Waking up in a dark room with the soft sound of beeping surrounding her, confused Tara Maclay as she looked around her. She noticed the emptiness of the room. Except for the bed, a chair, and the machines that were attached to her, the room was pretty much empty. She tried to remember where she was, or who she was, but no memory came to her. All she could remember was a face. The face of the angel that she'd been dreaming about. The angel with bright red hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a smile that was so sweet and full of innocence.

Tara sat up from her bed unhooking herself from the monitors. She ran a hand through her auburn hair as she climbed out of the bed, swaying on her feet. She grabbed a hold of the chair in front of her for a second, as she tried to regain balance. Once she was sure of her footing, she slowly made her way to the door, wanting to find her angel. She knew the face in her dream would have the answers to her questions. The angel would know who she was.

Walking down the long hall, Tara stumbled a few times, no longer use to walking. She didn't know how long she had been in this place. She didn't know her name or even what she looked like since she hasn't seen her reflection yet. All she remembered was the face from her dreams. She was the reason that Tara had awoke. She was the one that Tara planned to find.

When Tara made it into the elevator, she closed her blue eyes to envision the face once more, wanting to memorize every detail. Smiling to herself, she opened her eyes.

"I'm coming to find you, my angel. I'll be with you soon," she said the words softly, before the doors to the elevator opened, and Tara walked out to find her angel.