Chapter 4

Lucy hurried out of the restroom to catch up with her other friends. She felt that there was something weird with this park, no not the park, the people in it. Everyone was really nice but she had a feeling that she was being stalked. She suspected it was the same person who tried to kill her.

She stopped to look around for Mira and Levy. As she stopped. Natsu took his shot at her but Lucy was already more than prepared. She dodged the bullet, picked it up and resumed running leaving Natsu dumfounded.

What. the. heck.

"What the hell was that?" he asked himself. "It was almost as if she knew that she was going to get shot again... Damn, sniper rifles don't work anymore! Screw these rifles! And screw being secret! I'm going to go and kill her right now!" muttered Natsu quickly hiding his equipment and grabbing a knife.

At this time, Lucy was already back with Mira and Levy but natsu didn't care. He just wanted to finish this mission so he could relax. Natsu clutched his knife tighter and prepared to throw it but he couldn't. It was this little voice in this head saying not to. Lucy and her friends had already left the place. Natsu lit his hands on fire. If only he could use his magic...

"Don't even think about it," said a voice. It was Grays standing there and amazingly, wearing all his clothes. He was holding a briefcase with weapons. "Master said to only use sniping because no one would find out. He thought this mission would be a little hard so he told me to bring you something."

Gray took out a small card from his pocket. "What's that?" asked Natsu.

"A student ID. You are now an official missionaire of Magic fairy tail magic academy."

"But I didn't pass the test..."

"Master has his ways. Look, new missionaires often go with an S-class on their first day of their mission. Master already arranged for you to be with Lucy. Oh and by the way..." Gray pulled out another card and grinned. "I'll be joining you."

Natsu stared at the card. At this point. He felt as if he was ready to kill himself. He failed a kill twice, has to go to a stupid academy with the last person he wanted to be with, Gray. Natsu annoyed, got up and put back his knife not before punching Gray in the face. Natsu ran to pack things up and when he got out, he was greeted by a punch too.

So, they kept on punching each other until they reached limo that was waiting for them. They stopped because Erza was the driver.

"I hope you two do well in school, and if you didn't know natsu and Gray," Erza held up a card. "I'm joining you people as well." Natsu and Gray groaned, this was pure hell.

With Lucy...

Lucy and her friends were now a Lucy's house with her parents seated at the dinner table. But they weren't there for dinner, they were there to talk. "I got the bullet." was all Lucy said. The 4 other people nodded, they understood.

Layla picked up the bullet and sighed. "As I thought...Death Bringer."

"Death bringer?"

"Death bringer is an evil organization that hasn't shown their face for many years after I took out one of their strongest members. They are extremely dangerous and I suspect that they are going to make their comeback soon. That is really bad..."


"Because their goal is to take over all the magic users in the world which they just may be capable of. They want to kill you mainly because your my daughter but also because you're the strongest mage in your generation."

"I see...mama, what do I do? Should I try to take them out?"

"No, don't try. I will inform your principal and I want you three to be extra careful when alone. Try to always be together and never underestimate the assassins of Death bringer."

They nodded and went up Lucy's room to have fun. That was where the three pledged that they would always protect each other.

The next day...

"Lucy Heartphilia, you are now a S-class mage of fairy tail, congrats!" called the judge. Lucy smiled and bowed her head. She went out followed by Mira and Levy to check the team she would be with.

The list for her said:








The three friends were happy they were together but who were the other four? Almost as if god had heard her question, the four people came.

"I'm Lisanna Strauss, I'm also Mira-nee's sister!" exclaimed Lisanna happily. Yep, Lisanna was Mira's sis but she also had another identify that even her brother, elfman and mira weren't aware of. Lisanna was a spy for Death Bringer.

"I'm Haru, nice to meet you," said Natsu as politely as he could trying to resist the urge and yell at the girl for being an annoying target. But he also felt and urge to protect her? Nah, just his dreams...

"I'm Shiki, good to meet you." Gray was trying to not strip and also not admire Lucy. Up close, she was really pretty, a beauty.

"I am Ezra, it is good working with you," said Erza shaking her hands. Erza was impressed by this Lucy. She seemed strong.

"Well...nice to meet you! How about we do our mission then?" asked Lucy cheerfully. They all nodded and followed her. But unknown to Lucy...

Erza, Gray, Natsu and Lisanna were thinking of how to kill her.

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