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I've thought about killing myself

You'd never think it would you?

I thought that if I went to Heaven

That they'd give me what I wanted

And I'd want you

There's a hole inside me

And it's becoming more and more empty

Because it's the part

That's you're supposed to fit into

It's the part of my soul that I gave you

Hoping that I'd get a piece of yours

To fill the gap

I haven't got one though

And I feel so empty

And I don't know

If anything else can fill

Me up

It's even becoming a pleasure

When you taunt me

Because it means you remember me

I want to turn around

And say

'I Love You'

That'd make you quiet

Make you writhe under pressure

I don't want to pressure you

But now…

Now that I'm thinking about dying

Maybe now it's time

To admit to you I Love You

If I don't

I might die

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