This has been in my head since MLK day and this could be one of my most awesome fics ever written! What would happen if Max goes on a rescue mission to save Arizona and Sierra from the clutches of doom...and is the leader? This is dedicated to SpiritualLoneWolf XIII, Master of Stories and pretty much everyone. And Elemental Hazards, you can weigh in on every chapter of this story! I hope you guys like the drama, the action...the amazing adventure that proves that a little tiger cub can do big things! Talk about epic!

Leader Cub

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: Visiting

One morning at the Valley of Peace and in the Bushido-Akio home, Max and Logan were busy playing mahjong and Max started thinking about which piece he should move and he skips a few moves into Logan's side and he said, "Yes!"

Logan groans at the fact that Max is actually getting better at it and he said, "I'm starting to lose my mojo here."

"Dude, you don't even have a mojo yet." Max said, smiling.

Logan scoffs and planned to beat Max at this game, so he moved a couple of spots ahead of him and he lets out a smirk and folded his arms and said, "No game, little guy. No game."

Max puts on his serious face and determined to finish him off with a sudden move as he jumped up 7 spaces and eventually placed his stone over Logan's side of the game and he said, "Oh, yeah!"

Logan could not believe what Max just did...he beat him again. He was definitely not taking this well and he said, "Are you serious?! How can a cub like you possibly beat me in mahjong?"

"I beat Tigress at her own game many you learn a little bit." Max answered.

"Man, you're good at this." Logan said.

"I also got it from you." Max added.

Suddenly, Sage comes downstairs and with his baggy shorts with parts of his underwear showing and Logan looks up and said, "Well...look who's finally decided to get up."

Sage glares at Logan in the face and he said, "Stuff it, Logan. I get up when I feel like getting up, all right?"

Logan chuckled softly at Sage's words and he figured that he's still the same old cranky do whatever guy despite battling his nemesis a few weeks ago and Max lets out a deep sigh and he just felt a little down and Logan was the first one to notice and he asked, "Thinking about Arizona?"

"Uh-huh. When's he coming back?" asked Max.

Logan scratched the tip of his muzzle for that question and he replied, "I'm not sure. He has been gone with Sierra for a long time on some sort of rescue mission. He should've been back by now."

Max had really missed him for a long time and at times, he felt really worried for his wolf brother because it has been a week since he left and hasn't heard from him in a while and Logan looks at Max and said, "Don't worry, Maxie. He'll be back."

"I hope so. I miss him a lot." Max replied.

Later that morning, Max made his way to the Jade Palace with Logan and as they walked across the steps, Logan said to himself, "These stairs are no joke."

"They're really big, aren't they?" asked Max, following him.

"How does everyone up and down without even getting sweaty?" Logan asked, feeling exhausted.

Max started to notice Logan sweating a little bit and they kept on going until they reached the top of the front doors of the Hall of Heroes and Logan said, "Thank goodness we made it."

Max felt a drip of Logan's sweat dropping on his forehead and quickly wipes it off to avoid the smell of wet dog coming towards him and he said, "You should think about taking a bath."

"Really, Max? Did ya have to say that?" asked Logan, getting a little irritated.

"Well, you're sweating." Max answered.

Logan knocked on the door and he took a quick time to smell his pits and indeed...they did reek the smell of wet dog and he said, "I hate it when you're right."

"And you stink." Max replied.

Just then, the door opens and in comes Viper and Monkey answering and Max waved 'hi' to them and Viper said, "Hey, Max. How are you?"

"Good, I guess." Max replied.

Monkey then started to smell something and he looks up at Logan and asked, "Logan...why do I smell wet dog?"

Logan then started laughing sarcastically after making that comment he made and replied, "Whatever...where's the nearest bathhouse? I need to take a quick bath before my entire fur is soaked with wet dog stink."

Seconds later, Max walks towards the Training Hall by himself and as he made his way in, he saw a certain familiar black tigress walking through the steps and he figured it might be a good time to sneak up on her and he quickly ran on all fours and pounced behind her back and stuck there and then pinned her playfully.

"Hi, Layla!" Max exclaimed.

Layla started laughing when she heard Max's voice and she immediately said, "Hi, Maxie! How long you've been here?"

"I just got here." Max answered.

Max gets off of her and Layla immediately picked him up and just hugged him much so that Max started purring and Layla did the same and Max did see a mother figure in the black tigress and she asked, "You doing okay?"

"Yeah, I've been doing okay." Max added.

Layla could tell from his face that he deeply misses Arizona so badly and she asked, "Do you miss Arizona?"

"A lot. We've never been apart for too long before and it makes me feel really sad." Max replied, sadly.

Layla gave him a hug and just sympathized with Max about him missing Arizona because she and the rest of the Hazards missed him too and she said, "I miss him too. But I know for a fact that he'll come home for you."

Max agreed with what she told him and talking about it with her totally helped him feel better and he said, "I know he would."

Just then, Takami comes out of the training hall and saw Max and Layla sitting together and he was surprised that Max got here and asked, "Hey, Max. When did you get here?"

"A little while ago. Logan's taking a bath now because he was sweaty from walking up the stairs to the palace." Max answered.

Takami got pretty surprised after hearing what Max brought in about Logan and he said, "Really?"

"Yep." Max answered.

Almost immediately, Kovu came out behind Takami and both cubs were happy to see each other and they started cheering, doing some high-five/low-five greetings and a hug to start off with and Kovu said, "How are ya?"

"Pretty good. You?" asked Max.

"I'm great. Takami was gonna start training me on my pouncing." Kovu answered.

Takami nodded his head in agreement and then added, "Kicking it off with pouncing me without even knowing doesn't qualify as a training round."

"It does when you don't keep up." Kovu added.

Max started snickering at what Kovu just told him and he thought that was the funniest thing he heard him say and Takami rolled his eyes at that and then he looked at Max and asked, "You wanna join us?"

"You bet!" Max answered, joyfully.

Next up, the training scene! Hazards, what do you think so far!