Sitting within the darkness, all Pitch could think about was Jack. The feeling of almost having him in his grasp and losing him even quicker made his heart hurt so badly, it brought tears to his eyes. Why couldn't Jack just accept his feeling? They were kindred spirits. How could he not see that? He wondered around his dark twisted maze of a home as he tried to see the reason behind the winter spirits blindness. Was it those other guardians? No. It couldn't be. Then who? Pausing, he remembered the kid that had join the guardians to defeat him. Jamie Bennett? That boy had to have been the cause. He sat in his dark throne as one of the nightmares galloped to his side. Pitched reached out as he gently stroked the mares mane.

"It had to have been that kid's fault…. He helped jack get the strength to stand against me… I almost had the spirit broken." He hissed deeply in his throat. "If that brat hadn't gotten involved, I would have one and Jack would have been mine!"

His mind raced about the hole event. He looked to the mare and smiled.

"I got a great idea." He laughed. "I was able to take over Sandy with my dark arrow! Whose to say it won't work on the winter spirit?" He smiled deeply as he wrapped his fingers tightly around the mare's thick mane. "We'll go back to the human realm and try it out. If for some reason it doesn't work, then I guess we can always try to break his spirit again, but seeing that children believe in him now, that might be harder this time."

Pitch stood as he looked about his realm. He looked at the cages hanging about the ceiling and tilted his head. "Well, I could try and kidnap that Jamie brat, but I'm sure he's a teenager now. Even so, he is Jack's first. Jack will hold him most dear over all. If he could somehow get the brat to fear him, he could bring him here as a hostage. But then again, he helped all the guardians. They would come to the rescue as well. Pitch growled as he began to walk and think. He wasn't sure how things were out there presently. He didn't know what might have changed over his years of being locked away. He reached one of his hands out and formed a little nightmare in him hands. Tilting his head he smiled as he looked at the little horse.

"My precious little friend, I'm going to open my realm to the best of my ability. I need you show me what's going on up here. As long as you follow my orders, then we'll be able to escape and release your fellow nightmares back into the dreams of innocents, and I'll get my winter spirit."

The horse whinnied as and threw it's head up in excitement. Seeing this Pitch felt a tainted smile pull on the corners of his mouth.

"Well then, let's get started shall we?"

Pitch ran about desperately for any glimpse of a belief from someone. After a long while, he found one. He used it to his advantage and was able to slip the small horse though.

"Go! Return with what you find. Then, only then, well we plan our return." he spoke as he watched the little mare slip though the small gap before it disappeared.