A/N: Well everyone, I already told everyone that I hated with all the stories about Humphrey and Kate not being together, Humphrey is suddenly dead, Kate cheats on Humphrey, has pups with Garth or another wolf, and so on and so on. I hate it so much! So I'm putting up a stand to it by writing the first ever story that takes place, yes with my characters, and goes after the movie after Humphrey an Kate's true love howling. So, I hope all of you enjoy, because this is going get everyone into a new adventure!


It's the start of a peaceful, quiet day in Jasper Park, Canada. The glass was blowing softly, the air was fresh, and the skies were clear. It's been a month since the uniting the West and East packs all thanks to a marriage, not an Alpha and Alpha, marriage, but an Alpha and Omega marriage.

Dawn Walker Wolf Presents. . .

One Alpha, and One Omega were true best friends back when they were pups, but the alpha had to go to alpha school for the whole winter. The law said that Alphas and Omegas couldn't be together. When the Alpha returned from school, the Omega couldn't be more then friends with her.

The alpha was set to marry an alpha from the east leader's son to untie the pack because of shortage of food for both packs. But the marriage backfired after the Alpha and Omega were captured and taken to another park to repopulate.

Once there, they were to work together to get back home before the packs went to war. They made a big trip back home, as well as the two wolves soon falling in love with each other.

A Fanfiction production/Lionsgate production

In the end, the two make it back, stop the war, and somehow fell in love with each other and using that marriage of them to unite the packs and bring peace to the valley.

A week later, a lone named Sebastian joined the pack, along bring in a bad past of his from his old pack, an alien race that were known as Necrowolves, which he successfully killed with the help of his best friend Robert, and a close friend and soon to be mate, Katelyn.

They all ended the outbreak and saved everyone, while the omega was captured by a crazy loving human girl and taken away from his home but was saved by his friend Sebastian and escaped the human girl, not before the omega infected the human girl with a chemical that turned her into a wolf-human form.

That human wolf came back and found the omega as well as Sebastian and wanted revenge but was defeated and killed by their plan.

Now, the wolves are having the best time of their lives. Nothing could have ruined this day.

Alpha and Omega 2: A New Adventure!

"Log? Check!, Smooth path way? Check! Good wind speed? Check! Scared Alpha? Check!" Said the omega. Behind was the mighty, but sadly scared Garth, who was putting on a round shaped log on his head and two more small hollow logs on his arms and legs.

"Hey Coyote, this is my first time, and I'm not prepared to find myself missing some limbs" Garth said adjusting his log helmet. "I thought you were the mighty Garth" Said the Omega. "I am, just not into things that will get us killed" Garth said.

"Well 'Moose', let's how tough you are after this one run, Sebastian, you ready?" The omega called down the steep hill to his friend, who was clearing out the runway. "All good, let's ride!" Sebastian yelled back.

"Alright, let's do this!" The omega said. "So uh, how do we go?" Garth asked. "Mooch, if you would" The omega said. As one cue, the Omega's friends, Shakey, Salty, and Mooch were right behind them away from the log sled.

"Get ready for the ride of your life" Mooch said as he charged right at the log. Garth turned around to see just in time to see Mooch charge at them. "Wait, Wait, Wait, WAIT!" Garth screamed. But Mooch came and pushed the log over the edge and sent the log, and the two wolves flying.

Down below were Sebastian was at, out came the three mates of Garth, The omega, and Sebastain: Kate, Lilly, and Katelyn. The all came out of the tree lines and saw Sebastian.

"Hey Sebastian" Katelyn called out. Sebastian perked his ears up and saw his girlfriend. "Hey beautiful" Sebastian said back. But he then saw the three walking into the path of the oncoming log sled. Sebastian jumped in front of them.

"Hey Sebastian, where's Garth and my cute omega?" Kate asked. "Move, move, move, out of the way. Their fine" Sebastian said to them waving his paw to them moving their backwards. "How rude, where are they?" Kate asked.

"Sorry I had to move you girls out of the way, but it's ok, they're fine. . . ." Sebastian was cut off when the log sled flew by in lightning speed and took him off his paws, leaving the girls surprised.

"Yeah, they're fine" Katelyn said.

Sebastian opened his eyes to see his Omega friend in front of him and Garth right behind him with protection on. "Hey Sebastian" Said the omega. "Hey" Sebastian said back. Then he turned around to see him in front of the sled, then screaming.

"AAAHHHH!" He screamed.

The sled hit an oncoming rock, breaking away part of the sled. "Ok, I've had enough, let off this ride!" Garth said. "Uh yeah. . . . about that. . ." The omega said.

"There's no brakes" Sebastian finished. Garth gulped then looked at the Omega in front of him. "I hate you Humphrey"

The three braced themselves as they headed straight for the pack lake.

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