A/N: hey everyone I still have to write this on my iPod, but really why am I the only author who's in a good mood while some authors I know are doing bad in life? So yeah, I read the alpha and omega 2 wiki and the movie is coming out next month...terra and slash...what does that mean?... and also how do you put a space in this writing? Beginning of day 2 everyone has now woken up inside a more cozy mobile home, all thanks to a a special beautiful husky that salty is now falling over paws with. He couldn't take his mind offf of her during his sleep and was waking up to him talking in his sleep. "that's really cute to watch" katelyn said sitting on a couch across from him. "he's been like that all night, I barely got any sleep" Garth said laying down on the couch on the far left. "well I got a good sleep thanks to my garthy here" Lilly said cuddling and muzzling against Garths side as he just smiled. Humphrey was looking through the cabinets for something to do for he bored once again. "Humphrey, what are you doing?" Kate asked while sitting in a chair. "just trying to find something to pass the time" Humphrey said as he pulled out a can of spring snakes, then tossed it to the ground, making it explode the bouncing snakes and flying all over the place. "Humphrey" Kate said taking off a snake from her head and tossing it. Then Humphrey went back to looking for more stuff, then pulled out something that made him happy. "look what I got" Humphrey pulled out a black biker helmet, the same one he wore on his and kate's ride home from Idaho. "hello old friend" Humphrey put the helmet on him and starting dancing around like he did in the trailer. That's when Kate realized something and looked around to see a red hair wig, a pair of sunglasses and a pink human bra hanging on the side of the couch. Then Kate got up and went over to the window that was inbetween them and the drivers, he saw the same couple that travels to Idaho every year! "oh thank you humans" Kate smiled as she knew that they were on the right track now with the two humans. She turned around to see humphrey dancing around. "that's right Humphrey, dance all you want" Kate said. Sebastian was still sleeping with his back towards everyone and still had nightmares from the outbreak. How could he be having nightmares and visions when when he wiped out the outbreak for good? That's when he heard high pitch screeching noise that made him shot his eyes open but not his body. He blinked his eyes open a few times, looking at the wall in front of him, trying to go back to sleep before seeing a shadow appearing, looking like necromorph. He closed his eyes, then shooting them open as the necromorprh shadow came closer to him. Sebastian them open his paw, readied his claws, and turned around was about to strike when he saw salty with the bouncing snaked wrapped around his shoulders, almost in the same form as the shoulder arm spears. Sebastina just let out a sigh of relief as he put away his claws. He got up stretched, piping his back bones. He looked around as remembered he was in the mobile home with everyone and this was this was the beginning of day 3 of their trip, he knew that this was going to be a long day. "You feeling ok sweetie?" katleyn asked. Man did he loved he voice. "yeah I'm good, just at little tired is all" Sebastian said. Then he looked infront of him to see veryoen happy and laughing, but then a Red and orange flash appeared and everyone was now a necromorph, growling toward him, then the flash came back and everyone was normal again. "I'm just fine babe" sebastian said to katelyn. A/N: running low on ideas for the next chapter, but the best parts will come later, I'm still trying to find a new laptop, so hopefully soon by around when alpha and omega 2 comes out. Cya guys soon!