisfied Uchiha pulled his cock out of the crying kitsune's ass and pulled his pants back up, walking out of the alley..Leaving a sad, crying kitsune behind…Crying in the daqrkness with nothing on but a shirt.

Finally coming into the door, late in the afternoon, Naruto stepped into the door to approach a very worried Kiba. Kiba hugged him tightly. " Where's the food? What happened to you? You look horrible Naruto… " Kiba kept asking.

Naruto just mumbled " Nothing..Don't worry.. " He said and started to walked away.

Kiba then grabbed Naruto's arm " What ever it is, it isn't nothing. Please Naruto..Tell me what's wrong.. " Kiba pleaded.

Naruto's tears then returned and he hugged Kiba, crying into his chest. " I was w-walking home with the g-groceries…when h-he pulled me in and..and..r-r-raped me.. " he sobbed harder into Kiba's chest.

Kiba hugged Naruto tightly, then his eyes widened in rage and anger " He? Who, Naruto? " he asked calmly.

Naruto kept quiet for a moment, then finally said " Sasuke.. "

Kiba's almost growled, then he lead his blonde kitsune to the couch and let him let out his feelings. " There there Naruto…It's ok now.. " Kiba cuddled Naruto closely. ' Sasuke's gonna pay…He's gonna pay bad ' Kiba thought, then he held Naruto for the rest of the day.

The next morning at school, during lunch-time, Kiba and Naruto were eating at the same table when they noticed Sasuke walking past them. The Uchiha winked at the blonde. Naruto looked away and Sasuke smirked. Kiba stood, walked to Sasuke and pulled his arm back, then let it fly forward, connecting to Sasuke's jaw, making him fall down. Sasuke stood back up and rubbed his jaw and smirked. " Someone's angry…But why? Because I stuck my cock in your sexy boyfriend's ass? "

Kiba's anger shot up and he landed another punch on Sasuke. Sasuke then focused his chakra and made a ball of lightning in his hand. A Chidori. E ran at Kiba with it and aimed for him. Kiba was barely able to dodge. Naruto then stood and shouted " STOP…Please.. "

Kiba and Sasuke look at Naruto, as Sasuke smirks. " Aww..Pissy all because you back is throbbing from my- " Kiba punches Sasuke harder before he could finish his sentence. Kiba then walked over and hugged Naruto. " I'm sorry.. "

Naruto slowly hugged Kiba back. " It's ok.. "

Kiba smiled as the bell rang " Let's get back to class…Don't want to be late "

Naruto nodded " Yeah.. "

They both walked to class and was able to avoid Sasuke for the rest of the day.

When Kiba and Naruto got home, Kiba hugged Naruto for the millionth time that day and said " He may have done that to you, but you're still mine and I'm still yours..I got to you first, not that asshole.. "

Naruto smiled and giggled " Yeah..That's true..Thank you Kiba..I love you "

Kiba smiled " I love you too Naruto "

They sat there and hugged it out for ten minutes before Kiba got up and went to the kitchen, only to bring out some ramen. " Will this make you feel better? " Kiba smiled as he asked.

Naruto smiled " Yes..Thank you Kiba ". Naruto takes a bowl of ramen and starts slurping. Kiba was smiling at Naruto, glad that he was now happier than what he was the last couple of days. ' Naruto..You continue to amaze me ' Kiba thought and chowed down on his ramen.

When they finished, they both sat back on the couch and sighed. " Damn…I'd never been this full in my life.. " Naruto said as he laughed.

Kiba laughed as well " Same here…Same here.. "

They both sat there in silence for a minute, but the silence was broken by Naruto's yawn.

" You tired, Naruto? " Kiba asked and looked over at his tired Uke.

Naruto looked at Kiba tiredly " Mhm.. " he said.

Kiba lied down and patted his stomach " Same here..You can sleep on me here.. "

Naruto giggled and laughed, then lied down and rested his head down onto Kiba's chest. Kiba put his arm around his little blonde Uke and closed his eyes. Both of them falling asleep at the same time.

Both of them dreamed of a good time with each other. A nice relaxing day at the hot springs, alone. Both of them holding each other and sitting in the warm, blissful, water…Steam all around them. Naruto stared into Kiba's deep brown eyes as Kiba stared into Naruto's Azure eyes. ' Like oceans that I can never escape from…So beautiful ' Kiba thought as Naruto Azure eyes shone with happiness. ' Those hot, sexy brown eyes. They pull me into a trap that I can't escape from..But I like this trap ' Naruto thought as Kiba's deep brown eyes stared into his. Then their faces got closer together and finally met in a soft gentle kiss. Both of them felt each other's hearts hop out of their chests. Their kiss got deeper and longer. Holding and kissing each other, they kept the wonderful bliss between them. Why would something so blissful and wonderful not be wanted? This was a feeling everyone couldn't deny…No one wouldn't ignore. The feeling of true love. They continued sucking at each other's face like 2 suction cups. Not wanting this dream to end..And to make it become a reality. It was settled..Kiba and Naruto were gonna go to the Hot Springs tomorrow, without each other knowing.

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