Title: Twists of Fate
Pairing: Zayne (Jo)/ Blair
Rating: M
Warning you may not want to read this chapter at work or in public, at least the last half of it, if sexual scenes bug you just skip the last half of the chapter. Happy reading… I hope. ;-)

Previously… Many friends and family spent part of their holiday at the Masters' Mansion enjoying the festive atmosphere and loving happy environment. There seemed to always be smiling happy festive people coming and going out of the historic home. The children loved having all the people around to enjoy the holidays and the twins enjoyed it even more when there were other children around to play and explore with.

It seemed all too soon that Christmas was past however and they were all packing to fly back home to Cambridge. Blair was excited to see her new home and was a little nervous hoping she fit in as well with the family when they were in Great Britain as she did when they were in America. Zayne had assured her she had nothing to worry about as had Fiona. The blonde prayed they were right as they climbed into the limo that would be taking them to the airport for their flight to London.


Chapter 14

Upon arriving in Cambridge Blair fell in love with the old world charm of The Rectory and liked how seamless the new additions that had been built by the Masters clan blended with the original structure so that most would never even know there was new additions to the home and property. The Rectory held more of Zayne and the girls' lives and who they were as did Cambridge. Zayne showed Blair the town and the University where she went to school and the hospital she trained at and now worked at on occasion.

"Do you miss not focusing more on your career as a surgeon?" Blair asked as they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk after leaving the hospital.

"A little, but I have been volunteering my services a couple days a week when I can and have been asked to consult often and you know about the high profile patients I've been pulled in on. I'm hoping that after our wedding and honeymoon things will settle down a bit more. I would like us to split our time between the states and England. The girls and I have dual citizenship as will you. We have family, friends, and business in both countries so it only makes sense. The high profile cases are okay, but I prefer the cases I volunteer for, helping those who can't really afford treatment. I feel that is what I should be doing more of now. It's not like I need to be a doctor or surgeon for a living anymore, but it is still something that I feel I need to do. I hope I am able to do more volunteer work as a doctor and surgeon in the future."

"I think that would be really great Zayne and I will support you and help you anyway I can." The couple continued to walk around Cambridge a little longer talking and simply enjoying each other's company before grabbing a cab as darkness set in and the temperature dropped and they also wanted to make it back to The Rectory in time for dinner.

The next day was New Year's Eve and after the New Year rolled in they knew the house would begin to fill with guests for a few days before they all travelled to Norfolk a week before the wedding so simple nights with just the immediate family were going to be rare for a while and they didn't want to miss the opportunity.


New Year's Eve was a blast as the family celebrated together and Blair was able to meet some of the people who were prominent in her new family's English life. The family shared their tradition of attending the New Year's Parade and carnival making Blair feel welcomed into the clan and not like an outsider.

The passionate kiss shared by the soon to be married couple was the start of a tradition the engaged couple hoped to carry on for many decades to come.

Everyone who lived at the Rectory slept in the second day of January after the eventful previous two days. However, it wasn't long into the morning before Zayne and Blair both felt pulls on their toes by small fingers and hands. "Mom, Mama Blair are you two going to get up soon?" Zoe whispered.

"We thought maybe we could go out to brunch, just the four of us." Abby's voice held a slight pleading tone.

"Cause things are going to be crazy soon with all the grown-ups getting ready for the wedding and honeymoon." Zoe added to the plea.

Zayne grinned once again impressed by her little girls' intelligence and ability to put together a decent argument to try and get what they wanted. The mother was really glad she had so much family around them that would be able to help the brunette and now Blair also when the duo became teenagers. The duo were going to be handfuls of epic proportions considering how dangerous the little twosome were already at 5 going on 30. Zayne simply waited to see how Blair handled the situation and smothered her grin before anyone discovered she was awake.

The toe tug was still relatively new to Blair, but she had been introduced to it not long after she had begun sharing a bedroom and bed with Zayne. It was the girls' favorite way to wake up their mom and now her as well. Blair smiled when she heard Zoe call her Mama Blair. The sleepy blonde couldn't wait until she could officially adopt the pair and counted her blessings everyday thanking the lord for bringing Zayne, her girls, and their family into her life. Once Zoe and Abby pleaded their case Blair bounced up surprising both girls before she grabbed them around the middle and pulled them onto the bed with her hugging them tight.

"So this brunch you want to have do you also have a place in mind?" The blonde smiled down at her soon to be official daughters, but in her heart they already were.

"Yes, mom used to take us there a few times a month for just her and us time before we went to America and found you." Abby grinned snuggling into her new mama.

"Now it can be our special brunch time with you too. You will really like it they have the best brunch food and really great hot cocoa when it's cold out. Please can we go?" Zoe too snuggled into her new mama enjoying the moment.

"Hmm that does sound good and I would love to spend some special time with you two and your mom." The older woman's heart was melting even more at the feel of the girls snuggling into her. "Why don't the two of you go get cleaned up and dressed and I will wake your mom and convince her to take us to a special brunch."

"Awesome." The two girls hugged Blair tight before scrambling off the bed and out the door.

Leaning over the blonde kissed her fiancé's soft lips. "I know you're awake my pirate."

"Mmm." The taller woman moved into the kiss. "Yes, but I'm wanting to see what you had planned for the convincing."

The husky slightly sleepy timber of Zayne's already sexy voice instantly made Blair's panties damp. "I was thinking of offering you myself tonight after we put the girls to sleep and you wearing one of those certain items I stumbled across in your bottom bedside drawer yesterday. I admit I am a bit curious to experience being made love to by you or maybe even fucked by you while you my sexy amazon still have both hands free to roam where they will." Blair's voice had grown sultry as she spoke.

"Oh bloody hell woman!" Zayne groaned as her hips jerked forwards as she pulled her future wife tighter into her body. "You are a temptress." She kissed Blair hard before pulling back. "I would love to go to brunch with all three of my girls and I would love to explore new horizons with you later tonight, however know that we will only do what you are comfortable with and if you're not interested or don't enjoy something I am always okay with you saying no. I would never dream of pressing you into anything."

"Oh I'm very interested in having my strong and powerful woman filling me with her cock making me scream for her. I may even want to ride my woman's cock sometime. I bet we would both like that." It was so freeing and empowering being able to fully let go with Zayne and she had opened Blair's eyes so much proving to the blonde that Blair herself was an extremely sensual and passionate woman who turned out to have a bit of a wild and adventurous streak in her when it came to intimate matters and Zayne was always open to exploring and even teaching Blair the art of intimate pleasures.

"Oh you have got to stop speaking now or I am going to have to take a cold shower before we go to brunch. You are entirely too sexy for it to be healthy for me." Zayne reluctantly rolled away from her sexy woman and up off of the bed. "I am going to go freshen up and splash some cold water on my face and maybe on my lady bits too." She added with a mumble. "I will be ready to go soon, babe."

Blair was giggling as she got up heading into their very large shared closet. She loved how she affected her fiancé.


The little family of four had an enjoyable brunch and the twins had a fun time showing off their new mama to the owners and regulars of the café that knew the Masters family well. It became quite obvious to those around the family that the blonde truly loved the powerful brunette and the two little girls and they her and that their relationship was the real deal and not based on money or power. It made those who were friends of the Masters happy to see the family happily moving forward from a tragic past.

Blair also found out her daughters weren't kidding in the least, the café really did serve the best hot cocoa she had ever had. "We are going to have to bring Nat and Dorothy here when they visit so they can try this hot cocoa."

"Yeah, I bet Aunt Nat and Aunt Dot both will think it's the best too." Abby said smiling sporting a chocolate mustache and some whipped cream on her nose.

Blair quickly took a picture with her phone when she saw Zoe and Zayne both looked the same. "You three are a mess." The American chuckled as she reached over and began cleaning each of their faces off. Blair had grown into the habit of taking pictures and capturing small videos of her family and sending them to Fiona and Teddy the family archivists.


The family of four spent much of their time together until well after lunchtime when the girls had to work on their studies under Teddy's watchful eye and Zayne and Blair each had to spend a little time in their home office on various business and wedding matters. It was nice that the whole family was able to come together for dinner that night. The girls chattered happily about their day and everyone was talking about the visitors that were going to start arriving in a few days starting with Nat and Dot or Tootie as some still called the actress.

It seemed like forever to the blonde before it was time to tuck the girls into bed. Blair had a surprise planned for her lover and she was a bit nervous, but also excited about her idea.

"I love you both to pieces." Blair kissed each girl on the forehead as she tucked them in. "Now get some sleep my little sweethearts and I hope you have lots of precious dreams."

"Goodnight Mama Blair." The two mischievous angels spoke together smiling.

"Goodnight girls." Blair smiled back before standing to let Zayne have her time with the girls. "Love, I'm going to go get ready for bed. Why don't you freshen up in the bathroom across the hall from our room? I'll leave your robe and things there for you." The blonde whispered into Zayne's ear as the taller woman moved to take Blair's place at the girl's bedside for her nightly routine with her daughters.

The raven haired woman's eyes darkened and her breath stuttered out. "Sounds like a plan love. I will join you soon." Zayne gave her lady a quick kiss on the lips before the blonde escaped with a wink and a sexy sway to her hips. The mother took a deep breath settling her rampant hormones before she turned back to her children and sat down on the edge of their bed and began her and her girls' nightly bedtime ritual.


Forty minutes later Zayne was freshly showered and dressed in nothing but her blue silk robe and a very high end strap-on harness with a realistic flesh colored just above average sized cock hanging from the front of it. She had a couple of harnesses she had recently purchased when things heated up with her fiancé. That night would be the couple's first night using one of them, though not a first for Zayne herself. Blair had picked the harness that would not only stimulate Zayne's clit but had a small dildo that filled the wearer as well. It seemed her blonde wanted Zayne to feel the experience as deeply as the dark haired woman could. Zayne's phone signaled a text from Blair.

Come in now. Lock door behind you. Sit in chair in middle of room.

K Zayne quickly replied back already feeling her lady bits starting to pulse with arousal and become even more sensitive to the well-fitted harness she was wearing.

In seconds Zayne was across the hall and into their shared master suite locking the door behind her as she tossed her now silenced phone on a table by the door. She saw the chair that usually resided before Blair's dressing table in the open space between the bed and in-suite bathroom. The whole room had a sensual feel to it with low lighting and soft music playing. It never failed to make Zayne smile and her heart to feel full when she entered the master bedroom to smell Blair's scents mingled with her own. The powerful woman quickly took her seat facing the bathroom door and eagerly awaited her lover to appear. Luckily for her it wasn't a long wait.

The door opened and a fresh wave of Blair's scent entered the room before the golden goddess appeared in the doorway in a golden robe belted at the waist. Zayne could see the ends of a garter belt that connected to sexy thigh highs that covered legs that looked outrageously long in the very high sexy strappy gold heels her lover was wearing. The seated woman's mouth went dry at the sight before her as other parts of her became much wetter and her eagerness to see what lay underneath that golden robe grew.

"God baby, you are so gorgeous." It was taking everything Zayne had to remain seated. She needed to touch her goddess and soon.

"Thank you sweetie and so are you. I never really felt truly sexually desirable until you, but you never hide how much you desire me, want me, need me, and it makes me feel secure, sexy, sensual, and brave enough to let my sexual or even erotic imagination run wild." The blonde pulled a little remote out of her pocket and pushed a few buttons and the music began to change. "You sit there and enjoy, but don't touch or speak unless I ask you too."

Zayne obediently nodded eager to see what Blair had in store for her.

As the tempo of the music changed the blonde began to dance loving the way her fiancé's eyes roamed over her body and followed every move she made. She had wondered if she would feel self-conscious, but the way Zayne was reacting to her alleviated that as it usually did and she simply gave herself over to the music and the moment as she let herself go and began to sensually dance around her love the dance becoming more erotic as the tempo grew and the musical mix she was using shifted. When she dropped her robe from her shoulders and eventually tossed it away she gloried in the sexy moan of desire she heard from her seated woman.

Zayne's already powerful arousal spiked up when the robe came off and golden lingerie was revealed. Blair wore golden lacy panties a corseted top and bra, the lace of the bra giving just a glimpse of the dusky nipples and areolas hidden beneath, her love really was a golden goddess and Zayne would gladly worship her for the rest of her life and beyond.

Blair continued to dance moving closer to the chair until she was occasionally brushing up against the seated woman. The blonde at one point reached down and untied Zayne's robe as she moved behind the chair and pushed it open revealing heaving breasts and a jutting strap-on. The erotic picture spiked Blair's arousal even further. She danced back around in front of her partner turning her back to her as with a sexy move she removed her panties bending over in front of Zayne as she did giving the dark haired woman a lovely view of her from behind showing just how wet and wanting she was. Blair was finding erotically dancing for her woman incredibly stimulating and from Zayne's reactions so was her lover.

She stood back up keeping her back and naked backside to her lover swaying and shimmying her hips to the music giving Zayne quite a show. Blair knew how much her fiancé loved that part of her body and she planned to give that virgin territory to her on their honeymoon, but that was a surprise for later. The blonde slowly backed up until she was straddling Zayne's lap and sat down with her naked butt on the seated woman's equally bare thighs feeling the dildo rub along her outer lips as she ground to the music and leaned back into her heaving lover.

"Did you know since you showed me how to be a more effective researcher on the internet that I can find some rather interesting and useful information on so many thrilling topics?" The lawyer took a moment to stand and turn around before sitting back down on the panting woman's lap. Blair reached her hands around behind her back and unhooked her golden bra letting it fall away before she tossed it across the room to join her panties and robe leaving her dressed in nothing but a golden corset offering up her breasts with garter straps dangling from it that led down to connect with her thigh highs and she was still wearing her sexy killer heels.

The blonde chuckled with the erotic power she was feeling as Zayne growled beneath her as their bare breasts touched and she saw the strong woman's grip on the chair tighten knowing Zayne was having to fight to keep from touching. "I found this incredibly informative and intriguing article that led me to quite a few more electrifying discoveries that I can't wait to try in the future, but at this moment I have a few specific ones in mind." She leaned forward pressing her chest even more into Zayne's as she ran her nose along her woman's cheek to speak into her ear all the while she continued to grind on the woman's lap. "I think you are really gonna like what I do next. I'm really excited about it. I found some great helpful hints on how to suck your cock Zayne until you explode in my mouth." With that she kissed her lover's ear and slide sensually down the powerful body to kneel before the raven haired beauty and began to push her legs wide apart to give herself plenty of room to maneuver.

Blair's arousal climbed even higher as she heard Zayne groan "Oh my fucking God." And she saw the wetness that already coated her fiancé's inner thighs. She began kissing up those taunt thighs on both sides of her head taking her time to lick up all the wetness that was on offer as her hand moved up and began to slowly stroke the shaft from base to tip being sure that the clit stimulator shifted just enough to add an extra zing to what she was doing. When she moved adding her mouth to the mix kissing the cock tip and licking it up and down and slapping it on her tongue Zayne was no longer able to be totally silent as she fiercely gripped the chair and fought not to flex her hips too much and continued to moan and pant as Blair gave her a blow job.

The blonde loved the reaction she was getting and felt more wetness coating her own thighs from her actions. When she finally took the cock deep in her mouth and began bobbing her head slowly taking more and more of the cock into her mouth and making sure Zayne was also getting plenty of clit action through the harness the seated woman began to chant "Oh god" repeatedly with a few "Oh fucking gods" thrown in as well as Zayne neared her climax. Blair was thrilled and felt she could almost orgasm from what she was doing without even touching herself, she knew it wouldn't take much for her to come after she made Zayne climax. Feeling how near Zayne was she locked gazes with her lover and bobbed her head on Zayne's cock until she was able press her lips to the base of the harness and ground the base of the cock into Zayne swollen clit.


Zayne was out of her mind as she watched the blonde's bobbing mouth on her cock, the movement also causing the clit stimulator to drive her even further out of her mind. The erotic dancing and the outfit Blair wore had already worked her up to a fever pitch and when the lawyer got on her knees before her and began using her hands and mouth Zayne knew she wouldn't be able to hang on for long. She felt totally mesmerized as she held gazes with Blair as the other woman took more and more of her cock into her mouth and at that moment it truly did feel like her cock. When Blair's mouth reached the base of the harness taking her cock down her throat and ground the harness into her outrageously aroused flesh lights exploded in Zayne's eyes as she shattered apart with a roar as she came hard in her fiancé's mouth doing her best not to pump her hips too much and gag her partner.


Blair loved it when Zayne roared and came, wetness came flowing around the harness coating flexing thighs even more. Zayne was gloriously beautiful as she flung her head back and gave herself over to Blair and the pleasure that was crashing through her body. As soon as it seemed Zayne was coming down a bit, but not much from her high Blair stood as quickly as she could as she was shaking with arousal of her own. She moved to straddle Zayne's lap once more yet this time taking her lover's cock in hand and lowering herself down onto it, moaning out in pleasure as she was filled. The blonde gave herself over to the pleasure and began to ride her lover wildly glad when she felt Zayne's hands come up to grip her hips and ass helping guide her powerful actions. In moments Blair screamed out in ecstasy as she came all over her lover's cock and lap.

"Don't stop baby. Take me. Take me to bed and fuck me as only you can. I want you to take me from behind and you better not be gentle Zayne. Take me as the powerful world conquering warrior woman you are!" Blair gave voice to her erotic wishes and Zayne was all too eager to comply.

Zayne stood up still deep within her lover making Blair moan then shriek as she was tossed into the middle of the bed, but before she could right herself she was flipped onto her stomach and pulled aggressively up to her knees. The blonde shouted out in pleasure once more as she was filled completely in one stroke and swore she had never felt so completely full in her life and the position she was in was causing the cock to reach all kinds of delicious places as Zayne began to fuck her with raging abandon which Blair absolutely loved.

"Yes baby, fuck me. Make me yours Zayne as only you have ever been able to do. Fill me with your cock and your come baby." Blair pleaded.

"Oh don't worry angel I am going to give you just what you want until you can't take any more. Now come for me Blair. I want you to erupt for me as many times as you can." The warrior woman punctuated her order with a sharp slap to her lover's ass and felt enlivened for much more as Blair tightened up around her cock and shouted out in climax.

They continued on in the same vein long into the night and when Blair thought she didn't have one more climax in her Zayne proved her wrong. She could feel Zayne's need to powerfully climax shaking throughout her sweaty body and wanted to go with her, but didn't think she had it in her after the numerous times she had already came that night, however right as she felt Zayne start to jerk as climax took her Blair felt a pinching stroke down her swollen clit a second before she felt a thumb that had been teasing her puckered entrance slid fully within her and she instantly exploded all over the bed as her lover came buried deep inside of her. Darkness soon took her as bliss filled her to the brim and she slumped bonelessly to the bed her lover riding her down as she fell.


Zayne lay panting across her fiancé's back trying not to put too much weight on her as she tried to learn to breathe again and gain enough control over herself that she could pull out of her love's well fucked body so as not to hurt her.

When she was finally able to pull out and roll away to the side she fell to the bed taking a moment to rest before getting up. She tossed the edge of the comforter over Blair who was laying on top of it. The doctor didn't want her lover to get cold while she went and started a hot bath.

Zayne removed her harness groaning as she pulled the dildo from inside her and took the time to clean the thing before tossing it into a large drawer out of sight. She went back into the bedroom and took out spare bedding from the closet sitting it on the ottoman by her reading chair before she moved to the bed and scooped up her lovely naked sweat and come soaked sleeping lover and carrying her to the large bathtub and climbing in with her still in her arms. Both women moaned a bit as the warm water reached their well-used womanly bits, but the short soak would do them good and they would both sleep better after rinsing off the results of their rousing efforts.

She washed off both herself and Blair since the other woman barely woke up any at all during the whole thing. It was a little tricky drying them both off, but she managed it before wrapping Blair in a dry bathsheet and carrying her to the chaise lounge at the end of the bed and tossing the throw from the back of it over her love too before she began stripping the bed and remaking it with the clean bedding she had retrieved from the closet. When the bed was remade Zayne picked up all the soiled bedding and quietly crept out into the hallway and down to the laundry chute at the end of the hall where she sent all of the bedding down to the laundry room. When she returned to the bedroom she pulled the clean bedding back and unwrapped her sleeping woman who grumbled and snuggled into her as she picked up the naked blonde and carried her to bed. In moments they were cuddled together Zayne the big spoon to Blair's smaller one. The next few weeks were going to be hectic, but exciting. However Zayne was glad that she and Blair were able to take their moment to love one another and explore new horizons together before their house began to fill up with visitors. Zayne always suspected there was an erotic goddess hidden behind Blair's perfect princess façade and she was very much enjoying being the one to bring out the passionate and adventurous goddess in her princess.

Zayne tucked the covers around them both kissing her love's temple. "I love you my sexy goddess. Sweet dreams." Blair sighed in her sleep and snuggled more firmly into the taller woman who grinned at the sleepy response and followed the blonde into dreamland.


Finally an update. I know it went all lemony, but that is just where my imagination went. I had hinted at it a few times earlier that I might explore a little more with Zayne and Blair. I was very tempted to break the chapter when Zayne sat in the chair to await Blair stepping out of the bathroom but thought I might be hunted with pitchforks or something if I did that. LOL Anyway next the gang arrives and then on to the wedding. Anyway thanks to all of you who are still following along with this story I am not giving up on it, promise. I hope you enjoyed and take care. Until Next Time… Holly.