A/N: Alright, now here is our epic finale, and I told you all that this one is where Anakin does something so unexpected that it will alter the Star Wars Saga forever. Enjoy!

Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Kenai and Koda stepped out of the ship and looked at the lights turning from blue to orange and yellow. Anakin stepped forward to the center of the clearing and spoke to the sky.

"Qui-Gon, let me look at my brothers with my own eyes" the lights then shined on him and turned him back into a human. Anakin was his normal human self with his black Jedi clothes and his arms and legs were still there, and not his old prosthetic. Kenai stepped forward.

"So, this is really you, huh?" Anakin could still understand Kenai. Anakin nodded and looked at Koda as he looked upon the human form of Anakin.

"You're going back with them?" Koda asked. Anakin shook his head and smiled.

"No, Koda. I'm staying with you and Kenai"

"Why though?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Being with them made me realize that all I did as a Sith was wrong and I needed to be set on the right path again. More than that, they became my family, I lost my family to tragedies as terrible as when I found out my mother was killed. I need them and they need me" Anakin said. Obi-Wan chuckled and spoke.

"You're making a very tough decision that changes your life Anakin, and I am proud of you for wanting to be a part of this family, as one of these magnificent creatures" Yoda stayed silent and smiled, he said nothing. Anakin then stepped back and let the lights shine on him again and and turn him back into his dark brown furred bear form.

Life is simple and clear, when you make the right choices. Truth that you hear, when you find your own voice. Oh, my brothers and sisters believe you are just what you are meant to be. Oh, great spirits, hear my voice today.

Anakin then started to play wrestle with Kenai and Koda and they all laughed and had a fantastic time. Obi-Wan who was watching spoke to Yoda.

"You don't suppose I made the right choice for letting him stay with them, don't you?" Yoda chuckled and spoke.

"Happy with these bears, Skywalker is. Family, they have become towards him. If happy, Skywalker is, than happy, are we" Obi-Wan and Yoda smiled and boarded the shuttle and waved goodbye to Kenai, Koda, and Anakin.

"Come along R2, we're going" 3PO said to his counterpart and they boarded the shuttle. Kenai, Koda, and Anakin waved goodbye and looked up to the sky as the shuttle took off. Kenai placed his mechanical paw on Anakin's shoulder and spoke.

"Family" Koda jumped onto Anakin's back and spoke too.

"Family" Anakin then took Koda off his back and smiled and hugged both of his brothers.

"Family" he said. They then looked up to see into the sky as the shuttle took off and made the jump to light speed. Anakin now had a family and he was happy.

Welcome magic, welcome sweet sun ray. Love is no secret, look all around you. Welcome to this day! Love is no secret, look all around you. Welcome to this day!

(Star Wars Ending Theme now playing)

Anakin Skywalker – Hayden Christenesen

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Ewan McGregor

Kenai – Patrick Dempsey

Koda – Jeremy Suarez

Rutt – Rick Moranis

Tuke – Dave Thomas

Tug – Denzel Washington

General Grievous – Matthew Wood

C-3PO – Anthony Daniels

R2-D2 – Kenny Baker

Clone Troopers – Temuera Morrison

Master Yoda – Frank Oz

Darth Sidious – Ian McDiarmid

Senator Bail Organa – Jeremy Smitts

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