Cyber Moon: Millenium

Episode 1 : Legend of the Senshi.

By Razor Knight

Last update: February 28, 2013.

"Arisa, wake up!"

"No school today, mom. Let me sleep for five more minutes."

"That's what you said half an hour ago."

The girl growled as she leapt off her bed. "There, I'm up already."

"You would be able to wake up in the morning if you didn't waste so much time with those books at night."

"I like them, and it's not like they're stopping me from studying."

"That's not the issue, Arisa. You're sixteen, you should not keep on living in those fantasy worlds."

Arisa shrugged. "I've always wanted to be a writer, and hopefully I'll be as good as Susuki."

Her mother knew well that she wouldn't change her mind so easily. "So you've told me before. Okay, get dressed up, breakfast's ready."

A couple hours later, Arisa was walking around the city. Aegis City, the largest city of Gaia, and home to the Guardian. In short, this city was the center of the galaxy as far as politics went, and it showed. But she had never been too fond of her home city. It was boring and dull to her, because she had always thought it couldn't compare to the city described in her favorite story. A city as large as Aegis, but where things were never dull.

The story, or rather stories, spoke of a group of humans who could use 'magic' to fight against evil. Their lives were never dull, and she liked that, despite their job being a dangerous one. She had grown to know the characters, she had laughed and cried along with them, but the stories did not have an ending. At least not a definitive one. She had searched, but there were no books to be found after 'Explorers.'

The author, Susuki Nagito, had supposedly lived five centuries before Arisa's time. And yet, the book did not have the same style or flow other books written during that time had. She had always wondered if that was because the book was older than the records said. Rather than a story, could it have been what had really happened?

Her mother's words came back to nag her right then, and she sighed. "Maybe she's right, even if they're true, there's no way I'll find out..."

"Stop talking to yourself, Arisa. People will think you're crazy."

She turned around and smiled at the girl walking to her. "Hi, Maki."

"Let me guess, lost in Senshiland again?"

Arisa chuckled at that. "You could say that. Haven't you read the stories yet?"

Her friend shrugged. "I don't need to, you've talked my ears off about them."

"Oh come on, it's not that-"

Maki saw Arisa freeze in shock, then followed her line of sight. A cat, what was so special about it? "What's wrong?"

"That cat... Can't you see it?"

"See what?"

Arisa knew the cat was staring back at her. Almost as if it understood what she was saying. No, she knew it understood. "Look at its forehead!"

Maki paid more attention to the cat's features this time. It was purple, had red eyes, and... No, her mind wasn't playing tricks on her, and thanks to Arisa, she knew what the crescent-shaped mark in its forehead meant. "A Mooncat?"

Upon hearing this, the cat dashed away. "Oh no, you won't!" Arisa shouted and dashed after it.

"Wai-" Maki sighed, her friend was already out of hearing range. That cat couldn't possibly be a Mooncat, right? But what if it was? Maki smiled as she chased after her friend.

Maki found Arisa leaning on a wall, out of breath. "You okay?"

"I lost the cat," Arisa said with a sigh. "But you saw the same I saw, right?"

"Of course I did."

"Darn, now I'll never know if they're real or not."

"Cheer up, maybe you'll see it again," Maki said. "Let's go get some burgers. My treat."

Arisa smiled at that. "Okay."

A woman with purple hair and red eyes watched as the two girls left. "That was close, but normal humans should not be able to see my mark. That means..." The woman's eyes widened in realization. "I have to tell them what I found."

Arisa walked back home from school next morning, still thiking about what she had seen. Was it real, did the Senshi really exist? She wished she could find that cat again, but she knew the city was big, and maybe she would never have that chance again.

"Hmm, I see Diana was right. You have quite a bit of mana."

The girl stopped dead in her track as she heard that voice. A few meters ahead of her, a woman was standing, staring at her in a way that made Arisa feel like she was a frog in a science lab. "Uh... Who are you?"

"That isn't important right now," the woman said.

Arisa couldn't help but stare. Her hair was a dark shade of pink, her eyes red, and those eyes weren't ones of a young woman. It couldn't be one of them, could it? "I... I know who you are."

"Hmph, I doubt it."

"Is your name Kyouko?" The woman's surprised stare told Arisa all she needed to know. "You do really exist!"

"How... Wait, did you by any chance read an old series written by Susuki Nagito?"

Arisa smiled at that. "The Cyber Moon Saga."

The woman muttered something in a language Arisa didn't understand, then added "I thought we had recovered all of them."

"You really are her, right? Kyouko Tsukino, Younger Saturn?"

The woman smiled at that. "Guilty as charged, Arisa."

Arisa frowned. "How-"

"We Senshi know everything," Kyouko said with a smile. "You knowing who we are makes things easier, so come with me, girl, I think I have a few things I need to explain to you."

Arisa realized Kyouko's words weren't quite a request, as she noticed her surroundings had changed. They were inside a large room with white walls. "Where are we?"

"The world's name is Sylph," Kyouko said, "but don't worry, I'll get you back to Gaia when we're done."

"I'm listening," Arisa muttered.

"First off, the Senshi exist, have existed for millions of years, even though at times there were no Senshi around, and all you read in those books is what happened to us in the past." Seeing Arisa wasn't reacting, she added, "and although the release date shown in those books is the year three thousands, you would be wrong if you assume it's been only five centuries since they were written."

"But that date is five hundred years-"

"By mankind's current calendars, yes. Those books were written during the fourth millenium of Earth, roughly fifty thousand years ago, at least Earth years."

"What?" Arisa blushed after shouting that. "Uh... Sorry."

Kyouko was genuinely amused. "Don't worry, it's the expected reaction. Yes, I've lived for that long."

Arisa's eyes watered. "I..."

"Hey, what's the matter, girl?"

"Sorry, it's just that I've always dreamt about meeting one of you."

"Been a while since I found a fangirl," Kyouko mused. "No offense intended."

"None taken."

Time to drop the bomb, Kyouko thought. "You may be wondering just why you're here. History lessons are fun and all, but if you think I wouldn't bring you here just for that, then you're quite right. You saw Diana's mark, didn't you?"

"That was Diana?" Arisa shouted.


"Uh, sorry, yeah, I saw the crescent-shaped mark. Why do you ask?"

"Because normal humans and non-magical beings cannot see it," Kyouko explained.

Arisa stared at her confusedly for a second, then her eyes widened. "So that's what you meant..."

"You do have mana in you, which means you can gather mana from your surroundings. Hope the books did explain what that means."

"Y- You mean I'm a Senshi?"

"You either have latent Senshi abilities, or are a monster. Since you haven't turned into a large mantis-like alien, I'll suppose you're not a monster."

"I am a..." Arisa started, then fainted.

"Well, she took the news quite well," Kyouko muttered.

When Arisa woke up, she noticed she was lying on a small bed, like a hospital bed. Standing right next to it, holding a strange device, was a woman with short blue hair. "Sailor Mercury..."

The woman looked at her. "Oh, you're awake. Name's Ami, but you probably already know that, if what Kyouko said was true."

"What happened?"

"Kyouko can be as blunt as either of her mothers. I think having several shocking revelations in a row was too much for your mind to take."

"A part of my mind still doesn't believe this is not a dream. But tell me, why are you in this world?"

"Sylph? Oh, a lot has happened since she wrote those books, so you wouldn't know. We decided that mankind was better off not knowing the Senshi exist. We still protect mankind, but we are, as far as your civilization is concerned, just an old fairytale, a myth."

"So you still watch over Earth too?"

Ami smiled. "I don't know if I should tell you this. Don't want you to take another unscheduled nap."

Arisa frowned. "I think I can take anything you tell me, at this point."

"Okay then. Gaia is the Earth."

For a moment, Arisa felt like going back to sleep. "Uh, that's impo-"

"Nothing is impossible. Just highly improbable. Gaia is the name an ancient Earth civilization gave to the Goddess who, they said, was the spirit of our world. For some reason, mankind has been using that name for the last twenty thousand years."

"Is there any other reason for you to work... Undercover?"

Ami sighed. "Sure is. We were all getting tired of living amongst, well, mortals. Some of us were starting to feel the effects of it by the third millenium's end, although not many mentioned it. A normal human back then lived for a hundred years, at most, we met a lot of people we considered our friends and had to watch them wither and die."

Arisa looked at Ami. "I guess I can understand that. But if you're so disconnected from mankind-"

"We're not. We still go to man's many worlds, we sometimes interact with humans, we just don't want to make friends out there. There's plenty of friends in here."

"Where is 'here' exactly?" Arisa asked, already up and looking around the room.

"Sylph is the innermost world of a star system located quite close to the central star cluster of our galaxy," Ami said. "In fact, it is the closest planet to the core."

"... Isn't Gaia close to the outer side of the galaxy?"

Ami smiled. "Yes. A Senshi's teleportation range is, at our current level, virtually infinite."

"From the outer regions to the center, though..."

"I've been to a few surrounding galaxies," Ami said. That caused Arisa to stare at her in shock. "Fortunately, or unfortunately, we've found no evidence of sentient life in any of the galaxies close to ours."

Arisa sighed. "Say, Kyouko told me I may be a Senshi, but what for?"

"What for?" Ami asked, not really understading her question.

"You guys already protect this galaxy. What would you need more Senshi for?"

"We can't be everywhere, nor can we be keeping an eye on every single world out there. That's why we've always trained any new potential Senshi we find, and leave the protection of their homeworld to them, unless something happens which requires our intervention."

"So, you're telling me I would be watching over Gaia?"

"Yes, once your training is over. You won't be alone, there's two other Gaian Senshi still active. The Gaian system will be yours to watch over."

"What if I didn't want to be a Senshi?" Arisa asked, then rapidly added "just for curiosity's sake."

"Serenity, and by that I mean either of the three, can block someone's access to their own power."

Arisa's eyes widened. "Oh, I remember reading that."

"Susuki Nagito, right?" Ami said with a smile. "Want to meet her?"

Now the younger girl was lost. "Huh? You mean Susuki is a Senshi too?"

"I think this one is better shown than told, Arisa," Ami said. "Now come, I want you to meet someone."

Arisa was brought to a different room, and this time there was no unwarned teleportation involved. As they entered the room, she realized who was there. She knew this blonde woman, even though it was the first time she saw her. But her attire was... She was wearing normal clothes, whereas she expected her, Queen Serenity, to wear a royal gown, as she usually did in those stories.

"Welcome, Arisa."

"Serenity..." Arisa said and bowed to her.

The woman grimaced. "Don't do that."

"But you're Queen Serenity, you-"

"It's been just Serenity for countless centuries, and I'd like you to call me Usagi."

Arisa blinked a few times as she heard that. It surprised her, and yet it was the kind of things she would expect from Serenity... Usagi. "Right, Usagi it is, then. But I was told I would meet Nagito here."

"And you did," Usagi said, keeping a straight face.

"... Now I'm really lost."

Ami chuckled. "Susuki Nagito is an anagram of Usagi Tsukino. Back then, she didn't want people to outright know those novels were written by her, and yet she wanted to leave behind enough clues for the smarter readers to figure it out."

"So you wrote those books. Is everything in there true?"

"It's what happened back then," Usagi said, her eyes showing that she welcomed a chance to go back to her memories of those days. "I sometimes wonder if I should write the rest of it, it's not like I have a lot to do here."

"You do more than enough, Usagi," Ami noted.

"Please, Ami, you know my senses work without me even noticing them."

"Your senses... You mean your ability to detect magic users?"

Usagi smiled at Arisa. "Not just magic users. I can 'see' living beings around me without using my eyes, although I don't consciously use that all the time, as it would be quite annoying."

"So you check for threats around Sylph."

Usagi laughed, it wasn't a mocking laughter, but an amused one. "This part of the galaxy hasn't seen any space-faring race for millions of years. We haven't seen any living beings with anything close to sentience for thousands of years."

"Then what do you scan-" Arisa started, then looked at Usagi, and the woman's stare told her her guess was right. "You can sense magic users all around the galaxy?"

"I only 'pay attention' to abnormally powerful magic entities, unless I'm actively using that power," she paused and her smile vanished as she focused. "For example, I can see a minor threat attacking Ares, but Sailor Gaia and Hermes are taking care of it."

"Where's the other Usagi?"

"Exploring. She and Hotaru never really settled for too long."

"What's left to explore? Isn't the Guard spread through all of our galaxy?"

"That's a nice boast to make," Usagi admitted, "and quite close to the truth, but mankind never reached the core. At first, they were upset that they didn't have the technologies required to get here. But after many centuries, they decided to take over the rest of the galaxy."

"What happens when we have no more room to expand?"

"It will be time to move outwards. But Pluto said that wouldn't happen for many thousands of years."

"Outwards?" Arisa asked, and then it hit her. "Oh. So that's where the other Usagi is."

Usagi nodded. "And believe it or not, she started using her old nickname shortly before we left Earth."

"I think that's enough ancient history for the day," Ami noted. "Arisa, do you want to find out if you're a Senshi?"


"Then we must go meet another person you most likely will know."

"Who is it?"

"It's a surprise."

A/N: Why start this? I get ideas from the strangest sources. This fic is based upon a project I had for another fandom, namely Digimon. I don't know if I'll finish this story, but I write for fun, and this first chapter was a blast to write to me.

All talk, no action, I know... This could be pretty much considered a prologue. I'm still figuring out most of the plot of this one, so it may take a while for me to write the second chapter. What I have figured out of the plot, however, may finally give Cyber Moon the closure I didn't quite feel like I had given it in Book 3.

The idea behind 'Susuki Nagito' came from being an anagram freak. After Yukiko Hokuge, other anagrams have been showing up, and sometimes I use them if I can find a place for them to fit into a story.