Title: Dahlia's Dragon

Pairings: Fem!Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Blaise/Teddy Nott

Warnings: Language (duh, these are teens!), preg, Kidnapping? Torture? (we'll see... kidnapping and torture depend on whether this becomes a multi-chapter story.)

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Dahlia's Dragon

Dahlia walked into the Great Hall with Augustus. As soon as she walked in, people stared. Well, except for those that actually knew beforehand. Ron stared stupidly at the baby, obviously wondering where the baby came from. He must have run and taken a short-cut to get there before her. Dumbledore looked confused, but she knew he would be furious when he found out that she was the baby's mum. Dahlia walked over to the Slytherin table, confusing most of the Gryffindors, and sat next to Draco. "Hello, Draco; Daphne; Blaise; Teddy."

"Hello, dear," Draco said, kissing Dahlia on the cheek. He ignored the gasps of outrage from some of the other students and Dumbledore.

"Hey," said Daphne, Blaise, and Teddy.

"How's Pansy?" Dahlia asked.

Draco answered, gently taking Augustus from her arms, "She was behind us. She might be in some alcove with her new lover." He smiled.

"Is it a boy or girl this time?" Dahlia put a few things on her plate, not wanting to overload it.

Daphne giggled. "A girl, I think. Pansy's been really secretive this time."

"It's probably for real," said Blaise, holding Teddy's hand under the table. Teddy blushed when he noticed Dahlia looking at him and smiling.

~~~ Dahlia's Dragon ~~~

Ron's mouth was wide open as he stared at the Slytherin table. He couldn't believe that Dahlia was holding a baby, and sitting with the ferret of all people! He watched as Malfoy took the baby from Dahlia's arms and she started putting food on her plate. Why couldn't she fall for his flirting? What was so special about Malfoy?

Hermione looked at her boyfriend. "Looks like the plan isn't going as planned."

"No duh, Mione!" hissed Ron. He glared at her. "We need to get her back to our side... and away from Malfoy's influence. But what do we do?"

"Maybe we should ask Dumbledore?" Hermione asked, always the one to think to go to a teacher or the Headmaster.

"Yeah." Ron looked back at Dahlia, remembering the time he was first told he'd have to befriend the Girl-who-lived.


The young redheaded boy looked at the wise old man. He sat behind the oak desk, with a twinkle in his eye. "Mum said you needed to see me?"

"Yes," said the headmaster. "I need you to befriend the girl-who-lived this year. If you are successful of gaining her trust, and don't lose it, then you will get enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life. However, seeing as how I don't have any money left, it will be miss Potter's money you will get." He smiled at the youngest Weasley's joy, and continued, "You'll only get half of the money, since I'm using the other half to pay for a female friend for the girl and my own personal affairs. If, for some reason, you lose her respect, I'll stop paying you until you get it back."

"I understand, Headmaster." Ron nodded to Dumbledore.

"You are dismissed."


Dahlia fed her baby a bottle, and spoke to the surrounding Slytherins. She only breast-fed him in private, because that was a very private and personal thing. After Supper, while everyone was leaving the Great Hall, the Slytherins and Dahlia were confronted by Ron and Hermione. "Hello," Dahlia said, politely.

Ron opened his big mouth, "Don't 'hello' us like that! Who's the baby? Whose is it? Why did you sit with those slimy snakes?"

Dahlia huffed when it seemed Hermione agreed with Ron instead of stopping him. Just another sign that they were both not her true friends. "One, his name is Augustus. Two, he is my son. Three, snakes aren't slimy; they're scaly. You'd know that if you got your head out of your arse once in a while. These Slytherins are my friends. True friends. And four, none of this is any of your business. So, keep your nose to your own, or wind up with it broken." She smirked as her husband and friends laughed.

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