After their coffee date, things had begun looking up for Willow and Tara. Tara had slowly started remembering things about her past with Willow, and Willow was able to lay down at night and hold the woman she had fallen so deeply in love with all those years ago.

Smiling, Willow looked over at Tara's sleeping form and let her thoughts slip back to the first time her and Tara had held each other in sleep, the first time she had watched her girlfriend lost in sweet dreams. She remembered the small smile that had touched Tara's lips in sleep as it did now. She remembered thinking about how lovely Tara looked with her blond hair spread out on the pillow beneath her head, surrounding her in soft waves of gold. Willow couldn't help but dream about how beautiful Tara was and her beauty always stunned her. Staring over at the sleeping girl in her arms, she was again surprised at the feeling of love overcoming her.

Tightening her arms around Tara's sleeping form, Willow brushed her lips over Tara's soft hair before closing her eyes to allow sleep to overcome her. Waking up the next morning, Willow groaned as she felt the instant cold, reaching for Tara, she froze when she couldn't find her and sitting up, didn't see her in the bed.

"Tara?" Willow called, jumping out of bed and quickly dragging her robe on before rushing downstairs. "Tara?" she called again, nearly running into the blond as she burst into the kitchen. Seeing her, Willow grabbed her in a quick hug and held onto her, not letting go until she was sure that Tara was real. "I thought it was just a dream," Willow said, holding the girl close.

Tara wrapped her arms around Willow and held her close. "It's okay, Sweetie. I'm here. I'm right here," she said, holding the smaller girl close as she brushed her hands down her hair. "I'm here, baby. I only just found you. I'm not going anywhere. I will always find you, Love."

Willow relaxed at the feel of Tara's touch and the sound of her soft voice. "I'm so afraid to lose you again. You're my everything," Willow said, kissing Tara gently.

Tara smiled and brushed her lips over the redhead's. "I'm right here," she said as she pulled back from the kiss to rest her forehead against Willow's.

Willow nodded and held on for a few more moments before she released her death grip and settled for holding Tara's hand. "I'm sorry. I woke up alone and was afraid it was all just a dream. I don't ever want to wake up without you again," Willow said, smiling at the girl in front of her.

Tara ran a finger down Willow's cheek, looking into her girlfriend's beautiful green eyes. "You never have to again," she said, kissing her gently again before walking back to the stove where she had been making pancakes. "Circles or funny shapes?" she asked Willow, smiling over her shoulder.

Willow sat down on a stool at the bar, watching her girlfriend with a look of love on her face. "Surprise me," she said.

A little bit later, Buffy and Dawn joined them downstairs. Dawn squealed at the sight of Tara making pancakes causing Willow and Tara to jump and Buffy to roll her eyes. Tara smiled at the young girl when she realized what her excitement, and finished making the pancakes. Setting them on the table, she walked over to Willow and wrapped her arms around Willow, kissing her gently on the shoulder and cheek before releasing her and sliding in the seat next to her.

Buffy watched her best friends as they lost themselves in each other. She smiled when she watched Willow feed Tara a bite of her pancakes, enjoying seeing her best friend so happy. Dawn, like her sister, had been watching the two girls, happy to have Tara back, and grateful that the old Willow was finding her way back as well.

As Willow and Tara kissed once more, a knock sounded on the door, causing Willow to pull back from Tara with an irritated sigh. Buffy chuckled as she stood up and headed to the door. "I got it. You two love birds can continue kissing."

Willow smiled. "Thanks," she said, before leaning in to capture Tara's lips, enjoying the feel of the familiar soft lips against her own.

Buffy laughed as she walked over to the door, opening it to reveal Xander. "Hey," she said as Xander walked inside.

Xander smiled at her. "Hey. So where is everyone?" he asked.

"Kitchen. Dawn's eating breakfast, and Willow and Tara are kissing," Buffy said before walking into the kitchen with him. "Xander's here," she said, as she walked in.

Tara pulled back from Willow and touched her cheek gently before looking at Xander. "Hey, Xander," she said, before pointing at a plate full of pancakes. "Want some breakfast?"

Xander smiled. "You know me," he said as he grabbed a plate and piled some pancakes on. "I always do."

Tara smiled before turning her attention back to Willow. Xander, knowing that that was all he was going to get from the two, walked over to join Buffy and Dawn at the table, the three of them talking while they watched Willow and Tara lose themselves to one another.

After a short breakfast and a long day of spending time together, the five friends now sat watching a movie. Willow had her arms wrapped around Tara as Tara laid her head against Willow, while Dawn, Buffy, and Xander all sat sprawled on the floor. After a long time, the friends dozed off, letting the world around them fade.

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