Chapter 11

Black Ice Reborn

Jack finally found himself back in Pitch's realm. As he looked about the empty halls and the cages hanging from the ceiling, he felt something was off. Where was everyone? All the Nightmares and Nightmarelings? They where no where in sight. It gave the male a bad feeling, but he couldn't just turn back. He had something to tell Pitch. Something he couldn't put off till later. He took a deep breath and kept going. He could hear his every step echo back. A nervous chill ran up his spine. Walking into the throne room, he was surprised it was empty. Usually when Pitch was upset, he'd sit there and brood. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm his now racing heart.

"Pitch?" He called out as he listened for a response. He looked about to see Pitch's bedroom door open a crack. Slowly he approached the door. "Pitch? Are you in there?" He said softly. He tried to talk louder but for some reason, it just wouldn't reach his wanted tone. Getting to the door, he pushed it open a little to see the male laying in his bed. His black robe laying across the floor. Jack's eyes widened as he blushed wildly. All words he wanted to speak got caught in his throat. All thoughts he had originally, wiped itself out of his memory. His heart skipped a beat every few minutes. Slowly, the winter spirit slowly walked over and sat down at the edge of the bed. Pitch looked so handsome laying there. Eyes closed. Then the thought of having to let this man go hit him. A pain grew again as he studied the sleeping males face. He slowly leaned down and placed his cold lips upon Pitch's cheek.

"Pitch… Wake up. I got something to tell you." Jack said quietly. He watched Pitch stir and look up at him. Jack felt like someone reached in his chest and pulled out his heart. Seeing this innocent, vulnerable side of Pitch was unbelievably alluring.

"What is it Jack?" Pitch said in a quiet tone. Jack blinked as he felt his breathing becoming uneasy. The expression on Pitch's face was so exotic. Before Jack could think, he found himself smashing his mouth harshly against Pitches own lips. This slightly caught The Boogieman off guard. His eyes widened at first, but quickly he began to give back just as much, if not more, than Jack was giving him. Clothes seemed to fly across the room in unknown locations as the two males went for each other like wild animals. Kissing, biting, and clawing at each others bare skin. It was something Jack had never experienced. It was rough and painful, but he found he loved it. Somewhere within their wild passion, Pitch's member had found it's way deep inside Jack's hole. Moans slipped past the wither spirit's lips as he felt the shocking pleasure. Pitch smiled as he began to pound the winter spirit's sweet spot as hard as he could over and over with such force and beastly lust, that the two men couldn't focus on anything else. Jack gasped and moaned like mad. Their bodies becoming one with such fierce force. Jack wasn't sure how the two came. Hell, they just didn't stop. Their bodies didn't allow it. It felt like they had went an entire day of nothing but fucking the hell out of each other before they finally came to a stop. The two males laid together, not on the bed, but on the floor. Both panting heavily as they tried to calm their racing hearts. It took Jack a little while to get himself back on track. When he did, he looked to Pitch. The smile on his face. There was so much joy. Something Jack had never seen on the males face before. Once again, the pain came back.

"Pitch… I'm sorry…" Jack said softly. A guilt ridden look painted on his face.

Pitch looked over at Jack and slowly, his smile faded. "What do you mean Jack?"

Jack took a deep breath as he sat up. "I'm sorry Pitch… This was so much fun… all of it… and you did so much for me…. But…"

"But…" Pitch said as he sat up slowly and looked away, face low. "…you're not staying with me… are you?"

Jack looked away. The expression on Pitch's face was painful. He couldn't look at him. The sound of his voice didn't help either. "I'm sorry…. I do love all you've done… but I can't stay here… I'm a Guardian. I've had a nice vacation, but I need to get back to work. I've been majorly slacking." He said trying to add a little bit of humor in the conversation. Jack looked over to see Pitch smile a bit and felt his own smile grow.

Jack stood as he began to gather his clothes and get dressed again.

"Jack… are you sure there's no way I can talk you into staying with me?" Pitch said softly as he stood and walked in front of the dressing winter spirit. "I'll do absolutely anything… Just… please…"

"I'm sorry… I just can't…" Jack said softly as he stood up and walked to the bedroom door. He paused before looking back at Pitch one last time. "I do love you Pitch… and I hope the best for you…" He said softly. Then he walked forward. As he opened the door and began to walk, He heard Pitch walk to the door frame.

"Too bad… I tried so much to be someone you'd be willing to stay with…" he said in a tone that quickly turned dark. Pitch raised his hand and snapped as thightmarelings suddenly appeared from above and retrained the winter spirit, taking away his staff. Jack struggled to get away, but it was no use.

"PITCH!" Jack screamed aloud. Angry as hell. But more hurt than anything. He watched Pitch approach him with a victorious smile. "LET ME GO!"

"I'm sorry Jack.. I can't…" Pitch said softly. "You see, I've been in love with you this whole time. Ever since I first saw you…. I knew you where the only person for me. That's why I can't let you go, you see. Not only was I in love with you… but you had the same feeling for me. We shared a longing that nobody else could ever understand." He said as he stopped in front of Jack again. "I've been working hard to have you here with me."

Jack's eyes widened as he looked at Pitch. "What do you mean?"

"Did they not tell you?" Pitch asked curiously. "Why those two so called friends and lovers when at each other so harshly?" He said as he chuckled. "I showed them what they wanted to see. Jamie always heard about how cruel the rabbit was to you. Calling you names and always yelling at you… so he had a nightmare of the rabbit abusing and hurting you. And the rabbit… well… he knew the kid had a thing for you. The lusting looks and always wanting to be close. He knew those since, he himself had those looks and feelings. He also knew how close you where to Jamie. So he had a pretty bad nightmare of you cheating on him with the human teen."

Jack got more and more pissed as he listened. "Why the hell did you do that to them?!"

"Whoa Jack! Take a breath. I didn't create the nightmares. I just had my little nightmare slip into their dreams to make it a bit sour. What actually happened within their dream was all their own creation." Pitch said. "It was a little shocking, even for me. But then again, I share their desire. I told myself when you came here with me that I would do anything to keep you here by me. I tried to be gentle and try and talk you into staying, but you kept turning me down… so now… you leave me no choice." He said menacingly. He reached out and the little snake shadow slithered from behind the throne. Jack watched in a bit of confusion. "I bet you're curious about this little guy aren't you? Well, changing your appearance took a little bit of power you see. I had to literally cover you in shadows. This little guy was what you threw away… and now.." He said as Pitch snapped and the little shadow grew in a whirlwind of dust and smoke. Then it began to lighten up until nothing but a form stood there. A familiar form.

"T-that's…" Jack said in shock as he stared wide eyed at the ghostly image before him.

Pitch laughed as he walked over and placed both his hand on the shadow's figure. "Jack, meet your new brother… Black Ice. He'll be the beginning of the end and the beginning of your eternal imprisonment here…" Pitch laughed insanely.

The copy image of Jack looked to his counterpart and smile with bright white teeth. "Hello bit brother. Hope you don't mind I play with your friends for a bit…"

"Take Jack to my room. Shackle him to my bed so he can't get away and guard him heavily. Black Ice and I have a war to oversee."

"NO!" Jack screamed as he began to be dragged away. "NO PITCH! DON'T DO THIS! I BEG OF YOU! PITCH!"

Then the closing of the bedroom door quieted the winter spirit's screaming. Pitch walked in front of Black Ice and smiled. He took a deep breath and exhaled softly. "Well my boy, time to play. Go have fun for a bit. I'll be getting the solders ready for battle."

"Yes my King." Black Ice said darkly as he grabbed Jacks staff and left for the human world.