Meta Knight cleared his throat. "Anyway, shouldn't you be going? It's starting to get late."

Daisy looked up as she noticed the sky was still blue. "But, it's still the afternoon!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, neither me or Meta Knight want to deal with you or your butt pouch." Pikachu retorted as he folded his stubby yellow arms.

Daisy gasped as she placed her hands on her face. "How did you figure out my secret?"

Meta Knight rolled his eyes. "You're like a reverse kangaroo. It's pretty obvious given how big your dress is by the back."

"I thought she was more of a reverse camel," Peach pinpointed as she rubbed her right arm.

Pikachu charged his red cheeks as he then zapped Peach and Daisy, causing them to blast off again as he shook his head, sighing. "I couldn't take one more second of those freak shows..."

Meta Knight patted Pikachu on the back. "Eh, it's all right. At least now we can go back to what we were doing." He then trailed off as he placed his left hand on his chin. "What were we doing, anyway?"

Pikachu shrugged as he and Meta Knight headed towards the mansion to get a burger. "I have no idea."

Peach and Daisy screamed as they were spiraling in the sky, eventually landing in the middle of Nintendo City. Daisy farted loudly, with Peach farting shortly afterwards as the entire city toppled from the princesses' farts, causing Peach and Daisy to be crushed as they screamed in pain, hoping for anyone to rescue them.

They weren't so lucky.

To Be Continued... in another fanfic.