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Pepper sat in a chair in the armory comfortably reading a magazine. Tony grumbled over his and Rhodey's broken armor, they won a battle against Blizzard but with some problems. She smiled to herself and enjoyed his annoyance; he refused to call her for help because he thought they could handle it by themselves. An alarm blared and all of them looked up at the screen that formed in mid air, "Whiplash!" Tony said and looked at his armor with panic. Pepper grinned and jumped up from her seat, "I'll do it." She said and went over to her armor. "Uhhh Pepper….maybe that's not such a good idea." Tony said waling up to her; Pepper rolled her eyes as her armor covered her body. "I'll be just fine Tony." She said and Tony gave her a look and she sighed "Tell you what…I'll stall him until you get your suit fixed." She said and her faceplate closed. Before Tony could say anything Pepper flew out of armory towards the city.

She flew through the air towards whiplashes location; she scanned the area and saw his whips. "Whiplash!" Pepper yelled and the villain turned. Whiplashed laughed and lashed out his whips, "Ahhh Rescue! Or should I say Pepper?" he said and his whips ignited so they flashed with electricity. "You're just the hero I wanted to see." He said and Pepper shot her repulsers at him, Whiplash laughed and dodged her attempt to hit him. Before Pepper could do anything Whiplash flew at her and slammed her up against a building, Pepper struggled against his grip but he wouldn't give. "Computer all power to the uni-beam!" she shouted and her chest lit up purple, she shot a large beam at whiplash making him fly backwards.

"Pepper! Hey how are you doing?" Tony asked over the com systems obviously worried. Pepper sighed "I'm fine…Whiplash somehow knew that I would be here…he said that I was just the hero he wanted to see." She said and looked over at Whiplash to see he was gone. Crap she thought and scanned the area before taking to the air. "That doesn't sound good. Get back to the armory." Tony said serious and Pepper reluctantly did as she was told.

Pepper took off her armor and rolled her shoulders. She turned her head and moved the side of her shirt and looked at her shoulder. "Oh….great another bruise for my dad to complain about." She muttered and sat down in her chair again. Tony looked over at Pepper and saw that she was wincing and rolling her shoulders, "What's up?" he asked putting down his tools. Pepper shook her head "Eh…Whiplash just shoved me against a building. I think he was going to do something but I stopped him…" she said packing up her things. Tony walked over to her and sat on the arm of her chair, "Lemme see." He said and Pepper looked at him confused. "Let me see the bruise." Tony said and Pepper rolled her eyes and showed him her shoulder.

"Ow…" he said and jogged over to a little refrigerator and got out an icepack. Tony walked over to Pepper again and gave her the icepack, "Here…" he said and sat beside her again. Pepper gave him a small smile and placed the icepack on her shoulder, "I'm sorry you had to go out there alone…" Tony said suddenly. Pepper looked up at him and sighed "I'm fine Tony. All I got was a little bruise and an A-wall Whiplash." She said and stood up. Another alarm went off making Tony and Pepper look up at the computer warily, Tony walked over to the computer and his eyes widened. "What is it?" Pepper asked starting to move towards him. "We have an intruder!" Tony said and moved towards Pepper only to jump back because of a large piece of rock fell in front of him. Whiplash came through the ceiling; Pepper stumbled back when Whiplash turned towards her giving Tony no mind. "Get away from her!" Tony shouted trying to get over the rocks; Whiplash merely shot something at the ceiling making more rocks fall on the pile. Tony jumped back and shouted "Pepper!"

Pepper back up so she was against the wall, she looked over at her armor. She was too far way, Whiplash approached her and grabbed her by the neck. "L-let…m-m-me go!" Pepper tried to say but the lack of oxygen made it hard, whiplash held the squirming Pepper and chuckled. He spun around and threw the redhead across the room making her hit her head smack against the stones that fell. Pepper's world swam and darkness slowly covered her vision.

Whiplash moved closer to the unconscious girl holding a syringe filled with red liquid. He bent down and stuck the needle into the redheads arm, "Fix…the job is done. I'm coming back…all we need to do now is wait." He said and flew out of the armory.


Tony hit his fists against the rocks and when they didn't move he grabbed his Iron Man glove and shot at the boulders in his way. The rocks blasted apart covering the lab in dust; he quickly looked around until he saw Pepper in a crumpled heap on the floor. "Pepper!" he gasped and ran to her side. Tony pulled Pepper up so he was cradling her in his arms, "Pep…please wake up…" he said whispering as he held her close. The redhead moaned and turned her head so her cheek rested on Tony's shoulder, she opened her eyes slowly and looked up at him. Tony laughed relieved "Hey." He said and Pepper sighed, "Hey..." she said and tried to slowly sit up. Tony helped her stand but didn't move his hands away from her waist. "I'm fine Tony." Pepper said trying to move away from him but Tony didn't budge. "Pepper your head is bleeding." He said and Pepper rolled her eyes.

"All I need is a good night's sleep." Pepper said moving towards the exit. Tony followed forgetting about his now slightly damage lab, "I'm coming with you." he said and Pepper stopped and spun around. "Why?" she asked and gasped when Tony pulled her close to him, her heart skipped a few beats. Tony hugged her and whispered in her ear "humor me."


Tony and Pepper went to Pepper's apartment and went inside to see a note from Pepper's dad.


I had to leave on a last minute assignment. Sorry honey…be good! Stay out of trouble!


"I guess you're coming to my house." Tony said sighing, Pepper looked up and him and then went upstairs to get her overnight bag. An hour later Tony unlocked the front door of the house he shared with his father. He held the door open for Pepper and grabbed her bag; the redhead sighed and walked into the house. They walked into the living room to see Howard sitting there reading a news paper, "Hey guys…" he said and raised an eyebrow at the purple bag Tony was holding. "Pepper's dad had to go on a mission and I didn't want her to be alone….especially when Whiplash broke into the armory and attacked her." Tony said and looked at Pepper who crossed her arms sadly. Howard stood just seeing the blood on the girl's forehead. "You guys alright?" He asked looking at her head; Pepper nodded and gave him a sweet smile. "I'm fine. Tony is being paranoid." She said nudging the boy beside her.

Tony nudged Pepper towards the stairs. "You'll be staying in my room." Tony said opening a door revealing a queen sized bed with red sheets and a grey comforter. On one of the walls was a desk littered with papers and a laptop, Tony has a nightstand with two pictures on it. One was a woman with dark hair and eyes, another was her. Tony put her bag on the desk and turned to face her with a small smiled on his face, "Nice place." Pepper said smiling at him moving into the room. Tony laughed and nodded "Ya it's not bad…" he said and moved towards her, "Get changed." He said and moved past her closing his door.

Once Pepper was done she opened the door to see Tony leaning up against the wall near it, "Done?" he asked and the redhead nodded. Tony then looked at her head for a moment and then he lead her over to his bed and tucked her in, "goodnight Pep. I'll be right over here…ok?" he asked and Pepper nodded and sleepily closed her eyes. Tony smiled and brushed a strand of hair out of her face and moved to set up a makeshift bed on the floor next to her.

Tony lay down on the floor, very unaware of what was happening to Pepper as she slept.

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