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Chapter One

The Night That Started It All

Today was October 10th, the day most had recognized as any other ordinary day just like any other as the citizens and shinobi of Konoha settled down and began to drift to sleep as the midnight slowly began to approach them.

However none of the residents of Konoha were prepared for the surprise attack by none other than the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. Roaring as loudly as it could it began to tear into the village as its shinobi began to rush towards the fox and protect their homes and families.

As that happened the village civilians as well as the younger generation of leaf shinobi were taken underground, though the younger shinobi's against their will since they wanted to protect their homes.

"We can help fight, don't make just sit stand here and watch," a seventeen year old raven haired girl with red eyes declared as a man of similar features stood a little in front of her, just out of reach of the barrier they were being kept behind.

"This fight is for the older generation. If we fail then it will be up to you, the younger generation to carry on our will of fire and protect the village."

"Kurenai," he said looking at the raven haired girl. "Become a great kunoichi and makes me a proud father and a proud grandfather one day," he said before he disappeared into a swirl of leaves, intent on joining the fight to protect the leaf from the rampaging biju.

Kurenai shook a little angrily as her father left and let a stray tear go down her face before a hand placed itself on her shoulder. Looking over her shoulder she saw Asuma Sarutobi, a seventeen year old recently promoted Jonin give her a look that said 'believe in him and follow his words.'

Not liking it she nodded her head in agreement despite still not liking it. Beside her, her fellow graduation class members and current Anbu Kakashi Hatake and his self proclaimed eternal rival Might Gai stood their silently as they observed the beast attacking their home with emotionless looks on their face.

Despite that she knew they along with everyone else all had the same feeling of wanting to do their duty and not feel so useless against the Kyuubi.

As they observed and watched, a small whimper came from behind them making them turn around and made their eyes soften.

Standing behind them was little five year old Naruto Namikaze, still wearing his blue pyjama's with little shurikans decorating around them and a little grey robe wrapped around him. He looked just like his father, the Fourth Hokage with his tanned skin and blonde hair and even had a similar personality to him which made him quite quiet but smart for his age. His eyes though were violet just like his mothers Kushina Uzumaki and had bursts of her personality at times.

He was born on October 3rd and had just celebrated his fifth birthday a week ago with his father and his heavily pregnant mother who was expecting twins. His parents adored him and spoilt him to a degree though they were happy that Naruto never got bratty. He was a very kind, fun loving though quiet little boy who in return loved his parents very much, especially his mother Kushina.

He was very excited when he found out he was going to be a big brother and had did his best to help his mother around the house and try to cause her as little trouble and stress as he could. Some time he even talked to his little siblings in his mother's tummy which always made Minato and Kushina smile at him proudly.

"Where are Kaa-chan and Tou-san?" He asked as he watched the fox destroy his home shifting in his spot a little nervously.

Kurenai went down to her knees and picked him up into her arms trying to sooth him.

"Your Kaa-chan and Tou-san will be okay Naruto. Remember your Tou-san is the strongest in the village and your mother is no pushover either," Kakashi said trying to lift the boys spirits.

"B-But Kaa-chan has my baby brother and sister in her tummy. What if she gets hurt?"

"That won't happen Naru-chan. Your Tou-san won't let any harm come to them. You have my word on it," she said as Naruto nodded and watched as he nuzzled into the older girls neck.

The rest was silent as they continued to watch as the shinobi of the village tried to push the Kyuubi away but were getting thrown away effortlessly by the fox.

Just as it looked like the Nine Tails was going to storm forward a large elongated staff hit it square in the stomach and slowly started pushing the fox away and out of the village. When the fox looked to see where it came from, standing on top of one of the buildings was none other than Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third Hokage.

"Jiji," Naruto said just managing to see his grandfather like figure battle the Kyuubi while the younger generation smiled at the arrival of the powerful leaf shinobi. As he watched the Third Hokage battle the Kyuubi with long range support from some of the other leaf shinobi, Naruto fell two strong energy signatures appear nearby and land just beside the Third Hokage.

Naruto smiled though when he recognized the signatures. "Pervy sage and Baa-chan are here." he said as the Kurenai, Kakashi, Asuma and Gai looked at him in confusion not entirely sure what he was talking about.

As soon as they did two large plumes of smoke appeared in front of the Kyuubi revealing a large white slug with blue stripes going down its back and a large purple frog with a shield and sasumata in its hands. On top of their heads none other than Jiraiya and Tsunade, two of the leaf villages Sannin.

When they saw Jiraiya and Tsunade begin battling the Kyuubi, the four younger shinobi looked at Naruto in surprise.

"How did he know they were there? I did not even sense them," they all thought but left it alone for now and would get back to it later.

"Jiraiya-kun, Tsunade-chan," Sarutobi greeted a little out of breath as the two Sannin nodded towards him.

"Sensei. If the Kyuubi is here I can only guess something went wrong with Kushina's while she was in labor?" Jiraiya asked.

"That seems to be the case. Though I have not seen her or Minato yet, I don't know where they are but we have to keep the Kyuubi away. No matter what," he said stealing his voice as they both nodded.

However just as the fox was about to launch an attack towards them, Minato appeared above the Kyuubi's head looking a little beaten up and then disappeared with the Kyuubi in a yellow flash away from the village making everything suddenly go quiet.

"Where did they go?" Tsunade asked as they began to scanning the area's before they saw a large explosion a few mile out form the village.

"There," Jiraiya said before the three kage level shinobi began running as fast as they could towards the site with the summons following after.

The other shinobi watched as the Fourth Hokage and Naruto's father vanished with the Kyuubi making many cheer though only four and a little boy knew it was not over yet.

Naruto closed his eyes and searched for his dad. Having never told anyone this, he had always been able to sense where people were. He recognised his parent's signatures like the back of his hand.

After a minute of searching he found them outside the village but he sensed his mother was hurt. It made him want to go to her and stop the Kyuubi from hurting her. He hopped out Kurenai's arms and started running forward but Kurenai and Kakashi caught him.

"Naruto you mustn't. Just because the Kyuubi is not there does not mean it is still not dangerous," Kakashi urged but the little blonde struggled as Kurenai placed him gently against her chest despite his wriggling.

"But I have too. Kaa-chan is hurt, I know it. She is with tou-san and the Kyuubi."

Now that made the others have their eyes widen. "He can sense that far away?" They thought since they knew the Hokage must have teleported the Kyuubi a fair distance away from the village. The range that Naruto seemed to have of sensing people was vest vast.

"Definantly need to look into that on a later date," Asuma said to Kurenai who nodded since a sensing ability of that magnitude sounded like a real blessing.

"Have faith Naru-chan. They will be okay," Kurenai said as Naruto's violet eyes look out across the village.

Battle Site

Kushina breathed in heavily as multiple chakra chains were shot out of her back and keeping the Kyuubi in its place while Gamabunta, the chief toad was on its back trying his best to keep it pinned down. Moments later Minato suddenly flashed in front of her. In his hands was their newborn daughter, one of the beautiful twins his wife had given birth to not long ago.

Her body was in pain all over after the Kyuubi was ripped out of her but she willed herself to stay awake. She could not let her family and the village down.

"I'm sorry Kushina, but this is the only way," he said solemnly. If we seal the beast back into you then you will die and I can't let that happen. I can't let the twins and Naruto live a life without their mother."

Kushina did not like it but she knew it had to be done. A newborn baby was the best option to seal the beast away in. But to make her children carry such a burden made a dent in her heart. It was a burden she never wanted one of her children to have to hold.

"How are we going to seal it?" Kushina asked as she tried to stand up but felt the Kyuubi struggling against her chakra chains. Though she was a fuinjutsu master, that were only a few methods of sealing that could contain the Nine Tailed Fox and knew there would be a struggle since the Kyuubi no doubt did not want to go back to be sealed away again.

"I have a plan for that. I can sense Jiraiya sensei, Tsunade and Sarutobi are on their way here. When they get here we will perform the four corner sealing method. Once we get it trapped, I will seal it away with the Eight Trigrams."

"The Four corner sealing method might not work Minato, it was designed to hold the biju up to the six tails. The Kyuubi might be too powerful for it," Kushina said concerned since they only had one shot at this.

"I know but with five kage level shinobi here and four to perform the ritual, it can be done. It will be close but it can be accomplished."

Kushina bit her lip. It was not the best idea but it could work. The eight trigrams would definantly hold the Kyuubi, she just hoped the four corner barrier seal would be enough.

"INCOMING," Gamabunta shouted as the Kyuubi got one of its claws out of the chains and sent it towards them.

"I WILL NOT BE SEALED AWAY AGAIN," he roared showing his target was the baby Mito.

"NO," Both Minato and Kushina shouted as they jumped in the way to protect their daughter form harm.

They waited for the strike to hit but suddenly felt a large shockwave hit them from behind. Looking around they saw Gamaken deflected the Kyuubi claw with his shield.

"Minato," three voices called as Hiruzen, Tsunade and Jiraiya appeared beside them. While Gamabunta and Gamaken kept the Kyuubi pinned down, Tsunade began to heal Kushina as Minato explained the plan to them all.

The three newly arrived adults looked down at the baby girl in sadness knowing she rough patches she was bound to encounter in her life. They did not like it but they knew it had to be done.

"Does anyone know if Naru-chan is okay?" Kushina asked thinking about her oldest and first born.

She saw Hiruzen nod his head. "Last I checked he was in the protective barrier being looked after by Kakashi, Asuma, Gai and Kurenai. He is safe and is unharmed."

Kushina nodded and breathed a little easier knowing her Naruto was safe and had not been caught in the fox's rampage.

As Tsunade healed Kushina's body enough for her to move and access her chakra, Hiruzen stood in front of the Kyuubi with the intent of helping keep the Kyuubi at bay while the other four took the four points around the Kyuubi to begin the sealing.

From Minato's spot he placed his hand on the ground and summoned a small alter and gently placed his new daughter on top of it. She was sound asleep which surprised him from all the noise but he guessed that was more a good thing. He began drawing on the necessary symbols in blood around the baby and onto the baby girl's stomach.

After a moment the seal was ready.

"Everyone it time now," Minato declared as Kushina retracted her chains which released the Nine Tailed Fox and made it roar from its spot.

Gamaken and Gamabunta did their best to keep it down as did Sarutobi but the Nine Tails was the strongest of the tailed beasts for a reason and was very quickly getting out of their grasp.

Minato nodded to everyone as he, Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade all prepared and channelled their chakra and made the necessary hand seals.

"Dog, Snake, Boar, Tiger, FOUR CORNER SEALING JUTSU," The four all shouted as their blue chakra burst from all around them and began to create a large net. The net began to expand before it was big enough to cover the Kyuubi. In each of their hands was kunai that once the net was securely placed around the Kyuubi, they would drive the kunai into the ground and hold the Kyuubi in the sealing barrier.

Gamaken, Gamabunta and Sarutobi saw the sealing jutsu get activated and quickly jumped out of the way as the sealing barrier began to close in around the Kyuubi and began to wrap around him.

"NO I WILL NOT BE SEALED AGAIN AFTER JUST GETTING FREE," it yelled as it fought against the sealing barrier around it making the four kage level shinobi grit their teeth while Kushina who still ached form earlier had to fight form passing out.

"Keep going. We need to use more chakra," Minato said to the others who nodded and gritted their teeth as they all poured out more chakra.

The Kyuubi tried to move around but Hiruzen elongated his adamantine staff and hit the Kyuubi right in the snout causing it to twitch in surprise.

The Kyuubi struggled and struggled but Gamabunta and Gamaken appeared by its side and did slammed into its sides, panicking it between their giant bodies.

"Take that you giant fur ball," Gamabunta declared as the net of seals began to cover over the entire giant form of the Kyuubi despite its declaring that it would not be sealed into some brat.

Knowing that the sealing was about to be completed Sarutobi stood in front of the Kyuubi looking it straight in its red eyes, not showing a hint of fear even when it turned to stare at him.

"You are too dangerous to be allowed to roam around freely," he said making the Kyuubi go wide eyed at Sarutobi's words as someone familiar from the past said the very same words.

Hashirama Senju stood in front of the Kyuubi as the giant fox demon was being pinned down to the ground with large wooden roots bursting out of the ground which wrapped themselves around the Kyuubi and keeping in submission.

The First Hokage looked in the Kyuubi's eyes with a sad but determined look on his face. "You are to dangerous to be allowed to roam freely. I am sorry but to protect the village and this world, this must be done."

A snarl ripped form its mouth as the Kyuubi began to struggled against the net of seals making the four sealers have a moment of struggle as it fought against them but the net had already covered the Kyuubi completely.

Kushina drove her kunai into the ground first signalling she was done, then Tsunade and then followed by Jiraiya and finally Minato.

"NOOOOOO," the Kyuubi roared Minato threw one of his three pronged kunai at its head which when hit dispersed an eight trigrams seal on top of its head.

Minato looked down at his daughter with a sad and apologetic look on his face before he made the necessary hand seals.

"Eight Trigrams SEAL," he called out as the blood marking and kanji's he made earlier began to move onto the baby's stomach and wrap around in a spiral like formation with eight symbols around it. Four at the top and four on the bottom.

The Kyuubi's body changed in a giant shroud of orange chakra as its continued to try and break out of the four corner sealing barrier but the eight trigrams seal appeared on its stomach before it just became a cluster of chakra.

Letting out one last roar that seemed to echo and be louder than the rest, the Kyuubi began to get sucked into the eight trigrams seal on Mito's stomach until eventually the Kyuubi had completely vanished leaving only the five shinobi and a baby left in the area.

When it was over the area was just silent as they all looked at the baby solemnly thinking how unfair it was that after being born not even an hour ago, she already had to carry such a heavy burden.

"Mito," Kushina muttered as she went to walk over to her daughter. Though the toll of the sealing and getting the Kyuubi finally began to hit her as she tripped over her feet and collapsed onto the ground, sheer exhaustion taking over.

"Kushina," Minato called out as Tsunade put the little girl in her arms and watched as Minato ran to his wife.

The four all appeared around her as Minato rested her gently in his lap with a worried look on his face.

Tsunade checked her pulse and her breathing but smiled and breathed out easily. "She will be okay. She is just exhausted which I am not surprised about after what she had been through today. Let's get them both to the hospital."

"I have the nurses looking after Eiji along with a few chunin bodyguards to be on the safe side. And we have a private room set up for her which we were going to transfer her too once the twins were birthed," Minato said as Tsunade nodded.

"Flash her there and make sure to put her straight to bed. She will be weak for a few days but her Uzumaki blood will do the rest. And take me with you so that I can check on the other bay," she said with Minato nodding in agreement as he picked Kushina up bridal style.

Minato was about to go before he had a pained look on his face and looked over at Sarutobi. "Sarutobi I am sorry I could not protect Biwako," he said wanting to send the older Hokage his sympathies.

The Third got a sad look on his face as he silently mourned his wife's death but he knew such a thing would have to wait until later. So for now he just nodded his thanks to Minato while Jiraiya patted his sensei's shoulder.

Minato as about to flash this time when Tsunade grabbed a hold of his sleeve with Mito still in her arms but then another thought crossed him. "Naruto. Someone will need to collect Naruto."

Jiraiya looked ready to offer to get him but Hiruzen beat him to it. "I can do that. I will bring him to the hospital since I am sure he will want to see that his family is safe."

Minato nodded his thanks and within a second disappeared in a yellow flash along with Kushina, Tsunade and Mito.

No longer needing to stay in the area, Sarutobi and Jiraiya took off back to the village.

In Village

"What's happening?" Naruto asked for Kurenai's arms as they watched as the barrier that was stopping them from leaving disappeared and a few of the chunin and Jonin that fought against the Kyuubi appeared in front of them.

They explained how the Kyuubi was defeated though they never said how. It did not matter though since the younger generation all cheered. The only one who was not cheering was little Naruto who just wanted to find his Kaa-chan and Tou-san.

Naruto the young boy heard as he looked over form all the chattering around him to see Sarutobi approaching him.

"JIJI!" Naruto cried as he jumped out of Kurenai's arms and jumped into the embrace of the old Hokage.

"Where is Kaa-chan and Tou-san. Are they okay?" he asked with tears threatening to spill again.

Sarutobi soothed him and calmed him down as best he could but he knew the boy wanted to see hsi parents.

"They are fine Naruto, they are at the hospital with Tsunade, Jiraiya and your baby brother and sister."

Naruto's eyes went a little wide when he heard brother and sister and it only made him want to get their quicker.

"Your mother will most likely be asleep so remember to be quiet when we get there since today has been very taxing for her," he said as Naruto quickly nodded his head.

When he did Sarutobi said goodbye and thanked Kurenai, Asuma, Gai and Kakashi for watching over him in this time of need and quickly set off for the hospital.

It did not take long him long though when he did get to the hospital it was all in a rush as stretchers with people being carried on it were brought in and some of the nurses working on the injured in the lobbies or in the hallways.

He spotted Tsunade's apprentice Shizune ordering a few nurses while helping a young kunoichi, quickly showing how far her studies with Tsunade were coming along.

"Are all these people going to be okay jiji?" Naruto asked looking around t all the hurt shinobi.

"Eventually they will. They had a hard fought battle tonight and lot of people got hurt because of it. However we have some of the best doctors around in Konoha, as well as Tsunade so they will be back on their feet in no time," he said as Naruto nodded.

They walked up a few flights of stairs before they arrived at the prenatal zone. Naruto saw a few of the pregnant moms women around who had been sent to the hospital to make sure their babies were okay. One of which was his mothers friend Hitomi Hyuuga who as far as he knew was expecting a young girl.

Leaving that little area Sarutobi walked them down a quiet corridor before stopping at the third on the right.

"Here we go," Sarutobi said to Naruto as he opened the door and walked inside. As soon as they walked in he spotted his father with Jiraiya and Tsunade in the corner of the room talking with serious expression on their faces. He saw they were all looking tired, especially Minato and his his clothes were ripped in a few places and he rubbed his eyes a little.

"Tou-san," Naruto quietly called remembering what Sarutobi about him needing to be quiet. He saw Minato look in his direction and a smile appear on his face.

"Naru-chan," he said leaving the corner and taking his son from Sarutobi.

"I missed you Tou-san. I thought you and Kaa-chan were hurt," Naruto said beginning to sob as his father held him close and soothed him as best he could.

"It's okay Naru-chan. Your Kaa-chan and I are made of some pretty strong stuff. It will take more than that overgrown fuzz ball to hurt us," he said trying to make his son smile though he just sobbed a little harder.

Wanting to calm his son down he made Naruto look at him. "Hey Naruto-Chan, would you like to see you new baby brother and sister," he asked.

Naruto eyes went a little wide but nodded his head. Minato smiled and led his Naruto over to the other side of the room.

Naruto turned his head and saw Kushina sleeping on the bed with her red hair swept onto one side. "Kaa-chan," he said looking at her.

"She is okay Naruto. She has had a long and tiring night and just need the rest. I know she was very worried about you but I know she will be very happy to see you in the morning," Minato said as they reached who they were looking for.

Situated next to Kushina's bed was a cot with two little bundles sleeping peacefully inside. One was wrapped in a blue blanket while the other was in blue. The little boy had tanned skin like Naruto and Minato and had blonde hair but could see small red streak in it.

The little girl had similar hair like her twin but her skin was a lighter shade like Kushina's. However Naruto noticed that on her cheeks she had whisker like marks. Though he and his little brother has similar marks, the ones on his sister were more noticeable and definer.

"Naru-chan I would like to you to meet your brother and sister Eiji and Mito Uzumaki Namikaze." Minato leaned down with Naruto still in his arms and towards the sleeping twins.

Naruto gasped a little as he looked at his younger siblings and outstretch his right hand and gently stroked his sister's cheek. "Mito-chan," he said as a smile made its way onto his face.

Minato, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Sarutobi smiled as they watched Naruto interact with his two new siblings. After such a long day and after all the tragic occurrences that had happened, it was good to finally see something good happen considering the twins birth which should have been a joyous moment was interrupted by a madman and the attack.

He did the same with Eiji and laughed when the baby wrinkled his nose from the contact.

"Tou-san can I hold them?" Naruto asked looking his father in the eyes.

Minato smiled and nodded. "Okay but one at a time," he said as he put Naruto down and the boy sat on a nearby chair. Minato gently picked up Mito and walked towards Naruto.

"Remember to be careful of her head," he said to his oldest son who nodded and gently put her in Naruto's arm. Tsunade and Jiraiya sat beside him looking down at the little girl.

Her tiny little body lay against Naruto's as she rested n his arms though since he was only five she also laid across his lap.

"Hi Mito-Chan, I'm your big brother," Naruto he said making the others smile as Minato watched him with Eiji resting in his arms.

Just as he spoke Mito's eyes began to flicker before she opened her eyes revealing s pair of blue eyes looking up at him.

"She has your eyes Tou-san," he said looking up at his dad who was now a little in front of him.

"It seems she does and it looks like Eiji has the same eyes too," he said showing that Eiji was awake as well now and showing his similar blue as well.

Naruto looked down at his sister and saw she was looking up at him with a curious expression on her face as if she was trying to figure out who he was. After the two looked like they were having a staring competition with each other Mito then giggled a soft yet melody like laugh that made everyone smile.

"I think she likes you Naru-chan," Minato said laughing a little.

"What's not to like about my little Naru-chan," a tired voice said making them turn around to see Kushina with her eyes open and looking at the scene with a smile on her face.

"Kushina," the adults all said surprised to see her awake while Naruto looked t his mother and a new set of tears began to form. He gave Mito to Tsunade who happily took the little girl before he made his way towards Kushina.

"Kaa-chan," he said as he crawled onto her bed and lay next to her.

"Naru-chan don't cry. Everything is okay" she said softly but quickly found him hugging into her side. She kissed the top of his head and wrapped her arms around him.

"I thought you got hurt Kaa-chan. I was worried," he sobbed as Kushina rubbed his back soothingly in circles trying to calm her down.

"I felt you and Tou-san and you felt hurt with the big vile horrible chakra near by," he said catching the attention of everyone in the room.

"Naruto what do you mean you felt everyone?" Minato asked looking at his son with a curious expression.

"I don't know how to describe it. I could just feel where everyone was. I could feel when Pervy sage and Baa-Chan appeared on their big animals and I could feel you and Kaa-chan were out of the village."

"Naru-chan can describe what you felt when you sensed your parents," Sarutobi asked getting a little intrigued about this information.

"Well I could feel Tou-san and he felt calm but worried and a little scared. Kaa-chan felt warm but tired and frustrated. Then there was that big chakra that just felt so ...big. Like there was no end to it and felt so dark."

Everyone was surprised at what Naruto described.

"A sensor," Jiraiya said surprised. "Naruto has some kind of sensor like ability. And to feel the two of you almost two miles away from the village means it is powerful and has a long range."

Both Minato and Kushina looked at Naruto a little proudly though they did feel a little worried. They were not going to begin training him until he was six but now that these sensor like abilities had revealed themselves, they knew it was time to start a year early. Plus by the large chakra he said he could feel, they knew it was the Kyuubi he felt.

However they were not sure how to train him since they knew they were going to be extremely busy with the twins, Mito being a jinchurikii and making sure the seal is function correct. Plus there was healing the village from the damage of the attack.

The adults began to talk to each other about Naruto's surprising new ability and the events of the night, not seeing Naruto slowly falling asleep in his mothers embrace.

Chapter One Completed

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