Dressy Pantsies

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, the first story with Wario back there went fine, so let's continue this nonsense continuity starring Daisy!

Princess Daisy groaned as she walked back to the Super Smash Bros Mansion, feeling exhausted after the brick shack collapsed on her. As she opened the door, she noticed the lights were all on and bright, with the Smashers celebrating as they raised their hands in the air.

"Hey... the light's back up!" Daisy exclaimed as she placed her hands on her face, feeling happy. "I guess Wario managed to find the place and pay the bills off!"

Pikachu walked in, shaking his head as he looked up at Daisy. "Actually, I paid off the bills. I got tired of people complaining about Wario all night, so I up and left."

"How did you pay off the bills?" Daisy remarked as she placed her hands on her hips, looking down at Pikachu.

Pikachu narrowed his eyes as he folded his stubby yellow arms. "I used the money Nintendo gives me."

Daisy sighed of relief as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Well, I'm glad it's over.

Later at night, as Daisy got a good night sleep and recovered, she heard the door knocking several times. She was in Luigi's room, sleeping on the top bunk as she came down, opening the door to see Princess Peach Toadstool standing in front of her, who was wearing her pink pajamas.

"Oh, hey Peach." Daisy commented as she rubbed her right eye, "What's up?"

Peach motioned her right hand as she smiled, winking. "Come to my room, Daisy! I got to show you something!"

Daisy shrugged as she followed Peach, still being in her yellow pajamas. Later, the two human princesses were in Peach's room, Daisy closing the door as Peach entered the bathroom.

"Hold on for a moment!" Peach commented as she was changing out of her pajamas.

Daisy folded her arms as she tapped her right foot impatiently, seeing Peach exist the bathroom, wearing a pink shirt with yellow stripes and pink tight jeans as she placed her hands on her hips, turning her body around and showing off her big bubble butt to Daisy. "How does it look? Pretty sweat, huh?"

Daisy was about to comment as Princess Peach farted loudly, her jeans puffing up as Daisy whiffed the sulfur like stink, sticking her tongue out in disgust as she frantically wafted the smell away from her with her right hand.

"Eww! Peach, that's gross!" Daisy exclaimed as she then plugged her nose, still smelling Peach's flatulence. "Were you dining on turnips again? Peeyew!"

Peach giggled as she placed her hands behind her back, letting out a raunchy poot again as she closed her eyes. "Oh silly, my stinky farts aren't what I wanted to show off!" She then grabbed her normal pink dress, placing it over her shirt and jeans as she stretched her arms. "I just wanted to pinpoint that I attempted doing this to keep my figure look more appealing!"

Daisy stared oddly at Peach as she continued to plug her nose, raising her right eyebrow. "So, you wear jeans underneath your dress?"

Peach nodded as she wagged her right index finger, winking. "Yep! And I gotta say, it's quite something! It helps hide my pink underwear! Speaking of which, watch this!" She turned around, revealing the back of her dress as she farted loudly again, her tuba sounding gas puffing up her pink dress. "My cutesy pootsies puff up my dress along with my jeans! It's nifty!"

Daisy shook her head in disbelief. "Peach... this has to be the stupidest thing you've ever done..." She dropped her arms as she sighed. "I mean, wearing a dress over jeans so no one will see your butt?"

"And so my farts are even scarier!" Peach commented as she folded her arms, letting out a couple of wet toots.

Daisy narrowed her eyes at Peach as she stared blankly at her. "Peach, how are the other guys and gals able to sleep with you farting your brains out?"

Peach wrapped her right arm around Daisy. "Oh, that's easy! Each room repels sound from the other room! It means I can fart as loud as I want!" She then grunted as she let out another loud, grosser tuba like fart.

Daisy glared at Peach as she plugged her nose again. "And you're expecting me to wear my normal dress over my orange jeans?"

Peach giggled innocently as she let out a cute little poot.

Daisy groaned as she shook her head, thinking the rancid smell was getting to her. "Oh, why do I hang out with you..."