This has been sitting in my head for the last few months and I finally just wrote it out. I'm definitely unsure about whether it's finished or not but at its heart it's just a drabble piece. I'm still new in this fandom, so as always, would love to know what you think! :)

Thank you to the ever kind eitoph, whose beta work follows me through all these unfamiliar fandoms :)

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What's in a Name?


For the entirety that he had been in this body, in this eleventh reincarnation, he had called her Amelia Pond. Like a fairytale, he had once said, her name was like something out of a fairytale.

"Come along, Pond," had sort of fallen from his lips that first time and it had stuck. It was his way of calling out to her, his way of claiming some tiny part of this girl's big life.

And oh what a life she led. With Rory by her side, she had seen the stars and saved so many lives. She had been trapped and survived and given birth and had everything taken from her, but she was always a better person, always ploughing on through it all.

His Amelia Pond.

He had fallen out of the sky and into her backyard and she hadn't even batted an eyelid. Completely and one hundred percent taken by this Raggedy Man who would become her only comfort in the lonely years ahead in that big empty house.

They became friends so easily, he and Amelia Pond. The girl who waited and the madman with a box travelling the galaxies with the last centurion. He remembered those nights of turmoil Amy went through and the way Rory would always know what to do. He remembered the way that man would do anything for that woman. The dedication by her side was inspiring to watch day after day. He would do anything for the both of them, anything to have his small hold on the world of Amelia Pond, the first face his new face saw.

He had thought they would last a lifetime, that they would be safe with him for that long. His hearts had been enamoured with the idea of his Pond travelling with him until he could travel no more. She was everything that he wished he could be again, seeing worlds for the first time and marvelling at them, always wondering, always curious.

He should just know better by now.

Sitting on the cold bench in Central Park, reading the last page of Melody Malone over and over, tears spilling from his eyes now, the day turns into night. He is happy that she found happiness. So, so happy that she could be with Rory. But he is inexplicitly sad over something on the page as well and he can't put his finger on it until much later.

As River, that beautiful woman who was once a Pond, takes him by the hand and leads him back to the TARDIS, he realises what is hurting him so much.

This afterword is by Amelia Williams. And he's not daft, he knows that's how marriage works, he knows that she would have taken Rory's name, he knows that. But it's finally there for him to see, plain as day.

In those last moments he had called out for her to "Come along, Pond," and she had faced him and said goodbye. Because in those final moments, she truly belonged to Rory and that little grip that he had on her life had slipped as she had fallen so far away.