The soft sprinkles of snow seem to shift as the gale slightly blew the snowflakes. The sound of children laughing and screaming seems to bring everyone at ease until the most freighting mystery will take over Coolsville and the gang for a ride into hell.

(5dys: 12hrs: 40 mins: 05secs.)

Daphne Blake rose out of her soft emu feather bed, the covers were soft. Creamy champagne the pillows seem to be the size of medium sized dogs and soft golden brown swirls floated in the covers. She looked to her side and saw the picture of the soft tanned, strong chinned Fred. In the picture the two of them were at the beach Fred was had his chest bared and muscled arm around Daphne he kissed her cheek and she smiled. Daphne loved this picture; she rose from her dreamy bed and went to take a shower. She washed away the smells and thoughts of yesterday and came out of the shower. Daphne ruffled her dark red hair and blow dried her hair out. She grabbed a nice slender bubble jacket. The jacket was a nice lavender color and the faux fur was a nice white. Daphne grabbed a pair of black leggings and some nice light lavender colored ugg boots and a nice mint green scarf. She headed down the marble steps of her lavish home and headed to the meeting place to meet the gang.

Velma Dinkley was busily looking on her paper thing dark blue laptop for new mysteries the gang could get into. So far all she couldn't find anything due to her cramps. She clutched her abdomen and said silently "I hope your good one". It's been nine days since Velma figured out she was carrying for another. She couldn't focus on that all she could think about was how the gang and especially how Shaggy was going to react to this little mystery. Velma knew she had to eat she rose from her dark orange bean bag chair and headed down the wooden stairs of her home. She saw her twelve year old sister Madelyn sitting eating strawberry pop tarts and sipping on some orange juice. Velma's sister had dark auburn brown hair with thick framed white glasses. She was wearing a thin tweed jacket with a white undershirt that had the Eiffel tower on it and tight blue jeans.

"Hey Velma" said Madelyn with excitement she was watching Doctor Who and couldn't stop smiling.

"Hello Madelyn" said Velma with a tremble, she grabbed a pop tart and headed out the door to meet the gang.

Fred Jones was staring at the simple pit trap he made and lightly tapped the trap. The trap snapped and Fred got excited with the movement and knew it was successful. He heard ruckus outside his door and he rushed towards the door.

"Jordan can you please be quiet" shouted Fred, his thirteen year old brother. Jordan was thin and well-toned from all the sports he played; he had naturally messy sandy blonde hair and freckles on his cheek.

"Fred stop being a whiner" cooed Jordan, he swiftly walked down the hall and went to his room. Fred sighed and went back into his room; he looked at the clock and knew he was late. He grabbed his thin white jacket and orange toboggan and headed out.

Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo awoke to a living room full of plates half eaten sandwich's and dried up soda. Shaggy rose and lightly shook off the food and debris left on his green shirt. He woke up the dark brown Great Dane that slept on the floor.

"Scooby, Scooby" shaggy said hoarsy shaking the dog, the dog rose up and yawned.

"Raggy" he said excitedly, he licked his masters face and smiled.

"It's time for me to get ready" said Shaggy excitedly, he rushed towards the bathroom and took a quick shower. He combed his greasy brown hair and grabbed a light green toboggan and a thin wool green sweater. The two friends rushed to the small part of the woods where the gang created a nice cozy club house.