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Love is when you can be your true self with someone, and you only want to be your true self because of them. (Terri Guillemets)

If there was one thing Catherine and Vincent were really enjoying, was the simple fact to sleep and wake up in each other's arms. It was just the third day in the cabin, but after all the things that happened between them, they were sure that they were both in that relationship for the long run.

"Good Morning!" Catherine said when she noticed Vincent had waked up. She had her back on his chest and his right arm wrapped around her waist.

He kissed her neck and tightened his embrace "I could be used to this!" he murmured in her ear.

She turned over to face him and he caressed her cheek "Good Morning!" he said kissing her.

"Are you ok?" she asked when they pulled apart.

He smiled "I'm more than ok." He assured her "I can't remember the last time I was happier than now. I never thought I would find someone that could accept all of me… that I could just be myself…"he took a deep breath "Where did I find you?"

She laughed "I told you once, you haven't even gotten in my difficult side yet" she was kidding but Vincent noticed that she was actually trying to warn him. "I will screw up a lot, Vincent. You might think, Muirfield is a problem, but believe me…I have faults and…"

He put a finger on her lips, making her stop "I'm not going anywhere Catherine Chandler. The same way you keep saying that you accept me for who I am, I accept you too. We will figure out everything, together."

She smiled "Together. I like the way that sounds." Catherine kissed him and then decided it was time to get out of the bed and make some breakfast.

"Do we have to?" Vincent asked when Catherine was tying her robe.

She giggled "Well, we have to eat." She shrugged and then sat next to him, murmuring in his ears "Besides, you must be strong so we can continue our activities.." She kissed his cheek and when she was about to leave the bed, he held her and laid her on the bed. "Oh I can promise I am strong enough to continue from where we stopped last night!"

After the breakfast, Catherine decided to show Vincent some pictures that her family, kept in the cabin. They were sitting in the couch facing each other, having a great time and laughing about some of photos.

"You were cute with a fringe" he said with a picture of a three years old Catherine in his hands.

"Nooooooo I can't believe they still have this." She laughed.

"Oh come on. You were a beautiful little girl."

Her face was turning read "Thank you."

He laughed "And you are even more beautiful when you blush" he kissed her cheek.

She punched his shoulder "So violent" he said joking.

And then Vincent found one picture that Catherine never imagined it would be there. She thought she had got rid all of them, but clearly she was wrong… her parents, Heather and Catherine with an ex-boyfriend; they were in front of the Cabin.

Vincent cleared his throat "So…Who is this?" he knew he shouldn't be jealous; but, it was stronger than him.

"Well I introduce to you the ultimate Ass that ever crossed my path" she laughed.

Vincent looked at her in shock, he would never imagine hearing that and then he understood, he was the guy she dated when her mother was killed.

"Is…is he the one who…"

"Yeah!" she took the photo and ripped. "I thought I had got rid of all of them ten years ago."

He nodded "You used to come here often with them?"

Catherine looked at him and nodded "Yeah" and then she noticed Vincent's face, he wasn't talking about her parents but the guy; so she continued "Not with him, of course. Actually he just came here once, and it was the day we took this picture."

"How do you know I was talking about him?" He questioned.

Catherine sighed, she promised to try to be more open, and that was what she was going to do "You are not the only one that feels insecurity or jealousy. When you found Alex I felt a lot of both."

"It makes me a terrible person to admit that I'm glad to hear that?" he said with a big smile "Although, watching you push me away was not funny at all." He continued.

She gave a shy smile "I'm sorry. But, you have to understand that it wasn't just Alex. It was about everything. I'm not good at to be vulnerable, you know. My mom was the only person I knew I could trust and since she died I felt alone…and then when I met you, I finally found someone that I could depend on, that I could be myself…"

She never finished that sentence because Vincent's lips collided with hers "I told you I'm not going anywhere, but I have to say this, you trying to send me to Alex, was the worst thing you ever done."

"What is that saying if you love someone set them free?" she shrugged "Your happiness is the most important thing to me."

He shook his head outraged "So, that mean, I should leave and let you be with Evan?"

"Are you crazy?" she asked shocked "I love you, I could never be happy with him!"

"The same goes for me. I love you; I've been in love with you for a very long time, so don't ever doubt it."

She caressed his cheek "Enough about the past! What do you say we start lunch, what do you want to eat?"

Vincent understood, Catherine was trying; she promised to try to let him in and that was what she was doing, but everything has limits and for the day Catherine had hers.

In the afternoon Catherine decided she wanted to show Vincent her secret place "No one ever found me there." She had said to him.

The walk was a bit long but half an hour later they got to the place. Vincent was mesmerized by what he was seeing. The location offered a privileged view of the lake, it was breathtaking.

"It's beautiful" he said passing an arm through Catherine's shoulder, bringing her closer.

"You know, you are the first person I brought here." She murmured to him.

Vincent lowered his head to kiss her "Thank you!" he said when they pulled apart.

They sat there talking about everything and anything in particular, learning new things discovering new things about them.

"I would never say you are a rock fan!" Vincent exclaimed surprised.

Catherine laughed "oh come on! What is not to love about Ac/Dc?"

"Good point." He answered "How was your first concert"

Catherine start to laugh "I can see it was at least funny" Vincent concludes. When Catherine was able to talk again she said "Actually it's not a story to laugh, but now… I had 15 years old and Ac/Dc would be playing on Hard Rock Café in New York, my father forbade me to go, so I pretend to sleep at a friend's house."

"Such a rebel!" Vincent pointed

"Uhh that's not the whole story!" she murmured a little embarrassed "To buy the ticket I needed to have at least 18 so I bought a fake id and everything was doing fine, you know. I just didn't count with the fact that my grandma would be sick, and my parents would need me at home."

"What happed? He asked really interested in the story.

"Long story short, since my Dad was a known lawyer and my mother a doctor, I guess the only people who weren't looking for me was the FBI; but since now I know she worked for the government, they must have been after me too." And with that Catherine and Vincent start to laugh.

"Imagine my face; I was in the middle of the crowd with my friends enjoying a hell of a concert and when I look at my side I found my dad and two cops"

"It was bad?" Vincent asked.

"Bad? Try four months going straight school straight home. I was almost crazy and finally my mom convinced my father that I already had learned my lesson."

"Who would think that my girl was already been wanted by police and committed a crime."

"Shhhhh…It's a secret!" she murmured in his ear.

"I promise not to tell anyone." He responded and kissed her.

They were back in the cabin and while Vincent took a shower Catherine was making dinner, lasagna and green salad. It was her mother's recipes.

"Smells good!" Vincent said walking in the kitchen.

"I'm making the sauce want to prove?" Catherine offered in a spoon.

Vincent nodded and after proves he said "That's amazing!"

"Really?" she asked happily surprised "My mom used to make it."]

"She would be very proud!" Vincent answered and Catherine knew he wasn't saying just because of the food. "Thank you!" she said kissing him.

After dinner Catherine decide to make some chocolate fondue with strawberries, grapes and peach; she was cutting the fruits when Vincent wrapped his arms around her. "Chocolate and Catherine must be really good" he said seductively, he took a little bit of melted chocolate and put in her mouth kissing her. "Yeah definitely really good!" he said picking the strawberry and eating it.

Catherine looked at him 'Two can play this game Keller' she thought. She came closer to him, this time she was the one that put chocolate on his mouth…she took her time, tasting… feeling the flavor; when she finished Vincent was the one who was dizzy.

They explored that new thing, chocolate and their bodies…the fruits totally ignored; it was a good thing the cabin didn't have neighbors because that night they were not silent.

We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love — true love. (Robert Fulghum)

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