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In Venam



Alice slid the zipper across the last of the suitcases and gave it a pat. "There. All done." She turned to Edward, handing it off him with a wide smile.

Kissing my temple on the way out, he made his way down to the waiting car.

I looked around the empty room stripped bare, brand new carpeting—thanks to yours truly—and smiled thinking about every moment this room held. Hours drifting in The Other, watching Edward leaf through the pages of his favourite books, countless conversations, and sex … lord the sex. Edward was the best kind of sin, and I regretted nothing.

Alice laced her tiny hands in mine, gripping tightly. I turned my face to her and snickered at the almost impatient look on her elfin face.

"Call when you get there, not a second later. I'll know …" she said, tapping the side of her head. "Enjoy eternity." Alice slipped out the room, looking back over her shoulder and winking at me.

I stood still for just a moment longer, feeling no need to rush. When I packed away the last of the memories, I left the empty bedroom, the door close softly behind me.

"Isabella," Carlisle called from his office, "could you spare a moment?" He sat at his desk, fingers tented and a kind smile stitched to his face. He motioned to the chair in front of him.

"What's up, Doc? More tests?" I joked.

Shaking his head, he let out a soft chortle and pulled open the desk drawer. "When I turned Edward, I knew then that something greater was guiding my decision, not just loneliness. Had my selfish need for company been the sole reason for saving a sick boy, Edward would have died that night. Gut feeling and a plea from a desperate mother changed his life forever."

He reached into the drawer and pulled an album out. It was bound in age worn brown leather, and small cracks adorned the spine like fine lace work. His hands passed over the cover, and his fingers gently came to rest on either side of the book.

I looked at the fairly thick volume with question.

"A decade worth of blood and remorse," Carlisle said, tapping the album. "Every news article and correspondence Edward sent while he was on his … journey." He pushed it across the desktop toward me.

I opened it and slowly flipped through the yellowing pages. Pages splashed with horrors I'd seen firsthand—bodies found, men drained of blood and left for dead in seedy motel rooms and dark alleys. Letters scrolled in Edward's meticulous hand caught my attention. My fingers traced the loops and fine dips of the black ink, and I could easily picture him hunched over a desk, writing by lamp light.

Dear Carlisle,

This evening, still covered in the drying blood of the miscreant I dispatched, I saw the most unusual thing. Or perhaps I should say that I thinkI saw an unusual thing. After all, the mind can play its tricks.

As I entered my flat, I spotted what I believe was an angel or phantom of some sort. You know, Carlisle, that I have never been much of a believer in a higher power, but what I saw standing next to my desk gives me pause.

I looked up at the fair haired doctor, and he wore a soft, knowing smile.

"I was so caught up in what he'd written, that I didn't notice him. It was only a split second," I explained, stunned. I remembered that night. Edward had gone after a man that he discovered was responsible for the death of three young women, and I took the opportunity to snoop, because I was a nosy fucking Guard.

Sitting open on Edward's desk was a piece of poetry he'd been working on earlier in the day. I'd hovered over it, engrossed and completely unaware of the approaching vampire. The door clicked shut, and when I looked up from the page a red-eyed god met my gaze. It had been no more than a second before I blinked out his reality, but apparently it'd been enough.

I continued reading.

She was beautiful, Carlisle. Long brown hair, slight figure and creamy, perfect, pale skin. Her face is a mystery, but her scent … was like home to me. So warm and familiar. I pray my eternity does not pass me before glimpsing her just once more. Maybe your God is watching over me after all, Carlisle. Perhaps damned is a state we stick ourselves with.

The form I'd had then, though very similar to the body and face I know now, was slightly different. What Edward saw then was much closer to my ethereal body. More divine, less human.

Carlisle spoke, pulling me from the memory. "He came home shortly after that letter was sent." Carlisle's fingers traced the edge of the desktop, then quietly drummed as he lifted his eyes to mine. "Your scent was familiar to him the moment you stepped back onto this plan. He's always known you were there, Isabella. He's been waiting for you."

Tears rolled down my face.

Three hundred years ago if someone had told me The Fates would have me running among humans and vampires in a world I was not born to, I would have laughed. My wings made me what I was and the thought of being anything but a Guard was absurd to me then. A mere decade in a human life can change everything; imagine the prospective you'd gain in three hundred years.

My divinity gave me power, but this human world taught me to truly love. It gave me family, friendship, emotions beyond anything I'd ever known … and choice. A concept so simple it opened my world to things I never thought I would have experienced as a Guard.

Choice lead to the Fall of an angel and the love of my existence … who was currently leaning against the side of a heather grey Volvo, arms folded and a panty dropping smirk on his face. That smirk was responsible for the undoing of an angel. Smug bastard.

His hand reached out to me and took it, popping up on my toes and kissing the tip of his nose. His eyes, now so much like my own, save the Kelly green ring surrounding the pupils, were bright and full of a mirth that made my still heart ache to beat.

Edward's second transformation was so quiet no one would have noticed if he hadn't crashed ass first into the bathroom while Rose was in the tub.

While I screeched and screamed in pain, my blood worked through Edward's system, making its own subtle changes. While my body ripped and warred between the three parts of me—angel, human, and the emerging vampire—Edward's adjusted, making room for a touch of the divine and just the slightest bit of human. Without warning he would shift between two points. In a casino in Atlanta one moment, then gracelessly plunked on the tile floor in the bathroom the next. Just as I had no control over my power or my senses, Edward couldn't help when or where he shifted to.

Opening the car door for me, he asked,"Ready, angel?"

I tucked my legs in, reached out to grab a hold of the door handle, and lifted my face. "For anything," I said with a smile and a wink.

The car door shut with a click, the engine hummed to life and we flew down the highway, Edward's wings safely tucked behind him, mine never to be seen again.

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