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We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.(By Dr. Seuss)

It was still dark outside when Catherine woke up; she was so excited about Vincent's birthday that she barely could sleep. She turned around to face his face, he was still asleep. She would never tell him that, but sometimes she enjoyed the simple fact to just watch him sleep.

Vincent was a magnificent man, and her heart sank when she remember that her mother had turned his life into hell. Catherine wiped a tear, that wasn't a day for that. Today was Vincent's birthday, today was a great day.

She caressed his cheek and slowly to not wake him she got out of bed. She tried to be as silent as possible, but of course she didn't succeed.

"Come back" Vincent murmured in his sleep voice.

Catherine laughed and sat on his side of the bed "Happy birthday!" she said kissing his lips

Vincent opened his eyes and smiled "Thank you!"

"I will make breakfast so don't you dare leave this bed, ok?" She said softly. "It's your day and you will have breakfast on bed."

"Catherine I…."

"Shhhhh" she put one finger on his lips "I love you, now come back to sleep. I will be back in a few."

"I love you too." Vincent replied closing his eyes again.

Two hours later Catherine came back to the bedroom with Vincent's breakfast. In the last few days she had learn some much about him, how he liked orange juice with carrot, scrambled eggs with bacon, tomato and oregano, and pancakes.

She put the tray on the nightstand to wake Vincent again. "Vincent?" she whispered "Breakfast is ready."

Vincent blinked several times and sat on the bed "You didn't have to do…"

Catherine interrupted him and put the tray on his lap, "I know, but I wanted to."

"Thank you!" he said and started to eat "This is amazing!"

"I'm glad you liked." Catherine replied eating her pancakes.

When they finished Catherine put the tray on the nightstand "Now, you be a good boy and go take a shower, then we are going for a walk."

"Care to join me?" he asked "It's my birthday after all."

Catherine stared him; for someone who hasn't celebrates a birthday in ten years he sure was using the birthday card very well. She was about to say that aloud but she stopped, remembering that for the past ten years Vincent had only JT in his life. She could hear his voice saying 'I don't really have anyone to contact. I mean there is JT but that's JT.'

Vincent looked at her confused, suddenly Catherine was quiet and he was wondering what happened when a smiled appeared on her face and she responded "Just because it's your birthday."

Of course it wasn't just a shower, they took their time in the water; making love, enjoying the fact that they were together.

As they were walking outside Vincent noticed that Catherine didn't stop to see her watch, he thought it was a bit weird but let that go for the time. Of course he soon understood why she was slightly anxious as he heard a car stop in front of the cabin and then he recognized the footsteps of his best friend.

"You and him planed all of this, am I right?" he asked to her.

Catherine smiled "Of course! It's your birthday. If you can't spend the day with all the people you love and love you; at least, you can spend the day with your best friend and your girlfriend. I know it's not ideal but…" Vincent kissed her "It's perfect!" he said.

They came back to the cabin and found JT on the doorstep "Hey I remember you said YOUR DAD'S cabin it was in the middle of nowhere. " JT said.

"That's what I said." Catherine responded confused.

JT had his mouth dropped "If THIS cabin it's not in the middle of nowhere, your dad's cabin must be in a jungle on Amazon. I thought I would never find it."

They laughed "Well, but you are here, let's get inside." Catherine replied.

JT took off his coat and looked inside the cabin "Ohh, that's…nice."

Vincent laughed "Is really great, right?"

"Ok, I will make lunch and Vincent you can show JT everything. If he wants to eat something before the meal was ready, you know where everything is."

Catherine went to the kitchen and Vincent and JT went to the living room. "Someone has the key of the house, already…That's nice." JT laughed.

"Shut up." Vincent replied laughing too "I will show you upstairs."

When JT saw the master bedroom he looked at Vincent with a funny expression "So, there is on the magic happen?"

"JT!" Vincent screamed and JT shrugged "Don't worry; I will wait for the full report when you come back. You can't run forever, man." JT said and left Vincent with a worried face, his best friend could be so inconvenient sometimes.

As they were in the gazebo, JT had a beer on his hand and Vincent had a bottle of water. "So, everything cool at New York?" Vincent asked.

"Evan went to my lab yesterday and he said something really strange." JT answered.

"What did he say?" Vincent asked.

"He said he wants to help the creature, I mean, you. He wants to find a cure."

Vincent sighed "Probably, there will never be a cure for me. And can I be honest with you?"


"For the first time, I'm ok with that. Don't get me wrong, I want to be cured. But if that's never happen I can accept that now."

"A certain petite brunet has something to do with that?"

Vincent smiled and that didn't go unnoticed to Jt. "She has everything to do with that."

JT put a hand on Vincent's shoulder "I'm happy for you dude."

"So, how is Sarah?"

JT nearly choked "What?"

"Oh! You two are still seen each other, right? So, how is she?"

"We..She...She is fine, I talked to her yesterday."

"So, you two are on the WE level already?"

"No, it's…not like that at all, is…"

"Hey guys, lunch is ready." Catherine appeared in the door and screamed.

"Saved by the bell" Vincent laughed and JT and he went back to the house.

Just like the breakfast Catherine had made Vincent's favorites.

They had a great time together; they ate, talked and laughed…for the first time in ten years JT and Vincent were celebrating a birthday and all thanks to Cat. JT wasn't going to say that aloud but he really liked her. Catherine was even making plans for his birthday.

"Or maybe you want to spend the day with Sarah" Catherine said when they went to the living room.

"What…I…It's…" he stumbled on his words and Vincent laughed. "Look at him, she even makes him speechless."

"You think you are so funny. Don't forget I know all the embarrassing things of your life." JT smirked when Vincent frowned.

"You wouldn't…"

"Oh sure I would, so if I was you I would watch my back."

Vincent looked at Catherine "You know, I thought been a killing machine would give me a little more respect…"

"I have my back up plan, you know. Catherine can calm you down in a second so, if you beast out on me, I can guarantee she can save my ass." JT shrugged "So, next time, think twice or your girlfriend will learn some not really beautiful things about yourself."

"Who invited you here, again?" Vincent said and Catherine and JT laughed.

"Presents time?" Catherine asked and JT answered "Mine is in the car."

Vincent looked at them confused "Presents, really?"

"Don't be silly, I remember I won some really nice pajamas on my birthday. You didn't think I wouldn't give you anything, did you?"

"Be here with you and JT is the greatest gift I could have asked for."

"Oh he is so sweet." JT mocked him. "Come on, since we are doing this, let's make this right. Happy birthday." JT continued and gave to Vincent a box.

Vincent opened and smiled "Thank you, man. I loved it" he responded when he saw he had won a pair of jeans and shirt.

"This is from me." Catherine said handing him her gift "Thank you so much!" Vincent replied really excited when he open the box, she had given to him The Godfather collection.

"You said you were a fan so…" she replied happily.

"Thank you both of you."

"Don't mention it!" JT answered "But it wouldn't hurt you show me some gratitude by cutting the cake. I'm really dying for a piece.

Catherine laughed "I'll get it."

When Catherine came back with the cake Vincent shook his head, he could smell and again Catherine had made his favorite: chocolate cake and in the top a candle.

Catherine and Jt sang Happy birthday and when they finished she said "Don't forget to make a wish." Vincent smiled at her and silenced made his wish, when he finished he blew out the candle.

As they were eating the cake JT mentioned "This is really good, Catherine."

"Thank you, but I shouldn't receive all the credits. You know, my mom used to say that you can see people's heart when you cook for them. So, if this is good, we should thank Vincent's heart."

"I don't know about that, when I cook at home, it's normally not that good."

The three of them laughed. It had been a great day, despite all their problems; they were having some kind of normal.

"You sure you don't want to stay? We are coming back in the next two days." Catherine offered "It's a long five hour driving"

"Thank you but I have something to do tomorrow." JT replied.

"What thing?" Vincent asked really curious.

JT rolled his eyes "FINE! I have a date with Sarah tonight. Satisfied?"

Vincent smiled and for JT surprises Vincent hugged him "I'm happy for you man. If anyone in this world deserves to be happy, is that you."

JT hugged him back and replied "Back at you."

Vincent put his arms around Catherine as they saw JT driving away. "Thank you for today" he murmured to her "It was one of the best days of my life."

Catherine smiled "I'm glad you liked it. Besides, it's not over. I still have some things for you."

Vincent nodded and followed her back to the house, he had a great day so far, and it seems it would be even better.

I love you
Not only for what you are
But for what I am
When I am with you
(by Roy Croft)

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