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Chapter 4



I said too much.

As soon as I was through the classroom door, I vanished into The Other. Edward couldn't follow me there. For some reason, the transition from one plane into the next was a little bumpier than normal and my body felt…unglued. Not quite whole.

I spread my wings, flexed them like an old, tired muscle, and waited for this form to adjust to being back on my own plane.

As soon as the decision to meet at the Cullen house was made, I cast myself there. I hovered above and around them as they argued over my existence. Because Edward was my ward, I could feel his fear and his confusion. I felt it all boil into a single sentiment—anger. That was nothing new for Edward. Anger was his go-to emotion. It was something he understood, something he could hold on to. And just like humans, he stuck to what was familiar to him.

"Faeries aren't real," the blonde named Rose said.

Yes they are, you just can't see them, I thought, watching them move about the house.

"But a great deal of lore exists for both. Some say the fay are both demon and angel, beauty and sin with wings. Other stories tell of tiny, kind creatures with a penchant for flowers and an allergy to iron." Carlisle stood still with a pensive look on his face.

"She is beautiful…and the smell…like heaven and hell tied up with bow," Edward thought.

"So there's a faery flying around Forks?" Rose said, folding her hands over her lap.

"Or an angel," Jasper, the mood shifter, said. "What do we know about angels?"

Not enough, too much.

I listened as they rattled off notions, some hitting closer to home than I would have thought possible. Hours soared by and soon the family was readying for their day. Dawn broke through the windows, and I marvelled at the soft shimmer they took on as the light kissed their skin.

Edward pushed through his routine, his mind turning corners and racing after answers.

Alice, Edward, and Jasper rode together, while Emmett and Rosalie rode in a separate vehicle. Moments before class began, I entered the human plane and walked past Edward and Alice on my way to the classroom. His entire body tensed as I glided by. Every muscle coiled, ready to react. I looked over my shoulder and watched Alice's eyes go wide. She was so tiny and her movements were normally very precise, so watching her stumble and fret was almost comical.

I knew what she was seeing.

"Wings, Edward," she chanted in her mind. "She has wings."

I heard the sharp intake of air and then the thoughts came crashing in. 'Wings. She's a faery. An angel. A demon sent to destroy me.' His mind spiralled at such a quick pace that I was having trouble following it. I knew I had to give him answers, he needed them, deserved them. After all, I'd been the one to alter his life so much so that he was no longer human. I spun on my heel and placed my hand on his chest. I only had time to assure Alice he would be safe before we slipped into a lush, dark, and damp forest.

"Where are we?" Edward demanded.

"The forest to the north of the school." I placed my hand back at my side and took a step back.

"How did you do that?"

"You have your powers, vampire, and I have mine," I said cryptically. I walked to a nearby tree, an old one that had fallen long ago, and sat down.

Edward started at me trying to figure out his next move. 'Ask questions? Run?'

I figured I would help him on his way. "So have you ruled out zombie yet?" I asked, looking to him with a knowing smile.

"Zom—" he stopped mid word "—I've only ever discussed that with my family."

"Yes, and you're wrong. They don't exist." I leaned forward, placing my elbow on my knee and perched my head in my hand.

"You've been listening to our conversations?" But how?" His brow knit together and it took a great deal of self control on my part not to smooth the crease with my fingertips.

"I can see anything, be anywhere, and hear anything in The Other," I offered.

"The Other? Other what?" He stepped forward moving closer to me.

"Wrong question. Not what. Where?"

"All right, where is The Other?" he asked without the least bit of annoyance. He was curious; I could see it in his eyes and in the way he inched forward.

"It's another plane. There are many planes of existence. Science fiction taught you that, but you've yet been able to prove it. The Other is an ethereal plane, a plane just out of sight and seldom heard."

He stepped closer still, and I could smell the minty, cool, and lush scent of his body. My heart quickened.

"When a human claims to have seen a ghost or heard something they couldn't explain, it's often something moving between the planes," I explained.

"And you are from The Other?"

"No, but I can move through it. It's how I brought you here."

"Alice said you have wings…"

Now we're getting to the million dollar question, I thought. "Yes, I have wings."

"Are you a faery?" he asked, looking sheepish.

I shook my head. "No, but they do exist. They can move through The Other as well. They're tricky little things, though. Always an ulterior motive with them. Don't go looking for them. They're kind of trouble, okay?" I brought my eyes to his again.

He nodded, looking a little dazed. "And they have wings…faeries?"

"Yes. And spites, water nymphs—the lot of them."


I laughed. "Real, but quiet and peaceful. I wouldn't worry about them."


"Steven Spielberg," I said chuckling.


"Do you really want to know?"

He looked up at the sky, pondering. "Nope, somethings are better left a mystery. So you have wings, yet are not a Fay?" Edward asked, cocking his head to the side.


He was silent for a moment, but I could hear the question spinning around his mind. "Are you an angel?"

Bing. Bing. Bing! Give the man a prize.

"Yes," I whispered in the wind.

He fell silent again and so still it seemed unnatural. After several moments of contemplation he finally broke from his daze. "As in An Angel of The Lord?"

"One and the same."

"Have you come to kill me?" Edward asked, his expression nearly unreadable.

"No!" I leaped from my spot on the old tree. "I would never…I could never. It's not what I was created for. I am not Death. I am not vengeance!"

Why would he think this of me?

"Then why are you here, if not to end me?"His advance had stopped and he had in fact, taken a step back.

"I'm a member of the Guard, Edward. We do not kill. We protect." I softened my voice and slid back a pace. I never wanted him to fear me.

"Guard?" You don't mean Guardian Angel?" he asked, sounding a tad amused.

"Yes. I'm a Guard and you became my ward when you were two years old."

He blinked and readjusted the ever shuffling thoughts in his head. "You said yesterday that I had…that I was familiar with your scent but couldn't remember from where. You were referring to my human years, weren't you?"

"I was," I confirmed in a small voice. "When you were two you nearly drowned. I held you up, kept the water at bay. That was the first time my wings held you. And the first time you would have smelled me. But it wasn't the last."

"I don't remember that," Edward admitted.

I sat back down on my log. "You wouldn't. Fear and youth kept it from you, and then venom washed it away completely."

"How are you responsible for what I am?"

This was the question I feared above all others. Outing myself as an angel was easy work, but telling him my words lead to his current state may very well be the thing that drives him away from me forever.

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